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The Macabees

I interviewed Felix from The Macabees yesterday. It'll be a feature in URB Magazine in an upcoming issue. I love their new album. It's so good.

Here's a video for the first song on the album...

jueves, junio 25

2 job opps - SAS Institute & Lifetime TV

responsible for sales of SAS software products, solutions and services in
a high-volume, multi-tasking environment to current and prospective accounts
Account Executive - Communication, Content and Entertainment 09001389
SAS Institute Inc
Los Angeles CA

aid in development and implementation of media plans for Lifetime
programming, as well as advertising plans for publicity/PR and affiliate marketing
when needed
Manager, Media Planning 58020
Lifetime Television Network
Los Angeles CA
_ (

CHI JOB OPP - 2 jobs @ Playboy

create and manage the development of media relation strategies and
initiatives for the media businesses. Write and edit press releases, media alerts
and other promotional materials for all media businesses.
Director of PR - Media Businesses
Playboy Enterprises
Chicago IL


( develop communications plans and media strategy for the licensing
businesses, including products, retail and LBE.
Manager of PR - Licensing
Playboy Enterprises
Chicago IL
_http://www.playboyenterprises.com_ (

NYC JOB OPP - Discovery Planet Green Division

overseeing creative development of promotional campaigns, Network branding
and cross-promotional marketing initiatives

Director - Creative Writing
Discovery Planet Green Division

NYC JOB OPP - Lincoln Center

create media strategy to facilitate successful press and marketing for the
institution and the programming

Director of Public Relations
The Film Society of Lincoln Center


LAX JOB OPP - Collin Artists "Music talent booking job"

Leave a comment if you are interested to gain contact info to apply

Collin Artists is expanding and is planning to hire more people to help with
researching venues and assist in booking engagements for musical talent
including jazz, blues, world, Latin, R&B artists and others.

Music talent booking and marketing experience preferred, but willing to
train the right people. Knowledge of the above genres of music (at least one
or two of them!) desired. Seeking individuals with strong telephone and
people skills. This will be a commission based position.

NYC JOB OPP - PR firm hiring

Pitch Control Public Relations, a New York based full-service boutique
agency specializing in lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment is
growing and looking to hire AE’s and SRAE’s to work on our Music and
Fashion accounts. Pitch Control excels at creating cutting edge
campaigns that employ a nuanced approach to generate public interest
and buzz.

We are looking for candidates who are detail oriented, self-starters,
and can work in a fast paced environment to support our growing client
roster. This key position will be responsible for managing new and
existing accounts, public relations, events and product placement

The right candidates will assist with all daily public relations
activities (i.e. outreaching/pitching to media, building media lists,
writing press releases, securing top media placements in both
mainstream and niche outlets, on-site event support/management, etc.)
on campaigns we are currently working on and on new campaigns.

Minimum 3 year experience in corporate communications and/or public
relations at a national level
A “hands on” and collaborative approach
Proven leadership skills, initiative, poise and a confident presence
Strong writing, communication and pitching skills
Ability to set clear priorities, juggle competing projects, work with
partners and achieve results in a fast-paced environment
Willingness to travel, if required
MAC proficient

No phone calls please.
Please email resumes to careers[at]pitchcontrolpr[dot]com

NYC JOB OPP - JOB OPP - Communications Coordinator @ Harry Fox Agency

I'm looking to fill a position for a Communications Coordinator here at
HFA. The job description and qualifications can be found on our website
at - interested folks should
upload their resumes through the site. Thanks!

NYC JOB OPP - Director of Merchandising

Leave a comment if you are interested.

Subject: Job Opening: Director of Merchandising

Hey All -- Passing along a job listing. Interested parties can contact me directly.

A retail digital music store is looking for an experienced and creative person to plan, implement, and oversee its on-site merchandising to drive customer engagement and commerce opportunities. The ideal candidate has experience in digital merchandising, excels at creative and strategic thinking, has worked in building and maintaining an online community to drive engagement and commerce, and possesses a broad and deep musical knowledge. The merchandiser will develop campaigns for new releases and special/seasonal promotions, and will use quantitative analytical tools to track merchandising success across various metrics. Writing skills are strongly preferred. Specific responsibilities include:

· Oversee merchandising (including scheduling and implementation) across multiple regional web sites
· Develop long term editorial and merchandising strategies based on priorities, themes, seasonal events, and catalogue expansion
· Collaborate closely with Editorial Director to conceive, schedule, and roll out features and modules to increase engagement and connect customers to the store's offerings
· Track, quantify, and evaluate response to merchandising across various business metrics
· Collaborate closely with internal departments on branding, marketing, and community projects


