viernes, febrero 9

Curious about what we're doing for SXSW in Austin?

Uh oh... 857 in the house!

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From: Eight Fifty Seven
Date: Feb 9, 2007 3:13 AM

Dude this was announced before we even sent a press release out!

Check out the Brooklyn Vegan post here: David Cross taking over the world w/ Super Deluxe SXSW party, etc

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[mp3] David Cross crossing CES* with porn [/mp3]
*CES as described by Wikipedia.

jueves, febrero 8

Ian McKaye vs. All Ages ban

I stole this from Noah @ WFMU... but really wanted you to see it!
(Coffee Break For Heroes & Villains)
Wednesdays 11pm - 2am
WFMU 91.1 fm & 90.1 fm

[mp3] Minor Threat - Salad Days [/mp3]

wiki on Minor Threat
Buy it in the Dischord online store

In other news, Anna Nicole Smith has bit it.

miércoles, febrero 7

Battles record coming out, I'm totally stoked.

Seriously. Color me so so so so excited...
Battles is coming out with a record on Warp on May 22nd.

The single is coming out April 2nd...

Oh my god. Someone hold me back.

Here's a track to keep you at bay:
[mp3] Battles' - Tras [/mp3]

lunes, febrero 5

M.I.A.'s "Bird Flu"

I don't even know how people can waste their time and ca$h on Lady Sov and the train of followers when M.I.A. is around and socially concious and gorgeous. How?

Here's her new video:

ps) Sorry for the long absense, been a bit busy with work! I'm sure the non-bloggage hasn't kept your attention too well... So I'll encourage those who also blog here to post more and post more mp3s as well as make an effort to do so myself. Tata!

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