domingo, marzo 23

March, phew!

On a small break in-between flights, I'm watching enjoying a documentary on Allen Ginsberg. (I also just finished "I Know Who Killed Me" starring Lindsay Lohan - which was a horrible movie - don't see it.) I barely survived a show at the Echo, after party @ MJ's, immediately following SXSW 2008, and a few go-go-go dates in New York including two shows and an after-party. All the while with the pleasure of seeing Cut Copy perform every step of the way. (See pictures from 1 out of 8 days below.) The Presets arrive in Los Angeles tomorrow, and I leave for the turquoise water and warm sand beaches of Miami Beach on Tuesday (Winter Music Conference), and soon it's April... And for some of you - it's Easter Sunday.

Admittedly, I've had a couple days at home - and even after a facial and a foot massage + two full nights of sleep, every thing still hurts a bit. Including my head. A few reminders float in and out of my thought process: remove the chipped red polish off your fingernails, start your laundry, look up those addresses for thank you notes, edit that html, upload, download... and yet I'm likely not in a good state to complete any of these tasks - I'm not sure that even this note is cohesive enough to click that "publish post" button. But I'm going to venutre to say that that was never an issue before, so why would it matter now?

Yesterday, I managed to finally buy Guitar Hero for Wii - with the help of my xmas gift card from Emilie & Alessandro. (Thanks guys!) I haven't played it yet - but I'm hoping to do so when I get back from Miami. After I get some sleep out of the way, of course. When this happens, I hope you come over and let me win a round against you.

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