sábado, enero 15

into intuition

I have felt this way for a long time, but it’s slowly materializing in my crazy head. I’m going to try to convey this idea to you, but bear in mind it’s only coming to fruition to me now and explaining it might be really muddy for this first draft. Here goes.

The idea. I really believe that our gut feelings are worth listening to/deserve more credit. I mean, intuition is a largely disregarded emotion. (Emotion?) But like, as humans we just * know * things. We live in this age where technology and science, even education (in the way that we are taught to get the facts) sway us from this kind of thinking. I don’t know about you, but my trust in the information age sometimes overtakes my trust in my own thought. However, I feel like deep down inside, we know things about situations, circumstance, and ourselves.

Self-psychics. As an example, I have said before to friends that you just know if someone is interested in you romantically. You get this vibe. That’s exactly what it is, a vibe. And these “vibes” are different for everyone. Even in friendships... You meet someone and they either remain indifferent, or you’re really into them, or you get a bad vibe from them. Don’t we listen to our gut then? Or when walking into a job interview, I think we can feel out whether or not we will succeed in the acquisition of said position. Sure, sometimes at first it’s muddy – but eventually it becomes clear, claro. Sometimes it takes time but the answer presents itself in due time.

Ask now. Have we lost our innate process of deciphering a good situation from a bad one? Have you ever felt like you really shouldn’t go somewhere because you just feel like it’s a bad idea? Or the opposite: Have you felt like if you went to a certain place, good things await you? How often do we go with these reactions? Without formulating this thought as clearly as I have here with you, I have found myself more and more relying/trusting in my sixth sense. Not always following it, mind you – but being aware of this internal awareness.

Organic. I’m not on my way to giving up my shoes for walking barefoot in mud, nor will I start partaking in any granola/hippie fashion. But I’m just saying, I don’t want to lose too much in relying on science and technology. There are still things in life that can’t be explained that happen every day to all of us, not just on Unsolved Mysteries. Maybe I’m listening to too much Bjork, but I feel like I’ve remembered something important. As children, we are more open to intuition because we really had nothing more to go on. We saw the world with open eyes and well, felt more. Maybe I’m nutso, but on the other hand, maybe I’m onto something?

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