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He's Just Not That Into You

First of all, thank you SO much Verdell & Sohrab for getting me and Gabe into the screening on the Warner Bros. lot. Thank you thank you thank you!

I would have written this little snippet when I got back from the movie, but it was LOST night and Chad was waiting at home for me and some friends to come and watch it. And by the time eating island food and playing musical chairs was over, I was too tired to jot anything down. And then my plan of doing some writing earlier today but then I pulled some comedic Three's Stooges moment in my tiny office and hit my face on my desk. (I'm okay.) So I spent the day trying to recover while simultaneously plugging through work stuff with a pounding headache. Though I was told I might bruise tomorrow, I look like nothing ever happened.

Anyway, about the movie:
The book itself is like a self-help book that I firmly believe everyone should read. (Except Chapter 7, which I had disagreements and reservations about.) Now, I've never owned this book. I read it while visiting a friend who recently went through a break up and bought the book. I thought it was genius! One part proved resilient... Ask yourself: has any one of your friends (particularly guys, but not necessarily gender-specific) ever *not* gone for who they like? Hesitated, sure. But in the end, did they go for it? The answer is likely yes, right? I'm willing to bet on it.

Okay really, about the movie:
Though I believe it was aptly cast, I think that every actor was totally believable in its character, I could have done without Ginnifer Goodwin. (Annoying!) Jennifer Connelly's character was brilliant. Mutely acted, she served up the most poignant peak of the movie. Jennifer Aniston & Ben Affleck played their standard characters, as did Drew Barrymore. Take that as you will. ScarJo really needs to stop playing a housebreaking hussy. Oh, and they do show a scene of Scarlett Johansson singing, but they don't play her singing, so consider yourself lucky! Speaking of smart music selections - I'm surprised that New Line didn't take more risks with songs they chose to accompany the films. (I did appreciate the inclusion of Talking Heads.) Each song was pretty recognizable and wasn't looking to break any new artists via this movie. My favorite part? Ricky from My So-Called Life plays one of Drew Barrymore's co-workers and casual-confidants.

Watch the movie - laugh, roll your eyes... and then promptly erase any point of relation you might have with the film. Then read the book. Forget they have anything to do with each other.

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JOB OPP - MTV producer seeks assistant

Opening for the position of executive assistant to Lauren Lazin, award
winning documentary executive producer and director.
Administrative responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Coordinating internal and external meetings and appointments
Maintaining executive's appointment calendar
Answering phones - screening and prioritizing phone calls and mail
Maintain and complete organizational and filing system
Overseeing general office needs (supplies, space, etc)
Intern recruitment and supervising
Making travel arrangements and preparing expense reports
Additional responsibilities can include:
Research and development for potential shows, series and films
Assisting in casting and production
Required Skills/Experience:
College degree is a must
Excellent PC skills (MS Word, Excel, Outlook)
Ability to work well under pressure
Professional phone skills
Strong interpersonal skills
Ability to prioritize and multi-task
Excellent organizational and follow-up skills
Excellent research skills
Previous administrative experience, and an interest in documentary
production is a definite plus.

Please leave a comment if you're interested for the email address to send to.

Job OPP - Rockstar Games seeks tour manger

Rockstar Games is looking for a tour manager for one of their tours starting next week up through sxsw. The tour starts in Houston and ends in Austin. $750/week + $50PD (all hotels paid for).

This is all I know.

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Bay Area: JOB OPP - Nintendo!!

Assistant Manager, Event Marketing
Nintendo of America Inc.
Location: Redwood City, California United States
Last Updated: 02/02/2009
Job Type: Employee
Job Status: Full Time
Apply on employer's website (this will open a new window).

Job Description
Nintendo of America Inc.
The worldwide innovator in the creation of interactive entertainment,
Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, manufactures and markets hardware
and software for its WiiTM, Nintendo DSTM, Game Boy® Advance and
Nintendo GameCubeTM systems. Since 1983, Nintendo has sold nearly 2.5
billion video games and more than 430 million hardware units globally,
and has created industry icons like MarioTM, Donkey Kong®, Metroid®,
ZeldaTM and Pokémon®. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America
Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo's
operations in the Western Hemisphere.
Description of Duties
Works with Consumer Promotions Manager on developing and implementing
strategic plans and direction for all event programs
From start to finish - oversees daily creation and execution of events
and/or sponsorships, including the coordination of staffing, training,
premiums and product, trafficking of contracts, development and
production of creative materials and liaising with agencies and
Effectively lead and direct internal departments and external partners
and agencies to manage all projects on strategy, on time and on budget
Manages proper routing and approval of materials, including all
creative elements, legal documents, etc.
Collaborates with internal teams to maximize events and sponsorships
to include program extensions through public relations, retail
marketing, advertising, online marketing and publications
Develops, maintains and shares event marketing program status, recaps
and analysis (including budgets, timing, photos, collateral and other
materials for reference)
Oversees execution of incremental promotional initiatives, including
national radio promotions, added-value print and online media
opportunities from event sponsorships, etc.
Travel to events (including weekends) to oversee execution and gain
insights/learning for current or future programs (25%)

Summary of Requirements
4-5 years' experience in experiential event marketing or related
consumer marketing experience in creative development and execution of
advertising or promotional campaigns
Detail oriented candidate with excellent organizational, time-
management and project management skills
Ability to lead initiatives and project teams across multiple projects
in a fast moving, ambiguous environment
Proven record of delivering successful projects on-budget and on-time
Ability to balance creativity with organization, discipline and
Demonstrate proactive nature to learn, seek answers and create
Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills
Ability to develop proposals, facilitate meetings, make
recommendations and present to senior management
Team player able to motivate, inspire and support peers as needed or

Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications or business
administration or equivalent experience

** Applications and resumes will only be accepted through Nintendo's
website as we no longer accept paper, faxed, or emailed resumes.

