martes, septiembre 18

Modular Pool Party on Saturday

Saturday, Sept 22

w/ Simian Mobile Disco (DJ set)
Them Jeans
DJ Pubes
DJ Daisy O.

Standard Hollywood
8300 Sunset Blvd
12pm-6pm, 21+

This party is FREE w/ RSVP HERE

lunes, septiembre 17

George Michael's "Freedom"

I, much like many other human beings, love sleep. I did four loads of laundry yesterday, and also made my bed with the new sheets I bought a month ago (procrastination at its finest). I also went ahead and changed the drapes to my window. Waking up this morning was a pleasant experience, and as I was leaving for the office I looked upon my unmade queen-sized bed of crisp and soft new sheets. I felt guilty for the conversation we had the other day, and even guiltier for wanting/needing to sleep alone. But I have to be honest with you, I love to sleep alone. Sleep supersedes any other human function for me, including eating brownies and watching Bret Michaels make an ass out of himself on basic cable on a weekly basis. It's not personal, not that I don't enjoy your company because I don't spend time with you out of any other reason than that I truly want to. I just don't want to roll over and wake up startled that I no longer have the use of 60% of my bed. It's like being downgraded from a five-star deluxe suite to a shared room with a twin bunk bed in a youth hostel. You will still have my attention during waking hours, and yes of course I still like you.

And with that said, I will leave you with George Michael's "Freedom"

Regardless of the supermodels, just check the lighting on this and tell me it's not one of the best videos made.

domingo, septiembre 16

The Presets - Are You The One?

I love how this vid descends into further weirdness as it progresses. Also, the visual handclaps, terror pose, and fake cry cry in the beginning obviously gets points from me.

Jimmy, this is for you luv. x

Thank G for Battles

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