· Broad and deep knowledge of music across all styles, eras and genres
· Passion for and awareness of new and developing artists and music trends
· Minimum 3 yrs experience in digital merchandising and/or marketing in retail environment
· Creative problem-solver with proven ability to develop and successfully execute creative ideas
· Strong quantitative and analytical skills
· Strong writing and editing skills. Unedited writing samples requested
· High proficiency with content management tools (Double Click, etc.), Excel, and a working knowledge of HTML
· Strong presentation and interpersonal skills

Competitive salary and benefits package including 401(k) plan.

NYC JOB OPP - manager of video programming

Begin forwarded message:

Position: Manager of Video Programming
Location: Manhattan
Status: Fulltime
Estimated Duration: Full-time
Starts: ASAP
Rate: DOE

Job Description:
Do you live and breathe music? Specifically for the youth culture? If so, we have the job for you!

Our client is a well known music/ entertainment brand and they are presently looking for a full-time Manager of Video Programming. To be considered for this position you should have 3-5 years of music video and/ or radio programming experience. Your primary responsibilities will be scheduling and planning all content using either Selector or a compatible system. You will also be working on the creation of content, ensuring successful programming integration and that all projects are completed on time.

Must have an in depth knowledge of the pop, rock and hip-hop genre as well as the 12 -24 year demographic. Looking for candidates who truly understand the youth culture - what inspires them, what holds their attention, what makes them tick.

Looking for a candidate who is an innovative thinker, a multi-tasker, a creative problem solver and has the ability to juggle multiple projects as once without getting flustered.

If you feel you are qualified for this position please send your resume (and samples if applicable) to: NY31[at]jobalert[dot]creativecircle[dot]com

Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theater

You can find some sweet shit on Netflix these days. My favorite feature is their "watch instantly" option. Have you tried it?

Anyway, I think I was talking to Summer (Summer was it you?) when I asked her, "Do you remember the fairy tale of The 12 Dancing Princesses?" (Originally a Grimm's Fairy Tale, and one of my favorites because the princesses get new shoes every day!) Summer is one of my friends who is usually up on the supernatural flicks and fairy stories; She said no to my surprise. I guess "surprise" might be an extreme because it's not one of the well known fairy tales, and it wasn't popularized by Disney... Nonetheless, it is just one of the stories included in this series (Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theater) you can watch instantly!

Incidentally, the more I skimmed through these episodes - each an hour long - the more it jogged my memory: I totally watched this as a child. I must have been 5 when I first saw one because I remember watching one with my daddy. Comparatively, it was clearly a different time to grow up. The attention span and thought process a child had to have to get through one of these episodes is far beyond the spaz-like 15 minute cartoons of sponges or backyard dudes. Do kids even question why a sponge is talking at the bottom of the ocean? (This is from my limited knowledge of the history of the talking sponge.) Yes, Slim - I am turning into one of those curmudgeons who start and end rants with "...back in my day..." I just think that these episodes are the right mix of believable as well as a platform for imagination. (A talking sponge is a stretch.)

About Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theater: a live action children's television series retelling popular fairy tales. Shelley Duvall serves as narrator, host and executive producer of the program, and occasionally stars in episodes. The series was followed by another, shorter series called Tall Tales & Legends which followed the same format as Faerie Tale Theatre and focused on classic American folk tales. Both series feature well known actors and directors.

Shelley Duvall began conception of Faerie Tale Theatre while filming Popeye. She reportedly asked her co-star, Robin Williams, his opinion on "The Frog Prince", a fairytale she was reading during production.[1] Williams would later star in the pilot episode of the series, The Tale of the Frog Prince.

See the trailer on youtube here.

Tim Burton and Francis Ford Coppola directed an episode each. + Here's a short list of actors who are in the series: Pee Wee Herman, Jennifer Beals, Christopher Lee, Susan Sarandon, Matthew Broderick, Carrie Fisher, Ricky Schroeder, Valerie Bertinelli, Liza Minelli, Elizabeth McGovern, Gena Rowlands, Tatum O'Neil, Christopher Reeve, Joan Collins, Jeff Goldblum, Pam Dauber, Robin Williams, the little man from Fantasy Island, Frank Zappa, and even Mick Jagger as the Emperor in the tale of the Nightingale!

