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martes, julio 31

The Jesus & Mary Chain's "Sometimes Always"

Just got in from going to Spaceland to see Eskimohunter and The Pity Party. Gorgeous!

Afterwards, Rosie and I went over to Cha-Cha because good friend Matt was doing his karaoke night. I had the pleasure of seeing this guy...

...sing disco hit "I Will Survive" while dancing, spinning, and grabbing his crotch. *See Matt on the right hand side looking bummed.

Now, this Jesus & Mary Chain song has been circulating in my life a lot lately. First, a couple weeks ago when Miles and I were talking about good-fashion cowboy hats vs. bad-fashion cowboy hats. I brought up a cowboy hat in a Midnight Oil video, giving that the thumbs up; as well as a Depeche Mode cowboy hat appearance. He reminded me of the cowboy hat in this one. I even listened to it before I went out tonight... and tonight when I got home (sober, thank you very much - after the lights went out the other night I'm afraid I'm taking a breather from drinking for awhile) this mp3 was waiting for me in my email box from someone I always wished/feared would send it to me. I always played it around him with "us" in mind. And I did notice during a couple of his DJ stints that it would be played when I was around... but I never asked or assumed that he had the same sentiment with it in mind. It's not the first obscure email I've gotten today, but it's probably the heaviest. The email subject line came with no subject, and there wasn't a single letter or even punctuation marks, where at least a signature would read, in the body of the email. Just a single attachment of this song. Ouch/Yay!

I have no knowledge on how to proceed with this 4.7 MB present in the email, or what its supposed to say, or simply if my incessant playback of this song now reminds him of me. (ie. it came on, he thought of those days of me in his tiny apartment singing along to this, and he thought he'd send it over) Even though he knows full well that I have the track in my scattered collection of fringe mp3s... especially since my last.fm page will attest to me listening to it earlier tonight.

Yes, said sender is aware of this blog and no doubt checks it semi-frequently - so there are no secrets here. Honestly, I'm going to take it for what it is. Sender, thanks for thinking of me and sending me the mp3. You always told me that actions speak louder than words, but you have to remember that I believe actions to fall flat if they're undecipherable and too obscure. I care deeply for you (always have/will - rest assured) and smile when I think of your gorgeous face.

lunes, julio 30

Charlotte Gainsbourg "The Operation"

Kinda couldn't get into the album, but I saw this video on MTV's Subterranean last night and it might have made me turn a new leaf. Unfortunately, it doesn't show that the song stands well on its own - but there's a sad sincerity in this video that makes me dig it.

Now out to go see Pity Party & Eskimohunter play the last residency night @ Spaceland, and perhaps a lil' karaoke with Matt Cronk at the Cha2.

domingo, julio 29

9-0-2-1-uh oh

I think I might finally be recovering from last night's battle with the bottle. Shamefully, I got too drunk by the time Adler's Appetite went on that I have NO idea what he (they?) played. I had to read about it here on blabbermouth.netI am a useless show reporter! After a round of shots with Travis, Jon W., and Evan - I don't remember much after L.A. Guns played. (God that shit was weird.) I also apparently went and sat on Ruben's lap for a few minutes! Glad his boyfriend wasn't around - I would have gotten a beat-down. And! Who KNOWS what I said. According to my hairstylist extrordinare, I had not one but "three or four" shots. Which I think (hope) might be inaccurate because I've *never* done more than two shots in my whole life and I was already drinking quite a bit outside of that, so I'm going to conclude that if that was the case - I would be dead. In short, my life last night was a mixture of Vh1's "Rock of Love" and Bravo's "Hey Paula." Jeez!

So I woke up this morning buck naked, lying next to the contents of my purse, a half eaten slice of pizza, and my shoes. (What?!) So I spent the afternoon laying on the couch flipping channels and cat napping/sleeping it off. Ordered DELICIOUS delivery from Masa, chatted with Emilie for a little bit when she stopped by, aaand I still haven't gotten off the couhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifch. Luckily, a couple episodes of first season 90210 were playing on the Soap opera channel - Episode 13, "East Side Story." It's the one where Brandon falls for a girl from the 'east side.' You know I had to watch it, cos I'm an east side girl myself. Man, first season 90210 was freaking awesome. All the issues they tackled were pretty socially brave. Sure kicks the hell out of the "issues" I've seen recently on The O.C. etc. And Jason Priestly was totally cute back then! Of course a couple seasons in he was more like eeeeeh. If only everyone aged like Patrick Dempsey...

Speaking of aging gracefully, Neil Gaiman's "Stardust" is going to come out August 10th. It makes me want to reread the book. When I first discovered it, it was 2001 and I was on tour with Motion City Soundtrack and one of those dudes were reading it. Or maybe Josh and Justin were both reading it... Anyway, I finished reading it within a day and went out the following day to find another Gaiman novel. But yeah the movie looks like it's going to be freaking sweet. Countdown begins!

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