viernes, noviembre 4

Kings of Convenience's "Homesick"

When you're homesick, listening to a song called "Homesick" is just what the doctor ordred.

Especially when sung by two gentle male voices like a neo-Simon & Garfunkel (and far more attractive than), intertwined in harmony. Simply the way they sing tugs gently at the heart-strings, and when the plucking of the guitars becomes more audible to your senses - it's just enough to make you call home.

It's an appropriate song for the Fall in Chicago. The leaves are slowly taking their time in falling in browns and reds and yellows on the ground.

Plopping on your ipod, jumping to this track, and walking atop the crunchy leaves with your autumn jacket on is almost mandatory.

jueves, noviembre 3

Nico's "These Days"

"These Days" production value, even remastered, is like everything you expect out of a self-published book. *Shudder*
The end of the melody in the first verse reminds me of a Belle & Sebastian song off "The Boy With The Arab Strap."
I think it would be good to follow up this song on a mix tape with The Rentals' "These Days."
Same sentiment, different delivery.

I think the one factor I find it hard to overlook in the track is Nico's voice.
It's not horrible, I just don't think that its the best match for the melody.
Here is a list of people who I think would do the song justice, and who should seriously consider doing a cover version: Kings of Convenience, Johanna Wright aka Hanner, Rebecca Pronsky, Fran Healy, the dudes in Air - the french band, Martha or Rufus Wainwright, Alex Greenwald, Nate Bott, Toko or John of Enon, Chan Marshall, Shane Bartell, Tim Kinsella, Mike Kinsella, Nate Kinsella, Oly, Luke Haines, Seu Jorge, Fiona Apple, Madonna, Boy George, and Annie. Just to name a few.

miércoles, noviembre 2

Hanner's "Birds & Girls"

When Hanner played our CMJ opening party this year - I was taken aback by her showmanship (showwomanship?).

Part storyteller, part folkie, and a dash of charm takes her a long way.

Hanner needed something in-between a campfire and a spotlight to illuminate her performance.

Her gentle southern-twang and her little guitar propelled her from song to song during the short set.
The audience was silent and attentive, even the baby in the stroller who was front and center was polite to the silence.

I can't help but imagine her performing whenever I hear her songs.
She's just absolutely darling.

martes, noviembre 1

dear diary

Last night I went to see one of my dearest friends play at House of Blues opening for Mr. Gwen Stefani, erm - Gavin Rossdale's new project (Institute). It was nice to see said friend's band (Big City Rock) evolve. It was the first time I saw them with their new line up (complete with backing vocals) even though they've played as a five-piece for quite some time, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Said friend just purchased the flashy, new 60g ipod with photo and video and had no means to upload any songs. "Can we put songs on my ipod?" he asked. And, him being one of my oldest friends, I couldn't deny the favor. So after a long while of initializing and setting up (and myself having to upgrade to itunes 6.whatever) the songs started ripping. It took overnight to complete the task, and in the morning he said out loud what I was thinking inside, "My god, this is like taking your diary and reading it." So now he's out on tour somewhere with my very bad songs, my very good songs, and my very personal collection of others. He has all the little musical relationships I've got in the palm of his hand. Sure, its a little daunting, but on the other hand it is so nice to be able to share the little imperfetions in musical taste with a whole 'nother human being. I at least hope he laughs from time to time.

And that's that... I sent him off this morning with the little black rectangle in hand full of the soundtrack of my life.

(((If you're reading this, send me an email that says macaroni.)))

domingo, octubre 30

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