More about it on Wikipedia:

There's also "Season 2" which is Shelly Duvall's Tall Tales and Legends

Here's a long post about it on the Amoeba blog.

If you have Netflix, which I know most of you do, you can watch some of these gems right now! Amazing.

Those of you who have kids, I'm curious to know how they respond to these episodes. Be warned: there was a couple that made me a little scared - but then again I love horror/slasher/gore films and I was allowed to watch Poltergiest and The Exorcist as a child. (Fact: I cannot watch The Exorcist on my own. I need a minimum of 11 people to get through it to this day. It is the only movie that gives me residual heebeejeebees.)

4th of July advice for your dog from our trainer

Your pets and fireworks!! Beware!

Originally uploaded by anonymous forever

Every year the skies light up with beautiful fireworks displays, which we love to watch. To dogs and cats, these bright light bursts and bangs are terrifying and completely stressful. And it's not just the big fireworks display events on the 4th of July, but the weeks before and after when individuals love to have their own backyard fireworks parties. Dogs can become irrational when frightened. The instinct to run sets in and the need to escape kicks in so hard they will chew a door or window frame to pieces or even break out a window! Too many dogs can be seen running in a blind panic down the streets, and stepping out into the streets. Our local shelters get filled to capacity with stray, un-identifiable dogs and cats. Dogs have super-sensitive ears and can hear sounds up to 4 times the distance as humans can. Loud noises can actually cause pain to their ears!

Here is a list of stress and anxiety behaviors your dog may exhibit:
whining, barking
attention seeking behaviors
loss of appetite
loss of house training
escape behaviors

What you don't ever want to do:
-Don't take your dog to a fireworks display.
-Don't punish your dog for being frightened
-Don't try to comfort or reassure your dog with petting or telling them its OK when frightened as this just re-enforces nervous behavior. Only reward calm behavior.
-Don't leave your dog outside.
If your dog lives outside, now would be the time to bring them indoors.
-Don't leave your dog alone if possible.

What you can do:
-Now is a great time to make sure they have an ID tag on their collar.
This should contain a current phone # and address.
-Is your dogs license current?
Do you know where your local city shelter is?
-Are they micro-chipped?
-Bring your dog inside and if possible, don't leave them home alone.
If you have to leave them alone for a few hours, how about in an enclosed room with the curtains drawn and a fan and/or radio, TV on to block out the noise?
-Have a safe place or den for them to hide-like a crate or covering a table with a blanket, or placing their beds behind a sofa so they can feel safe, secure and comfortable.
-Give them food filled toys or special toys to try and occupy them.
-Vets do dispense dog downers(sedatives) if you have a highly upset pet.
There are many holistic calming products on the market now too.
-If necessary, there are vets, dog day care centers, kennels, and dog sitters to safely, care for your animals.
If you lose your dog or find one:
-Make sure you have a current photo to make a flyer. Post flyers!
-Go to your local city shelter.
For the Northeast area it is North Central Animal Shelter located on 26th St.
http://www.laanimal services. com.
They are open 24 hours/7 days a week if you want to bring a found dog or cat there.
In the event of a medical emergency,do you know where your local 24 hour emergency hospitals are?
With all that being said, good luck and have fun!
Prepare now so you can have a safe and happy 4th of July.

If you need further help for you and your dog, or have any questions please feel free to contact me.

lunes, junio 22

Puppy advice from Merin for those of us new dog parents (or future new dog parents)

This is my friend Merin who lives in Florida. She's got great puppy training advice! (See below.) I thought it would be helpful for all of us dog owners/future dog owners to read up on this!

June 20 at 7:47pm
Falcor is so cute!! If you need any training advice hit me up - we spent the last two years dealing with a puppy with the worst separation anxiety I've ever encountered :)

congrats on the the new puppy!

June 20 at 8:37pm
I do! Please advise me!!

June 20 at 9:54pm
:) so cute

I'm actually driving up to Tampa tomorrow to pick up my dad's new dog that we're adopting from a rescue - she's a cute little Pekingese that my dad is insisting on naming Hillary haha.

This is what I can tell you - I have two French Bulldogs - one is crate trained the other is not. Crate training is actually a really good idea. Many dogs actually like having a small safe place that they can go. Daschunds I have heard really like to burrow into blankets and feel safe underneath things.

If you crate train get a good sized crate - if you get one too big she'll go to the bathroom in it. Then when you and Chad are home hanging out just put it on the floor with blankets, treats and toys in it and leave the door open so she gets used to it. She'll probably start going in herself. Get her GRADUALLY used to being in there - make sure she's ok for 15 minutes, then come back and work up from there. Puppies can't be in a crate for more than a couple of hours at first - they can't hold it. Also, make sure you walk her BEFORE she goes in the crate.

