viernes, septiembre 30

Fiction Company

Excerpt from recent fiction piece called "UNDER COVER OF SPOTLIGHT"


When I first met him it was just like in the movies when the love-interest is introduced. A mutual friend was hanging out with Rhys, who was playing songs for the public’s change in Lower Manhattan’s Battery Park. He stood so that the sun was setting behind his six-foot-one frame and he smiled at me in slow-motion while shaking my hand. Rhys was a stunning, well-read young musician with sea-foam green eyes and dark-brown hair against Midwestern-pasty skin. He stood across from me, positioned as if he was waiting to be taken away and displayed in some Fine Arts gallery. I couldn’t tell what made him more beautiful – his bone structure or his idealistic beliefs. He had this way of staring in this welcomed, rather than creepy, tunnel vision trance. I was so comfortable in that starry-eyed staring contest that I spent the next two years enclosed in a gaze with him.

Hang on, this story isn’t about how we met and fell in love. This is about how, years after we split up, I wrapped my head around what we are now...


I'll let you know where you can read the rest of the 2,454 words soon...
Thanks to Brian Bergstrom & his pink pen for the edits and suggestions!

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