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Hey guys -

Take a break from the VMA festivities at House of Hype and come to this art exhibition in Culver City that includes many great artists including Alter, which is Dan from Cut Copy's design firm.


Sat Sep 06 07:00 PM - Sat Sep 06 10:00 PM
$-FREE | All Ages

Scion InstallationLA
3521 Helms Ave. (at National)
Culver City, California United States 90232 view map
posted by Scion Installation L.A.

Los Angeles - August 2008 - In conjunction with French collective ill-Studio, Scion presents The Art of Music at its 4,500 square foot Installation L.A. Gallery. This exhibition celebrates the intertwining of art and music, and their mutually nurturing relationship. Music and art have become directly linked by their similar creative approach, especially as they evolve and complement each other through records, posters and flyers. Art can give music a visual dimension in the same way music can illustrate art. Both are connected by a common global image and culture. The Art of Music brings together fifteen international artists to exhibit their visual interpretation of music.

Every music style has its own visual identity that manifests in accompanying artwork and can elevate a great record or band to iconic status. From psychedelic rock to rave and death metal, punk or hip hop, music has brought many talented artists to the limelight. In the same manner, many artists, such as Peter Saville, Pushead and Raymond Pettibon, provided music artists and record labels another dimension, bringing them to their now legendary status. Nowadays, record covers, concert posters and party flyers are viewed as a modern canvas by artists, enabling them to express their work in a medium that travels from hand to hand and outside of the traditional art world. This group show celebrates this “art of music,” taking it temporarily from the people’s hands and exhibiting it in a gallery space.

The artists involved are: Australia’s Josh Petherick who has worked with Vans California, Tokion Products, Arkitip and more; LA’s Steven Harrington who enjoys The Moody Blues and has collaborated with Kid Robot and Element skateboards; Swiss studio //DIY who have worked with Apple, Etnies, Nike and other major international brands and also have their own streetwear label +41; Australian studio Alter, a duo of which one member is part of electro band Cut Copy and also crafts the visual identity of the label Modular (which includes The Presets and The Avalanches); another Australian duo P.A.M. loves to push the boundaries of art/culture/fashion; New Yorker Ryan Waller, labeled one of 34 “Young Guns” under the age of 30 by The Art
Directors Club and one of “20 under 30” by Print (magazine); Parisian So Me, the art director of Ed Banger records who boast Justice, Uffie, DJ Mehdi, Mr Oizo and more; Sanghon Kim whose extreme versatility has been commissioned by the likes of Lacoste, Hermes, Tate Modern, Air and more; the UK’s extreme-art collective La Boca who once balanced on a scaffolding platform in the middle of the countryside in order to photograph 3,000 spoons; German duo Smal & Paze; Artus de Leavilleon who draws heavily on 80s skateboard and punk-rock culture; Swedish Museum Studio; the Brixton-residing, death metal-listening French; and lastly Stefan Marx who keeps busy on the European scene and runs his own clothing brand.

ill-Studio’s Thomas Subreville invited these fifteen influential artists to come together and address the notion that artists’ musical tastes are strongly related to their work. Each artist has created the poster for the concert of their dreams, with the line-up of their choice in any real or imaginary venue. In addition to these ultimate concert posters, every artist will exhibit a wide collection of music-related pieces in the vast open gallery space, including original drawings, paintings, record sleeves, posters, objects and installations.

The opening reception takes place September 6, 7:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. at the Scion Installation L.A. Gallery, 3521 Helms Ave. (at National), Culver City, CA 90232. The show will run until September 27. Dedicated to fostering independent artistic expression, the Scion Installation L.A. Gallery is a space that allows artists to explore their creative visions. The Scion Installation Gallery hosts art shows and art-related events for cutting-edge artists from across the globe. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM and by appointment - 310.815.8840. For more information, visit

About ill-Studio:
iLL-Studio is a Paris based creative collective working in various artistic areas such as graphic design, photography, typography, illustration, video, motion design, etc. The studio’s originality is to offer its members a working environment in which they can do their own thing or work together; it’s a melting pot in which influences coalesce to form a group identity. The range of their inspirations goes from Science to 70’s radical architecture, high fashion, outer space music etc They’ve collaborated with Nike, The New York Times, Uniqlo, Supreme, Jean Charles de Castelbajac, Trudon to name a few whilst accomplishing many personal projects in different creative domains.

NYC job opp: LINCOLN CENTER - Director, Marketing Jazz

Director, Marketing Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC)

The Director is responsible for directing and managing the marketing strategy of Jazz at
Lincoln Center (JALC), with a primary focus on building/sustaining concert audiences and
achieving aggressive annual revenue goals for subscription and single ticket sales.
Working in partnership with the Director of Creative Services, he/she takes a lead role in
institutional brand management, creating and upholding a stylish and consistent local,
national, and virtual identity for Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Jazz at Lincoln Center
Orchestra, Frederick P. Rose Hall, and a variety of consumer products and intellectual
property initiatives.

