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Oxbow's "Let Me Be A Woman"

by Craig Clouse of TODD

Oh god. Where do I start with fucking OXBOW?! I could have picked any of their CDs. they're all amazing. This one was on top of the pile. First time I saw Oxbow live I was with this dude who didn’t like them at all. He couldn’t deal with Eugene’s whole cock and violence thing! Haa!! I was a little confused myself but I thought about it a lot. Next time I saw them Eugene is doing the cock thing, prowling the stage like some kind of kill bent zombie. The whole thing really struck me. He didn’t give a FUCK. I don’t know if Eugene would consider what he does onstage as performance art, but I kind of saw it like that. Him with his bizarre ritual and incredible vocal ability just totally commanding the room. The rest of the band, complete virtuosos. Chugging along and bombing out the most badass soulful complex evil rock music! Oxbow shows are a work of art.

This is just #3 out of 10 of Craig's fave records.
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sxsw y wmc

NP: Q-tip's "Barely In Love"

miércoles, abril 19

Pink Mountaintops' "Rock n Roll Fantasy"

Pink Mountaintops is songwriter Stephen McBean's project. This bearded fellow is also in Black Mountain. He plays guitar, sings, and writes songs for the psych-tinged maximal rock group... "Rock N Roll Fantasy" is everything sexy. It sounds like foreplay. If you're planning on doing ameteur night at a strip joint, I suggest you burn this song onto a disc and practice so you can make the big bucks. It's dark, intimate, a little dangerous, slow and is alluring. It's a genuine and unpolished, honest cousin to Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game." It presents all the things that Isaak didn't have the balls to feature. McBean sings "You're my rock n roll fantasy/You are my wet dream" and later "I came all over myself/Wish I came all over your blouse." Yes, I admit it's a bit to the point, and doesn't leave anything to the imagination - however, I appreciate the fact that McBean is going straight to the point where others decide to tip toe around. The song is about fantasy, after all. The dude might as well put it all out there, don't you think? Oh, and I should probably add that when sung, atop slow guitars, bass, female backing vocals and a minimal drum - it sounds more eloquent than something out of Penthouse Forum. I posted the links to the mp3s, so you can agree or dis.
At my little boyfriend's suggestion - I also posted another song off of the album, in case your folks won't let you listen to the track I'm talking about, you baby.

Rock N Roll Fantasy-mp3
Can You Do That Dance-mp3

They have a shitload of live dates, so many so that instead of posting, I decided to link it.

domingo, abril 16

The Verve's "The Drugs Don't Work" + Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Shuffle Your Feet"

The Verve's song, a romantic little ballad - though Ashcroft might be crooning away to some sort of substance as opposed to a person - is hopeful and tender, singing that the drugs don't work, they just make you worse but he knows he'll see your face again. Reminds me of someone wallowing and choosing to linger in remembrance.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's ditty on the other hand is spirited, carefree, and up beat, giving you that i-don't-give-a-fuck-and-i'm-having-a-great-time vibe. Time won't save your soul, and who knows if I'll see you again. This one reminds me of someone moving on and getting over it.

There's a place for both of these songs, and we've all been in both these places before. One states "Who knows if I'll see you again" (BRMC), the other states "I know I'll see your face again" (The Verve). Relationships, romantic and friendly, are so concentrated on finality. I know a lot of people who treat others a certain way because of the frequency in which they see the other person. (I'm sure we're all guilty of this now that I think about it. Myself included.) They tell me that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but I tend to believe that that's a myth, or wishful thinking. That's what we want to believe. But realistically speaking, human nature has proven to me (at least) that this couldn't be further from the truth. If something isn't in your face, you forget about it. Reality vs. romance... The truth is that distance and time heals heartache.

Isn't that why companies spend millions of dollars (billions, even) on advertising and marketing to make sure that their brand/product stays in your memory? Aren't you glad that not everyone has that kind of money to spend just to stay important and vital to you? But is it important and vital? You can live without Coca-Cola can't you? Or can you? But do you?

Lords of Dogtown

I know I know, you're going to say, "This is so 2005!"

Actually, if you're going to go there with me - this is really so 1976-79. And yeah well, the documentary "Dogtown and the Z Boys" is better if you're going for actual history. But this movie was certainly entertaining. Like a serious version of Dazed & Confused without school, and with a different kind of paddling.
John Robinson is awesome (and cute, despite being 7 years my junior - I can't help it I like long hair!) as Stacy Peralta, a personal hero of my preteen years for starting Powell Peralta. (You know, the skate company?!) God, I miss the days when the boys wore Bones t-shirts. They just seemed a lot better then...


Heath Ledger, pre-Brokeback and totally seeming to imitate Val Kilmer's Jim Morrison in The Doors. He's pretty hilarious. Peralta directed and wrote this flick, and yeah he fluffed it a bit, but I still love the guy.
Not exactly the Oscar-winner, but like I said - it will entertain + it's worth more your netflix dinero than it would be if you saw it in the theater. Skate or die, dude!

Sony Pictures' "Lords of Dogtown" site

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