sábado, septiembre 30

"Chicagoing Chicagone" Luv, Celestronicalifornia

A mix for my Chicago friends...

1. Born To Be Dizzy - The Starlite Desperation
2. Hollywood Forever - Pretty Vicious
3. In My Head - Queens Of The Stone Age
4. Do It (Single Edit) - Pink Fairies
5. Lady Faire - The Cassettes
6. Los Angeles, I'm Yours - The Decemberists
7. LA - Neil Young
8. California - Rufus Wainwright [with Martha and Kate]
9. The Warmth of the Sun - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs
10. My Little Red Book - Love
11. Because - The Beatles
12. Everybody Here Wants You - Matthew Herbert & Dani Siciliano
13. Going Nowhere - modwheelmood
14. "Git" - Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys
15. I Love You (Me Either) - Cat Power (feat. Karen Elson)
16. Heartbeats - Jose González
17. She Really Wants You - Aimee Mann
18. You Make Me Like Charity - Knife
19. Last Doller, Last Time - This Blush
20. See You Again - Jason Falkner
21. There's a Place in Hell for Me & my Friends - Morrissey
22. Waltz (Better Than Fine) - Fiona Apple
23. Only You - Yaz


The Decemberists' "Los Angeles, I'm Yours"
Well, I'm here!! Thanks and big ups and big love and shout outs and more to Barbara "Whispers," Leslie, The Bear, Maria, Jesse, Amber, Jeb, Hope for helping me move. Maria, especially who was the girl responsible for bringing the plague of myself to Chicago! I'll miss you Marga. Smith, Colleen, Jameson, Rachel, John and Rob who made time to see me before I hopped a flight. Stephen, Justin, Stacey who had good intent to see me. Love you all. See you soon. CMSBFF.

viernes, septiembre 29

Dio's "Holy Diver"

I'm watching Vh1 Classic right now (per usu) but feel slightly betrayed by the amount of "music movies" and Supergroup episodes they're showing instead of videos. Listen, Vh1 Classic - I count on you for music videos. If I wanted to watch a "music movie" then I would fucking rent it. And doesn't Super Stupidgroup air on another channel already? You're not going to sway me on that one. That show is retarded in a bad way. Anyway, I had to wait until 1a for them to show an acutal video. Metal Mania is on... phew. That Dio video is fucking great. I can see now how in some circles Dio is "okay." These people also think that Dungeons and Dragons is "okay" enough to have a weekly club night to play it instead of poker like real adults.

Day 7. It's annoying that I have to sleep at all because if I didn't I'd be all packed. I have to remember to get my income figure for Fox Tax. My extension on the 15th is drawing nearer and nearer and the IRS is ready to pounce on me! I started the day by slight computer frustrations. Leslie and her friend came over and took everything that wasn't grabbed already to the Salvation Army. She also came back to bring me food which was good because I probably would have forgotten to eat again. (Les is always good like that.) Then The Bear came over and took more things for the office. Soon I had to meet Jameson at Rainbo. Colleen met us up as well. God, all this seems like it was 3 days ago. Then I hopped a cab over to Milio's and got a wax and said my farewells.

Will I find waxers who can be so non-chalant, cheap and most importantly - quick - in L.A.? (Please, please, please let me get what I want...) I find that a lot of times if I go to a female waxer, she is well aware of how much it hurts and is gingerly about peeling those wax strips off yr private parts. No thanks! Do it fast and quick because either way it's gonna hurt like shit.

(Um, Alice Cooper's Poison is on... does anyone else think that this was an awkward song for him? It's so not fitting.)

Anyway, after that I came home and tidied up a little here and there. Repacked a couple bags, put whatever I needed away. Jesse and Maria came over to pick up the drum set. Shortly after Jeb and Amber came over. They even blew off a show to sit on the floor and watch the tail end of the Devil's Advocate & SNL hosted by Britney (pre-K.Fed). After they left, I swiffered™ and now I'm jotting down my coldish account of events. Barbara is to come over tomorrow & collect the rest of my boxes, Comcast cable items, and stuff for her home office. Then The Bear is going to fetch me and my 5 different-sized and heavy bags and take me to the airport and come 530, off I go.

Chicagoing... almost Chicagone.

jueves, septiembre 28

Rufus Wainwright's "Katonah (The Death Of The Firstborn)"

I was elated to find that STEREOGUM.COM posted up a new song by my favorite boy. I feel like I've heard it before, which is quite possible given that I've (happily) seen him perform ump-teen times this past year. Reports STEREOGUM.COM:
This track comes from Plague Songs, an album commissioned by the arts organization Artangel and comprising contributions from stalwarts and Stereogum faves including Stephin Merritt, Brian Eno (and Robert Wyatt), and Rufus Wainwright. Each artist was asked to pen a song inspired by one of the ten biblical plagues in the Book of Exodus as part of a film and a larger, public art project in the British city of Margate.
Plague Songs is out 10/2 in the UK, 11/7 in the States, from 4AD.