Please visit our website at

I can't resist posting the Mae Shi song about Christian Bale's freakout.

From the Mae Shi:


Did you see that thing yesterday about Christian Bale going crazy yelling at a crew member on the "Terminator Salvation" movie set?

It's insane.

Anyways, we thought it was so crazy that we, The Mae Shi, wrote and recorded a song about it. I should clarify and say that this isn't really a Mae Shi song, it's a tribute song we made to celebrate the epic-ness of Christian Bale.

We put the song on YouTube here:

You can download the song here:

Please feel free to post this track or do whatever you like with it.


25 completely false things about me

1. Ice cream is gross, especially coffee flavor.
2. I totally love outdoor festivals. Dirt and thousands of people. Yesss!
3. I don't find glittery vampires funny, definitely not funny enough to laugh out loud.
4. Flying isn't frightening. Climbing into a tin can to be propelled through the air at inhuman speeds? It's nothing!
5. I never take pictures.
6. Eight is my unlucky number, along with 3.
7. I once went 'deep sea diving' at the bottom on the Mississippi River to analyze minerals.
8. I don't have any tattoos or scarification.
9. I know every word to every Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus song ever released.
10. I am immune to most diseases and have no allergies.
11. I am a fantastic cook, and have been well versed in culinary skills for years. My specialties are Jalapeño Grilled Duck Breast and The Ferrari Jewel Bako Roll, which is sushi.
12. I was part of a Mensa study from the ages of 4-7.
13. I have written episodes of T.J. Hooker, Hill Street Blues, 21 Jump Street and C.H.I.P.S.
14. "Whoomp! (There It Is)" is co-written by me and also is the 8th best selling song of all time. I am annoyed that Bryan Adams and Whitney Houston are higher on the list.
15. My vision is 20/20.
16. Madonna is a woman I find uninspiring and disinteresting.
17. I speak four different languages, including Klingon.
18. Speaking of Klingon, I have never been to a Comic or Anime Convention.
19. At 5'11, I am unusually tall for that of my gender and ancestry.
20. After producing Blur's self-titled album throughout 1996 (released in '97), I went on the band's subsequent world tour opening for them as a one-woman Pavement cover band.
21. Claire Bennet's character on Heroes is based on my life in high school. Strangely, so is Vince Noir's on The Mighty Boosh.
22. For as long as I can remember I have not eaten after 5pm, therefore I do not eat dinner.
23. The first image of a Smurf was based on a scribble I made at 17 months old.
24. My first car was a unicorn.
25. Last year I went base jumping for fun every weekend and took different people with me each time not telling them what we're doing beforehand. They were always surprised.

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On a lighter note... Lost/Memories

I dreamt that some friends came over on Wednesday to watch Lost & we made some "island" food. I passed off fat free brownies as "island dirt pies." Wednesday - it's time to make my dream come true. Wild boar anyone?


Since that 25 random facts thing caught on like a California Summer Wildfire (seriously - flames!), I wonder how this "memories" thing (that my pal Shane tagged me with) is going to do... Let's see shall we?

Leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Don't send a message, leave a comment on here. Next, re-post this in your notes and see how many people leave a memory about you.

Brutal attacks in Silverlake - please beware Angelinos!

Basically this police flyer says that there have been nine attacks in the Silverlake area, one concentrated near the intersection of Rowena and West Silverlake Ave, another on St. George Street. The attacks are nothing but acts of violence; no wallets were taken. Please be careful, wherever you are!

Lucky Strike Lanes - call for art submissions

Forwarded from my friend Lori:

Just wanted to let you all know about the on-going open call for artists to submit art to appear in Lucky Strike's electronic art show & on our website. For those of you who have been to one of our locations, you know that there are screens at the end of each lane and behind the bar, and this is where the electronic art show is displayed. If you haven't been to one of our 18 locations in the U.S. & Canada, here is some info about Lucky Strike:

"Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge is a state-of-the-art bowling alley, with a plush, high-energy atmosphere featuring designer seating, party space, restaurant and bar, billiards and music. At Lucky Strike, we are committed to bolstering visibility for local artists. Our venues offer an intriguing and interactive experience that thousands of guests experience each week. The exposure is invaluable as your work is displayed multiple times a day across the nation."

So, if you or someone you know is an artist, please consider submitting your art. If chosen, you will be credited and featured on the screens & website, providing exposure for your art and contact information for guests interested in inquiring about your work. All styles & mediums are welcome, video included. Please note that submission of artwork does not guarantee that it will be shown.

For more info & to download the art submission requirements & art release form (required!), please visit:

or email:

Be sure to include a note about where you heard about this opportunity!

Looking forward to seeing your art! Spread the word!
- Lori Jackson

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