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Tansu teaser

See the video here:



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"We've been waiting since '05 for the cartoon band that brought us hits like 'Feel Good Inc.' and 'Clint Eastwood' to regroup. And now we know what's taken them so long: Gorillaz' sublime new single sounds like Kraftwerk backing and old-fashioned soul revue" -- Entertainment Weekly

"'Stylo' boasts cameos by R&B vet Bobby Womack, testifying like a Harlem storefront preacher, and Mos Def, sounding like he Skyped in his 16 bars from an interstellar Internet café. Yet Albarn himself shines brightest, crooning like a proper soulman..." -- Rolling Stone

"Stylo," the first video from the hotly anticipated third Gorillaz album Plastic Beach, will premiere globally on YouTube on March 2nd, 2010. The video premiere will follow the March 1 launch of a streaming full album preview as part of NPR Music's Exclusive First Listen series

Directed by Jamie Hewlett and produced by Cara Speller for Zombie Flesh Eaters, with live action by HSI Productions in Los Angeles, and animation by Passion Pictures in London, "Stylo" follows Gorillaz bass demigod Murdoc Niccals through a dangerous trip to the mainland from his new home on the Plastic Beach namesake of the new record. Something goes badly wrong and Murdoc, guitarist/Cyborg Noodle - who has replaced her (its?) flesh and blood counterpart since the original's apparent demise in the previous Demon Days' final video "El Manana" -- and vocalist 2D end up in a high speed car chase with a local cop and an unknown assailant. Cyborg Noodle's circuits start failing and 2D fears for their lives as the gun toting bounty hunter draws ever closer....

Murdoc recalls of the video shoot (no pun intended), "Someone was chasing me through the desert! Luckily I had my camera crew following me and they captured it all on film, so I've cut it up and stuck it back together for my Stylo video! That'll learn me not to leave the safe, toxic, isolated haven of Plastic Beach..."

Murdoc's new stomping grounds can be explored at the all - new all-different The completely new site, which has just gone live, has been relocated from the now defunct Kong Studios (RIP) to the newly constructed complex at Point Nemo, Plastic Beach. 

The "Stylo" single is on sale now and has already received a 4-star review from Rolling Stone and a Must List plug from Entertainment Weekly. Plastic Beach will be released by Virgin in the U.S. on March 9th. Plastic Beach is the first Gorillaz album since 2005's Demon Days which featured the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocal Grammy winner "Feel Good Inc." and, like its predecessor 2001's Gorillaz, sold some six million copies worldwide. Gorillaz will headline the April 18 final day of this year's Coachella festival in Indio CA, which will be the first live Gorillaz experience in the States since the Demon Days Live sold out five-night run at Harlem's Apollo Theater.

For further developments in the ongoing Gorillaz story, check back daily at

NYC JOB OPP - CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival Editorial Director

CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival Editorial Director

CMJ is hiring an Editorial Director for the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival 2010. The candidate must be up to speed on the chaotic, volatile nature of today's music business, passionately driven and able to think outside the box.

- Conceptualize and create all text for Marathon in print and online
- Editing, copywriting and layout of the print CMJ Festival Guide
- Work closely with all Marathon departments: graphic design, marketing, showcase, IT, Film Festival to visually and editorially develop support materials and all Marathon text
- Ability to multi-task and work on short deadlines as needed
- Develop and organize schedule
- Liaise between each department head to be abreast of date-sensitive and logistical information pertaining to each facet of Marathon

Experience: Minimum of 3 years professional editorial experience, strong interest in emerging music industry and a working knowledge of film. Must have excellent copywriting skills, editing skills and attention to detail.

To apply, please e-mail resume, cover letter and writing samples to with the subject "CMJ Marathon Editorial Director." 

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Not bad.

Brian Jonestown Massacre's "Let's Go Fucking Mental"

and this is fun too:

News from CUT COPY HQ

:  :  :  :  N  E  W  S   F  R  O  M   C  U  T   C  O  P  Y   H  Q  :  :  :  :

Guten Tag,

We hope this message finds you all well. 