The Director is a member of JALC's senior management team and works closely with the
directors of the other External Affairs divisions (Development and Public Relations) to
ensure effective and consistent external communications. He/she supervises a staff of
full-time staff members and is responsible for establishing a collegial, creative and
productive work environment.

• Ticketing and Subscription Services
• Conceive and manage execution of marketing plan for all performances that
encompasses print/media placement, direct mail, telemarketing, and
grassroots/communit y-based initiatives.
• Develop the strategies and policies for pricing and utilization of ticket inventory for the
dual goals of meeting income targets and maintaining accessibility.
• Oversee customer services programs and policies.
• Work closely with Box Office Manager and Vice President of Frederick P. Rose Hall to
create and maintain effective ticketing and accounting systems.
• Develop subscription and ticket packages for concert and education season.
• Oversee execution of group sales marketing plan.
• Working with the Director of Creative Services, Web Master, and Director of
Development, create contemporary and comprehensive strategy for effective on-line ticket
sales and contributed income acquisition/ retention.
• Provide marketing support for all aspects of the organization' s operations, including:
Frederick P. Rose Hall venue rentals; Education activities and products; Membership
acquisition/ retention; upper-level donor group activities; two annual large-scale gala
benefit events; major corporate sponsorship accounts; national and international tours of
the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra; and nightly performances at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola.
• Work closely with Public Relations Department to maximize promotion of organization' s
• Image Management and Branding
• Establish, develop and implement comprehensive short and long-range strategic brand
marketing plans in support of JALC's overall mission, values and financial objectives.
• Provide leadership in the organization' s development of internal and external cross-
marketing opportunities that consistently define and enhance JALC's reputation as the
world's premier non-profit performing arts institution dedicated to the presentation and
preservation of jazz music.
• Market Research and Audience Development
• Generate and use market research to develop strategies for growing audiences and
increasing ticket sales.
• Oversee the building, maintenance and effective use of JALC's patron database.
• Financial and Management
• Develop and manage the marketing operating budget.
• Increase revenues through effective marketing of all JALC activities and products.
• Negotiate contract terms and conditions for major marketing and advertising services.
• Direct and guide the preparation of marketing activity reports and regularly present
these reports to senior management and to members of the Board.
• Supervisory Responsibilities
• Supervise a department of 8 full-time staff members.
• 7 to 10 years of marketing and/or advertising management experience within an
entertainment or performing arts center environment.
• Effective and creative strategic thinker and planner.
• Demonstrated experience managing a team of creative employees
• Experience with serving and building audiences, overseeing and utilizing market
research, conducting advertising and promotional campaigns, managing systems.
• Highly developed creative and analytical skills.
• Energetic passion for establishing JALC as the global leader of jazz music and a track
record that would suggest success in creating ways to accomplish such.
• Demonstrated ability to lead, train and develop people and to get results through others.
• Ability to think ahead and plan over five year period and beyond.
• Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities.
• Experience developing and managing budgets.
• Problem analysis and problem solver at both a strategic and functional level.
• Strong customer orientation demonstrating excellent interpersonal and communication
and presentation skills.
• Commitment to quality, accuracy and thoroughness and to JALC's mission and values
and diversity.
• Ability to work successfully in a collaborative team-based environment.
• Beneficial Skills and Experience:
• Knowledge of jazz music.
• Experience working in a non-profit performing arts environment.

If you believe your background and experience qualify you for consideration based on the criteria we've outlined, please send your resume and salary requirements to HR[at]@jalc[dot]org
Please write "Director, Marketing" in the SUBJECT line of your email.

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Press pause: a practice in further understanding

Today Brenda and Dylan broke up. It seems serious.

In thinking of breaking up, I compared the weight of a romantic break-up to friendship break-up. I thought of this girl Giulia. She was a friend of a Mutual Friend of ours. She seemed okay at first & face value (just don't scratch the surface) but when push came to shove (also known as "the crunch") she was nowhere to be found. I always thought that simply being a friend is the least we could do for one another, that that kind of support should could come easy like second nature. But I guess the truth of the matter is that some people just can't do it. They are devoid of compassion. For the first time I realized that there is a difference between someone going through the motions of being a good person through actions they're emulating and someone who is truly a good friend.

When the crunch came around, Giulia (whose name is quite fitting as it means youthful, and the person in question is emotionally stunted and immature) was worse than "no where to be found" - instead she caused an argument with our Mutual Friend. This was a frivolous argument - especially since within 10 days Mutual Friend ended a romance for the 82nd time, had a gynecological scare complete with a series of tests, another dishonest person in her employ, and the loss of a major client. Even for someone like Giulia, who was unemployed for six months at this point, you would think that she would grasp the hardships that her supposed good friend was going through.