What kind of RW is this? If you're familiar, it's a guitar song (meaning not a piano one) and it sounds like Martha is back doing backing vocals; More folky and sounds influenced by his mother and aunt, Kate & Anna McGarrigle - than it is influenced by Opera, Glam, Pop, or Judy Judy Judy.

Day 6. Looking back at the previous moving posts, it seems like I was talking more about things that were done and didn't touch at all on the emotional part of moving. I guess I feel little emotion over leaving. I thought I would be more... more... anything. But I guess I haven't really lived in Chicago since November and have spent the last 9 months slowly saying goodbye and mourning my loss of time in the city. I've spent the year in and out of Los Angeles the most, second Chicago, then New York, Seattle, Miami, San Diego, and even Park City UT for Sundance. I feel unmotivated to go out and do the party thing. I went out on Saturday and saw someone who blew me a kiss - probably thinking we were still cool, but before I left for LA in August, I was told was talking unfavorably of me. This action just propelled me into unwanted drama and reminders of small towns and small circles. Luckily I was with my best friend Maria, who was the third person I saw (Jeb and Amber picked me up from the airport) and just who I needed to see. I also went out Monday night, and Tuesday, so I don't feel so bad about being responsible and working the rest of this time... I've seen most the people I wanted to see at least once, quality time or not. Besides, I can't let a little thing like moving at least seven states west get in the way of work, after all!

Anyway, yeah - I'm pretty detached from this whole moving thing. Don't get me wrong, I love Chicago. I really do. It's been very good to me. I've met who I hope to be lifelong friends. But I'm not as sad to say goodbye as I thought I would be. Does this mean I'll inevitably find a crashing point in which I miss it terribly and my stomach feels queasy and crushed by my longing for the city? Probably not: Today was freezing.

Today today... I expected to see Alex again so that he could pick up some goods I'm ridding myself of. But I didn't hear from him. I was hoping to see Colleen, who I've been saving my alarm clock for. But I didn't hear from her. I was hoping to see John, who I've been holding onto my art supplies for. But I didn't hear from him after he got off of work. I did have a meeting with a client, and The Bear and Jesse came by and ate their Wendy's here as Jesse flipped through Comcast's On Demand music video selection, checking out who he jokingly referred to as "the competition." I called all utility companies and disconnected all my services. A girl named Morgan popped in also and bought my bike. Turns out she's a writer for Men's Health, Woman's Health and other health magazines. She was nice. I spent the day working, and the night packing. I got stir crazy around 10p, called Maria and asked if she wanted to get milkshakes. The natural answer was yes so we headed out to Baskin Robbins and got matching Jamoca™ shakes. Once again The Bear and Jesse stopped in to get the last piece of my beloved couch. Maria just left. I'm left alone with the television on IFC and I'm so incredibly exhausted I'm only still at the computer because it would take so much energy to get up and go to bed.

Courtesy of Stereogum.com: Rufus Wainwright – "Katonah (The Death Of The Firstborn)" mp3

*Jeremy Scherer, are you out there? I hope you're pleased this is getting updated so often!

miércoles, septiembre 27

The video for James' "Laid"

Day 5. I wrote about James' "Laid" previously... sometime in November. But today my friend James ("The Barron") was over and the video played on Vh1 classic as soon as I pryed the remote from his hands to change it from Vh1 Hits. (He also revealed that James' lead singer came out of the closet "finally" and "as if he had to come out at all.") Surprisingly I had never seen the video before, it was so cute - especially in contrast with the videos on the other Vh1 channel. Before he came to hang out, I was working all day alone in the apartment and cleaning up after my packing flurry. Fortunately for me, James used to come over all the time and takes little entertaining and doesn't seem to mind if my back is turned towards him while I work and stop-and-start conversation with him. Alex "The Mexican" showed up shortly after "The Barron" left, at the same time that Barbara showed up with her entire family. They took the bed + frame, a box of hangers, and my little tidy dresser. I love that bed by the way... I will miss it.

(On the wall by my bed is a little piece of a magazine I cut out that has a picture of an unmade bed that says:
"Of all the things I've lost...
I miss my mind, friends, bed the most"

With all the traveling I've done this year, when I finally did make it back to Chicago for two days or two weeks - the longest being almost a month back -

[break in blogging]

I forgot what I was typing because above, I was at the office with The Bear (James Kenler, not to be mistaken with James Barron, mentioned above.) and The Bobcat (Jesse). Probably my last time there in awhile...

So yes, after that all moving of my furnishings was done, Dana stopped by but then had to hang out at my house alone while Hope and I moved my big huge painting and four boxes to Barbara's so that she can UPS it from her work place. Hope & I then returned to my house. Dana and I talked shop, and soon Project Runway was on. What a freaking dick-tease this episode was! Maria came over soon as that was done, Hope and Dana left, and then The Bear and Jesse showed up. Maria went home, and The Bear and Jesse and I went to the office... which is where I was typing that last entry.