Dan spent the majority of 2009 re-creating the Blade Runner soundtrack on his recently acquired CS-80 synthesizer. 
Note for note, arpeggio for arpeggio. Hopefully his interpretation of Vangelis's masterpiece will eventually see the light of day. 
He has also been busy re-establishing the Cutters Records empire by releasing records and hosting parties, 
and occasionally rocking a fine Grizzly Adams beard.

Tim is still firmly stuck in the 90's. 
He interviewed seminal guitar band Pavement for Russh magazine 
and he recently procured an original piece of Daniel Johnston artwork. It now hangs above his bed.

Mitchell has been spending his days establishing a tennis league for the indie rock community of Melbourne. 
They even have special t-shirts with their name embodied on them. He tells me his serve is his biggest asset. 
Feel free to contact him directly for membership.

Collectively however we have been camped out in a warehouse on the outskirts of Melbourne, 
finishing writing and recording for album number 3. More on that very soon.

We'll also be leaving Australia to join you for your respective summers playing a handful of festival and club dates,
previewing material from the forthcoming record, as well as rocking some old favorites (btw - "veteran act????!! - wtf).

Still chasing that perfect wave,

The dates we can tell you about so far are:
Fri. July 16th - Lisbon, Portugal @ Super Bock Super Rock
Sat. July 17th - Valencia, Spain @ Benicassim Festival
Sun. July 18th - London, England @ Lovebox Festival
Thurs. July 29th - Emmaboda, Sweden @ Emmadoba Festival

We will be announcing more dates soon. 
Americans can believe some of the things you read in the newspapers. 
Scandinavia get ready! Who loves you Indonesia?

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I swear to good you are god at this.

Congrats to my pal Dave Brown on his book! You are awesome dude.

if you can't see the video, click here:

Come see Dan Black @ Spaceland tonight!

Yo! Come see new sensation Dan Black tonight at Spaceland. It's only $1.06 to get in. It's gonna get rad.

Begin forwarded message:

D A N   B L A C K

((un)) to be Released: February 2010 (The:Hours)

Watch Symphonies

US Dates, NYC+LA:
Friday Oct 23 @ Seaport Music Festival
Friday Oct 23 @ Norwood: High Rise / The:Hours (drinks, music & Schmooze)
Saturday Oct 24
 @Windish Agency Presents Santos Party House

Tuesday Oct 26 @Dim Mak Tuesdays Cinespace

Seldom has an album twisted so thrillingly through so many styles, nor over-flowed with so much melody and feeling. Little wonder that Black is being tipped by the world's critics and bloggers as one of 2010's most promising break through artists. If his name already rings a bell, that's perhaps because you've heard everyone from Zane Lowe to Perez Hilton raving about HYPNTZ, the Notorious BIG cover which first brought Black to the world's attention when unsigned in 2008.
During this time, Black was mainly hunched over his laptop writing, tinkering, writing, recording and then writing some more. "I knew that unless I had great songs, it was all a bit pointless," he says. "I think I wrote 70 songs in that time." By his own admission, many of them were rubbish. But it quickly became clear that quite a few weren't. Tracks like the shimmering, lysergic lullaby Life Slash Dreams, the wistful, New Order-esque WonderU + Me = began to spill out of him; sonically contrasting, but all driven by Black's obvious knack for a catchy melody and a sharp, meaningful lyric. and the strident, big beat love song
In that spirit, he began to experiment with home-made mash-ups. "I'd try something like taking the drums from [Nelly Furtado's] Maneater and mixing them with a Daft Punk hook before singing [The Smiths'] These Things Take Time over the top, just to see if they would/could work together. The initial idea was that these were private experiments that would teach me lessons that I could feed into my original songs. But some of those experiments turned out to have a weird power in and of themselves."
The best example of that was HYPNTZ, which combined the drums from Rihanna's Umbrella with sweeping strings from the soundtrack of John Carpenter's Starman film, over which Black sang the rhymes from Notorious B.I.G.'s rap classic Hypnotize. "I've always been massively into B.I.G. So doing that track was very much motivated by love. He's articulating a mindset that is pretty ugly, but those lyrics are the result of an extraordinary, strange, amazing mind. My version accidentally turned into a lament; the chorus is me asking how he managed to squander his talent. Obviously he didn't mean to get killed, but it was such a stupid waste."
In the spring of 2008, Black registered a MySpace account and uploaded his striking HYPNTZ track to the player. "I really didn't expect it to get much attention." Claims Black. But it quickly did. Within weeks the track was being raved about in print across the world and getting daytime airplay on Radio One. By the summer, A&M had snapped him up to a major deal.
And now we have ((un)), a pop record inspired as much by Black's love for the "transcendent, emotional wonder" of acts like Nick Drake and Sigur Ros as it is fuelled by his passion for the hip hop production of J Dilla, Flying Lotus and  Timbaland. Its songs flit seamlessly from throbbing electro to heart-tearing strings, and from plaintive acoustic guitar strums to shuddering hip hop beats.
"The best music makes the stuff start firing in your brain," says Dan Black. "That's what I always aimed for when I was writing these songs." As the kaleidoscopic future-pop of ((un)) proves, he repeatedly hit his target. 

