viernes, febrero 6

He's Just Not That Into You

First of all, thank you SO much Verdell & Sohrab for getting me and Gabe into the screening on the Warner Bros. lot. Thank you thank you thank you!

I would have written this little snippet when I got back from the movie, but it was LOST night and Chad was waiting at home for me and some friends to come and watch it. And by the time eating island food and playing musical chairs was over, I was too tired to jot anything down. And then my plan of doing some writing earlier today but then I pulled some comedic Three's Stooges moment in my tiny office and hit my face on my desk. (I'm okay.) So I spent the day trying to recover while simultaneously plugging through work stuff with a pounding headache. Though I was told I might bruise tomorrow, I look like nothing ever happened.

Anyway, about the movie:
The book itself is like a self-help book that I firmly believe everyone should read. (Except Chapter 7, which I had disagreements and reservations about.) Now, I've never owned this book. I read it while visiting a friend who recently went through a break up and bought the book. I thought it was genius! One part proved resilient... Ask yourself: has any one of your friends (particularly guys, but not necessarily gender-specific) ever *not* gone for who they like? Hesitated, sure. But in the end, did they go for it? The answer is likely yes, right? I'm willing to bet on it.

Okay really, about the movie:
Though I believe it was aptly cast, I think that every actor was totally believable in its character, I could have done without Ginnifer Goodwin. (Annoying!) Jennifer Connelly's character was brilliant. Mutely acted, she served up the most poignant peak of the movie. Jennifer Aniston & Ben Affleck played their standard characters, as did Drew Barrymore. Take that as you will. ScarJo really needs to stop playing a housebreaking hussy. Oh, and they do show a scene of Scarlett Johansson singing, but they don't play her singing, so consider yourself lucky! Speaking of smart music selections - I'm surprised that New Line didn't take more risks with songs they chose to accompany the films. (I did appreciate the inclusion of Talking Heads.) Each song was pretty recognizable and wasn't looking to break any new artists via this movie. My favorite part? Ricky from My So-Called Life plays one of Drew Barrymore's co-workers and casual-confidants.

Watch the movie - laugh, roll your eyes... and then promptly erase any point of relation you might have with the film. Then read the book. Forget they have anything to do with each other.

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