jueves, enero 14

Fwd: intern/assistant needed

Please contact me if you are or you know of someone interested

Begin forwarded message:

Hello - I am currently seeking a good intern for The Hours. The position will part intern, part assistant to yours truly. I'm looking for someone who is already familiar with most of the social networking sites (myspace, facebook, twitter, blogging, etc) who can help build our online profile and keep all our sites up to date.  Other duties include the usual admin type stuff and helping me day to day. 

We are a record label, that is owned by one of the Top 5 advertising agencies in the world, which means we do a lot of licensing and sync placements on top of the normal record label biz. It's a good place to learn about both sides and I have a wealth of knowledge to share! 

Our main act, Dan Black just got iTunes SOTW, plus major radio stations are adding the song into rotations and we're getting love at TV as well - so it's going to be a busy year and I need help! 

Please have any prospective interns email me directly. 


Jen Amadio
North American Label Manager

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