Black is the man whose yearning voice you'll hear singing ((un))'s literate tales of "intense states of being, be they extraordinarily happy or extraordinarily hard". But he's also the abundantly talented chap who wrote, played, programmed and produced every last note of this album. He even handles all of his own artwork and videos (they're very good too). 
The hard work clearly paid off. ((un)) is a richly-detailed record that's as strikingly innovative and contrasting as it is sonically impressive. But, more importantly, it also contains 11 belting examples of quality modern pop songs. From the gorgeous, electo-acoustic yearn of Sweet Thing to the caustic, break-up grooves of Yours, these are songs which all sound well capable of breathing life, heart and soul into daytime radio. Black certainly won't be short of options when it comes to picking singles. 

"Making this record has deprived me of sleep for more than a year. I've slaved and obsessed over every little part of it, like a painter going over and over his canvas. But it was totally worth it. This is as close as humanly possible to the record I've always wanted to make. That's a pretty exciting feeling."

Fwd: JOB OPP: Director of Development @ JDub

Begin forwarded message:

JDub is hiring...again!  This time we're looking for a new Development Director to handle the fundraising side of things here.   This is an NYC-based job. 

"JDub is a non-profit dedicated to innovative Jewish content, community, and cross-cultural dialogue. JDub promotes Jewish music and artists through a record label, national event productions, and an artist fellowship and instigates conversation and community online via  Founded in 2002, JDub raises over $800,000 a year from foundations and individuals to help cover its annual budget of approximately $1.2 million. JDub seeks a Development Director to significantly expand the scope of JDub's cultivation strategies and fundraising efforts.  The ideal candidate will enjoy working within a fluid, flexible and creative environment, using his/her entrepreneurial instincts, sense of humor and social intelligence to advance the mission of the organization. A successful candidate will have the opportunity to work as part of a lively team in an idealistic, people-centered, non-corporate environment in which you will see your work have a real and tangible impact every day." 

Full info here:

Feel free to pass around to friends or colleagues that you think might be a good fit.  

Fwd: Manifest Equality

Fwd: Manifest Equality Art Gallery to Open in Hollywood, CA

Begin forwarded message:

Art Gallery
To Open in Hollywood, CA.
Creative Community comes together to raise visibility
for Equal Rights with artworks reflecting the themes of
 Equality, Justice, Respect, Unity, Civil Rights and Love.
Art Exhibition During Oscar Week in Los Angeles, CA


