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miércoles, octubre 15

Hey L.A. - are you registered to vote?

Krosty and I will be volunteering for Declare Yourself @ Temporary Spaces tonight from 10pm-2am during Boobie Trap. If you haven't registered to vote, please come down tonight and do so. Declare Yourself will be turning in your registration forms.

Also, Californians - you can vote early and avoid long lines - you don't even need an excuse! CALIFORNIA: No excuse early voting is permitted in California starting October 6th and ending on Election Day, November 4th. Early voting generally takes place at your local elections office. Specific times and locations vary by county. Please contact your County Recorder’s Office to find your nearest early voting location and its hours of operation.

There are also other states that allow early voting. Check to see what your options are here!

5100 Fountain Ave. @ Normandie
Los Angeles

talk to your parents


lunes, octubre 13

Golden Gate Gifs

witness my gorilla-DJ strength throwing gabe around:

krosty and jumping:


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