Oh how I love that office. I mean, sure - I couldn't work from there because of all the hustle and bustle and it's cold as fuck in the winter time and hot as fuck in the summer time but it was still where I got my mail; Which by working standards it was "home" to Solid Chicago - same as where your heart is, or where you lay your head... after that The Bear and I took Jesse to Maria's and then went to the post office downtown that's open 24 hours. You can imagine what kind of characters show up to the post office at say 1:30am (which is what time it was around when we got there, and also the time that I usually make it there for a mailing). Luckily there was no line and we brought 7 packages - 3 of which were heavy boxes full of books, dvds, and cds. (USPS' media mail rate is rad.) And one record package for Jason Foster. I sent him my Genesis & Peter Gabriel 7 inches even though he thinks I hate him. After that was all posted up and sent away, we returned to my house to move part 2 of the couch to The Bear's house. (OH GOD WILL I MISS THAT COUCH.) The Bear moved in 2 years ago, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the looks of the place since he's so busy with Flameshovel all the time... then I took a taxi home, did some work and finally went to bed around 330a.

ps) I also finished a 20" x 40 " painting I was making for The Bear's house. I plan to finish three more (smaller ones) before getting on that plane. Serious!

martes, septiembre 26

Michel Gondry's "The Science of Sleep"

Day 4. I just got back from seeing this movie. What a trip. No no, I totally mean that. It was totally a trip... Though I don't feel that Gondry pushed any boundaries with individual imagery, the use of his ideas sewn together through the story, and the story within itself is magical. Escapism and reality... we're all guilty of this, no? The actors were well cast... Fuck who am I kidding. I mean, by the use of elipses in this entry you can probably guess that I'm at a loss for words. I should be drawing you pictures instead. See the image on the left? That was my favorite scene. *warm fuzzies*

An old video of Bob Dylan plays on the TV, George Harrison is singing back up, and I'm sitting in an increasingly empty apartment with a mess of papers surrounding my desk. I need to concentrate on my room and random pieces of clothing that need to be packed. Two stray cups and a bowl that Brian got me from his last trip to Japan are waiting to be bubble packed... It's not even Wednesday and I'm shocked at how well things have been put away. Today Barbara and I went to Reckless & saw Daniel and James and got rid of all my vinyl & 7"s. I saved my Genesis ones for Jason Monitor even though he thinks I hate him. Then we went to Best Buy (for me to try and buy a bluetooth earpiece) and Staples (for more bubble wrapping). Oh boxes, boxes: I wish I could see the faces on the people receiving these packages at UPS...

CP: Bye Bye Bike.

I took this to post my pretty brown bike on Craigslist in Chicago.
It sold the very next day.

lunes, septiembre 25

Day 3.

Worked all day. Hope and I went to Office Depot to pick up some bubble rolls for the large painting that needed wrapping. I spent the entire time "Pretty Persuasion" was playing. Missed out on red wine. The Bear brought tape by and helped me wrap the painting in cardboard. Stomach hurt. Went to Rainbo and met up with John & Smith. Graeme was working & made some funny jokes I didn't get. Photobooth pictures didn't work with John, serious! Wouldn't take my dollars.

Seems like the little knick-nacks and things you need day to day are the hardest to pack up and get rid of...

domingo, septiembre 24

Yaz's "Only You"

Day 2 of packing. Lisa came over this morning. She was in town for Gwen's wedding party. We walked over to have coffee and scones @ Alliance Bakery (best Mochas in the 60622/60647) and then she took off to St. Louis. She was nice enough to take two little boxes for me since she's driving back to L.A. and we live literally down the street from each other. Later, after Barbara & her shorty left and while waiting on Leslie to come by with more boxes, I was tuned into Vh1 Classic (top 5 fave channel BTW) and this Yaz hit came on. This simplistic Yaz hit is sweet, romantic and familiar. (Probably because it's been featured in a couple movies that seem to play over and over like Napoleon Dynamite & Can't Hardly Wait.) You'll know it as soon as the chorus hits: All I needed was the love you gave/All I needed for another day/And all I have to do/Only you. As for packing & day two of the move... My clothes are all sorted, and the office is 90% packed. Now it's odds and ends. Luckily I've hardly been in Chicago/home this year and have gone without these things cluttering my surroundings and so I know I don't really need the stuff immediately. Plans to hang out with Smith tomorrow. Steve on Tuesday. Rachel either tomorrow or Tuesday - I'm banking on Tues so we can get mani/pedi/waxes or something... Now if only I knew where I put my phone charger, I'll be golden... Ahh! Found it!

ps) Anyone know why there are other versions of this song out by the artist credited as "Yazoo?"
ps2) Why isn't this video on YouTube.com? Hmm? (It's pretty rad with mannequins and shares the vibe of Björk's "All Is Full Of Love.")

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