(February 23, 2010, Los Angeles, CA) - MANIFESTEQUALITY( is now set to launch in its pop up space in the center of Hollywood on Wednesday, March 3 - Sunday, March 7, 2010.   The MANIFESTEQUALITY Gallery issues a call-to-action, with artists motivating public energy toward true reform on a local, state and national level. Artists, grass roots activists, performers, celebrity guests, art collectors, musicians, public officials and the general public will display their works and show support at the MANIFESTEQUALITY Gallery in Hollywood, CA. just blocks from the Kodak Theater where the Academy Awards will be held.  Participating artists include: Barry McGee, Harvey Pekar, Karen Kimmel, Robbie Conal, Ron English, Tierney Gearon, Shepard Fairey, Clare Rojas, Swoon and hundreds more.
The MANIFESTEQUALITY gallery has gathered international and local artists in a call to present art that unites art, activism and the message of universal equal rights into a memorable multi-media 'moment'.  Through Suffrage, the Equal Rights Amendment, the Prop 8 shockwaves, the legal battle for equal rights has been fought at different times, on differing fronts, for varied communities. In response to the growing resistance to equal rights for the LGBT population, the creative community is gathering, during Oscar Week to bring inspiration through the creation of original artworks, performances and special installations that raise visibility for the grass roots efforts to ensure full Equal Rights to LGBT Americans.  Upper Playground ( will be working with the artists and offering sales services to assist in the fundraising for this cause.  The MANIFESTEQUALITY gallery interior has been designed by artist Jed Lind in collaboration with local LA Design team COMMUNE ( ) headed by Roman Alonso and Steven Johanknecht with a generous contribution by the ReUse People.


Aaron Rose and his arts organization Make Something School ( will host students on Saturday March 6, 2010 who are between the ages of 16 - 21.  Aaron dreamed up a nationwide series of art workshops for teens. His intention was simple: to introduce a new generation of creative minds to the concept of DIY.
MANIFESTEQUALITY Schedule of Events include:
March 2, Tuesday                  7pm - 10pm         Invitation Only: VIP and Media Preview
Courage Campaign Presents: Legendary activist and organizer, Cleve Jones
Cleve conceived of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt which at 54 tons, has become the world's largest piece of community folk art.  Jones is portrayed by actor Emile Hirsch in MILK, director Gus Van Sant's 2008 film about the life of Harvey Milk.  More recently Cleve recognized the need for a national stage in the equality debate and together with activists from around the country he spear-headed the National Equality March this past November.  He is an adviser to and works closely with the Courage Campaign
Musical Performance by Emily Wells - is a violinist whose style merges hip-hop and classicals. She also uses many other instruments in her work, including glockenspiels, analog synthesizers, and even toy pianos and other toy instruments.
 DJ Diabetic (aka Shepard Fairey)
March 3, Wednesday              10am - 6pm      Gallery Open to the Public    
                                                 8pm - 1am        Opening Night Party:
                                       Musical Guest:  Uh Huh Her, Fitz & the Tantrums, and more
                                                                           DJ Sets by: Tim Biskup, Chris Holmes, and Booby Trap
March 4, Thursday                 10am - 6pm       Gallery open to the public
March 5, Friday                      11am - 10pm     Gallery open to the public
March 6, Saturday                  10am - 6pm       Gallery open to the public
                                                11am - 5pm       Make Something School with Aaron Rose
                                                8pm - 1am         Closing Night Party
Musical Guests: Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse, Sam Sparrow,
                                   DJ Sets by: Crystal Method and Kelly Cole
March 7, Sunday                     10am - 5pm       Gallery open to the public
Additonally throughout the week you catch DJ sets with:  Daisy O'Dell, Adam 12 and Justin Warfield from She Wants Revenge,  Boom Bip, Mia Moretti, Justin Allen, DJ AC, Dan Mancini, Rare Matthew, and more.  
  • Presenting sponsors include Courage Campaign, Human Rights Campaign, MoveOn, Planet Illogica and Logo TV.
  • With additional support from UpperPlayground, Blik Wall Graphics, Commune, No Favorite and Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine.
  • Community partners include WhiteKnot, FAIR, EqualRoots, Renwl, Californaia Faith for Equality, Equality California, Black Lesbians Unite, Honor PAC, Homotracker, OutWest, Progressive Jewish Alliance, Latino Equality Alliance, and Generation For Change.
Produced by the team behind the remarkably successful MANIFESTHOPE exhibitions/campaigns at the Democratic National Convention '08 and the Presidential Inauguration '09; including Taskforce, Apple Via & Co.; and Evolutionary Media Group.
MANIFESTEQUALITY will serve as a touchstone event - a convergence of altruistic intention, artistic expression, community engagement and political momentum.
1341 Vine Street
(between Hollywood & Fountain)
Los Angeles, CA 90028-8141
March 3rd - March 7th, 2010
Wed & Thurs - 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday - 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat & Sun - 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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THE MIGHTY BOOSH - UK cult phenomenon release "The Mighty Decider" app worldwide!