You can also always gate her in a bathroom with pee pads, food, water, bed, etc. if you don't want to crate train her. That's what we did with Baxter and it worked out fine. If you're not going to be home at least gate her someplace safe like bathroom or kitchen - puppies chew everything especially cords and wires and they swallow small things so it is not safe to leave them roaming around the house. Even if you don't crate train her for potty reasons invest in a crate and let her be comfortable in it so that if you want to take her on trips you can, you can take her in the car safely in a crate and in case of hurricane/earthquake anything like that you can pack her up safely if you need to stay anywhere.

Always walk her before you go out. Make sure you feed a great food - Merrick, Orijen, Fromm, Wellness are all good. Supermarket and Pet store brands are usually crap - Eukanuba all that stuff - garbage. Also feed her an egg every couple of days - cooked - hard boiled and cut into pieces or make it in a pan with a small amount of butter - no margarine/soy, etc. Eggs are really good for dogs - you'll see how shiny her coat gets.

She's super cute - you guys lucked out! Good luck with potty training :) Lemme know how it goes. Talk soon!


June 20 at 10:16pm
thanks merin! do you mind me posting this on my blog? i think it can help lots of people.

i'm weary about crating Falkor because she was neglected/abandoned. Thoughts?

June 21 at 7:11am
Sure post away :)

I think it depends on the dog - thats why I would suggest getting one and letting her decide. They all have totally different personalities.

Baxter HATES crates - will not go in one - even for scrambled eggs - so I don't crate him. This poses some problems though - when he had to have bladder stone surgery I had to find a 24 hour vet that would provide a "run" instead of caging him - this was NOT easy to find. I can't ever take him on a plane, and in the car he is a MAD MAN.

Violet, on the other hand, took one look at the crate I got for Baxter, grabbed her bone, ran in and didn't want to come out :) She's smaller - only 17 lbs. and doesn't like to ride in the car unless she's in her crate. I could easily take her on a trip with me because she's small enough to go in the cabin. (Don't EVER fly your dog as cargo.) I also have a giant dog tote bag that she LOVES. She doesn't even move if I put her in it and I can take her anywhere in it.

Try to remember that dogs will pick up on what you project to them, but on their own they can easily let things go. My suggestion is that even though she had a rough time starting off, she now has wonderful, caring parents so even though you're aware of what she went through that doesn't have to be part of who she is. (Netflix some Dog Whisperer - fo real)

Also, its GREAT to take her personality and preferences into account but at the end of the day you also have to be willing to do what's best for her even if she doesn't always like it at first. That's what I learned with Baxter - he's a GREAT dog but had I been more firm with him in the beginning there would be many more things that he could do now. Like I said since I never taught him about crates he won't go in one and can't go on trips with me, since I didn't train him early on he has dog aggression issues so I can't take him to the dog park, can't take him downtown, have to be careful with him with kids, etc. That's why its also good to do a basic obedience class with her when she's young - having a well-behaved dog makes their life so much better because they get to do so much more.

Obedience classes at Petsmart and those places are all reward based and probably perfect for you guys. When Baxter developed aggression issues, I talked to different trainers and the first one I talked to wanted to put a prong collar on him, but I didn't feel comfortable with that so I said no and found another trainer. You'll know your dog the best so don't let anyone tell you to do anything that you don't feel comfortable with. That's why I say if you don't want to use a crate for potty training and you have a tiled area like a bathroom where you can set her up with a baby gate and pee pads for accidents then that could be best for everyone. (Don't forget to walk her before you put her in there) Thats how Baxter was trained. He's 4 now - I still gate him but he has the whole living/dining/kitchen area, but since he will go on pads I always have pads down so if I have to stay out for some reason he'll go on the pads. Not all dogs can be trained for both, but it works for him. I also always leave my dogs' dry food down for them so they just eat when they want to - they don't overeat and if for some reason I can't get home I know they have access to food, water, and can relieve themselves if they need to.

Last thing - I was reading your post that they found her just before you got her so I don't know if you took her to the vet yet - she'll need vaccinations and Flea Control and Heartworm prevention ASAP.

Sorry for the super long response. Talk soon!


buffy summers and edward cullen = amazing

oh and if you want to meet the real thing, watch this video on kaleth. he's my fave.

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