A Suite of Whimsical Decision Making Mobile Tools Featuring the Voices and Characters of the Cult Phenomenon The Mighty Boosh Now Available for
 Download from the App Store

LONDON, U.K. AND SAN MATEO, C.A. – The globally acclaimed British sketch comedy sensations, The Mighty Boosh, and Tribal Games, a mobile games developer and a division of Tribal Brands, have teamed to deliver The Mighty Decider.  This new app delivers what this indecisive world has been waiting for -- a life management tool that will guide the decision making process, and provide continuous hours of entertainment for any social network.  Boosh fans across the globe will revel in the fact they can turn to the quirky and surreal Boosh universe at a moment's notice to assist in their life choices.  Just as compelling for those not yet familiar with the Boosh, The Mighty Decider is the perfect introduction to the inventive and fantastical act of nature known as The Mighty Boosh. The Mighty Decider is now available worldwide from the App store for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  To download The Mighty Decider, go to

Government leaders can choose from The Mighty Deciders' whimsical suite of tools and ask the worldly-wise "Moon," transformed into the classic Magic 8 Ball, to decide on managed health care bills; celebrities can now reach out to the "Crack Fox" and "Flip a Coin" to decide which scripts to accept; couples and admirers can play "Spin the Bottle" with a special love potion hand-mixed by  "Bob Fossil", and the man on the street can go to "Naboo The Enigma" and have him read his fortune.  As with all Boosh releases, The Mighty Decider is groundbreaking and original.  Its development and creation involved The Mighty Boosh cast of Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Rich Fulcher, Mike Fielding and Dave Brown, all of whom contributed their voices for the project.  Barratt and Fielding also created the artwork for the app and the cast improvised lines for The Mighty Decider.  Tribal Games, developed the storytelling and design elements. The result of this collaborative effort is an innovative mobile tool that contains an hour of original content that "Boosh" fans have never seen.
The magical, bizarre and exciting world of The Mighty Boosh was created by comedians Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, evolving from live theatre to radio and, finally, to a groundbreaking television series originally airing on The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).  On March 29, 2009, The Mighty Boosh made its United States debut on The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim to rave reviews.  Building on their cult following in Britain, a growing fan base in the U.S., several live stage show tours—which culminated in a 90-date tour of the U.K., selling out arenas such as 02 and Wembley with over a quarter of a million fans in attendance.  Their best selling and award-winning coffee table book, The Mighty Book of Boosh, expanded their horizons and now the mobile world is primed for this imaginative and psychedelic brand.

About The Mighty Boosh
Having met up in the clubs of London, Barratt and Fielding's roots are founded in sketch comedy.  They first created The Mighty Boosh characters for their comedy sketch series, Unnatural Acts.  The comedic sensation soon made its way to three stage productions The Mighty Boosh, Arctic Boosh and Autoboosh.  The live act was then commissioned by the BBC for a six-part radio series and eventually for a BBC 3 television series.  In 2006, Barratt and Fielding launched their first nationwide tour The Mighty Boosh Live across the U.K.  Their second tour, Boosh Live, which spanned across the U.K. and parts of Ireland, wrapped up in 2009.  On March 29, 2009, The Mighty Boosh made its United States debut on The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

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