It's really difficult not to judge and not to dislike a person like Giulia - on top of her failues as a decent human being, from my observation and the confirmation of one of her roommates - she can't go a day without drinking, drives drunk all the time, and partakes in other substances that give residents of L.A. a bad name. (Like the people that move to California, L.A. in particular, who see how Angelinos are portrayed in movies - a mixture of Swimming With Sharks and Valley Girl - and think they have to act that way because of their zip code. Think = douchebag.) Laughable that Giulia took Mutual Friend's unfortunate series of events and made it about herself, coupled with that she truly believes that she is a nice person. (If you are nice to strangers or acquaintances but abandon your friends when they need you - does that make you a nice person?) She even claimed to be going through a "transitional period" which she blamed for her behavior. (Voluntary unemployment and living expenses likely funded by Giulia's parents hardly counts for a transitional period to me.) I suppose people have different definitions of friendship, and timing truly plays a factor in what one is able to give - but to kick someone you call one of your two closest friends while they are down is downright inhuman. Maybe I'm over-protective of Mutual Friend, but no one likes to see their friends hurt.

Giulia took the weekend to write Mutual Friend an email explaining her position, even offering to pray. (Pray?) Mutual Friend took things in, and bid good riddance to Giulia in a reply email that she keeps around because it is so beautifully written. (She said you could read it if you wanted, and despite its tone of goodbye - it is an amazing procession of words.) Inexplicably curious? Let me know you want to read it and I'll send you the link.

You know, I wrote all that stuff and realized it's irrelevant to me and you. The point of it is, there is a really well-written good-bye letter and I think you should read it. My favorite line: "Your failure to communicate those things to me left me defenseless in even attempting to be a friend to you and make you feel otherwise."
I wish I wrote it, it is so good.

Here it is: Mutual Friend's response to Giulia

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PHL - job opp - new media assistant

New Media Assistant: FMQB is looking for a New Media Assistant to aide our Media Department. Duties will include updating and all related domains, creating and maintaining daily and weekly emails, creating simple graphics for use on the websites, and maintaining contact and content databases. This is a part time position that requires a commitment of 20-30 hours per week. Candidate will preferably have 1 to 2 years related experience in web and/or graphic design.
Mail, fax or e-mail your cover letter and resume to: FMQB, Executive Mews, 1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite F-36, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. Fax (856) 424-6943.
E-mail: mbutrim[at]fmqb[dot]com or jwank[at]fmqb[dot]com.

NY - Job Opp - Head of Urban PR; Head of Electronic/Indie PR for a label group

!K7 Records is an independent record company operating worldwide since 1985 with
offices in Berlin & NYC.

Next to influential electronic music label !K7, we also run urban/hip hop labels Rapster
and Gold Dust, indie-rock label Ever Records, and the funk/soul label Strut.

To expand our team in NYC, we are looking as soon as possible for a


Please advise in cover letter for which position you are applying.

Responsibilities include:

• Strategic planning and execution of media outreach
• Aggressively pitch music to print and online media
and be responsible for effective placement.
• Develop media partnerships with online and print media
• Management of media reporting and analysis (i.e., clipping)
• Other administrative support (e.g. prepare mass mailings)
• Devising compelling story lines and writing pitches
• Securing stories in all types of media
• Organizing individual and multiple projects simultaneously

You should have a good working knowledge of the relevant musical genres, proven ability
in media placement, and experience with digital media platforms. You must have a deep
understanding of, and fascination for, the recent changes within the music and media
industries and have several years experience in a publicity department. You must possess
a strategic thinking ability as well as tactical follow through.

You should be proficient in Microsoft Office and Filemaker software.

For more information please get in touch with Thomas Boulay in our Brooklyn office.
Please send your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to: thomas[at]k7[dot]com

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SFO - job opp - vp of marketing

San Francsico, CA
VP of Marketing for LeadClick Media Inc. We are seeking an experienced
VP of Marketing with solid display advertising, portal placement, and
email marketing experience who will drive LeadClickÂ's ongoing efforts
in these areas. The successful candidate will be responsible for
online media planning and to identify, negotiate, and manage the
purchase of display advertising and portal placement campaigns (CPM,
CPA, CPC). The VP of Marketing will handle all aspects of Online
Marketing, Advertising, and PR. -Contact htischler[at]cmsinc[dot]com

RDU - Raleigh Job Opp new media sales manager

Raleigh, NC, the leading local TV news Web site in the country and the dominant Web site in North Carolina's Research Triangle area, is looking for the right candidate to lead its local and national sales initiatives. Must be a strong leader with the ability to provide effective guidance to account executives. Will be responsible for generating and growing revenue through interactive advertising; marketing to new and existing accounts; establishing and maintaining positive personnel relationships; and achieving monthly revenue goals.

Must have a solid understanding of pricing methods and strategies for optimizing sales revenue; have the ability to develop a client from cold call to closed sale; and a proven understanding of sales techniques. A thorough understanding of interactive advertising vehicles including but not limited to displays ads (tiles, banners, etc.) video, sponsorships, verticals, mobile, directories and email; strong presentation and writing skills; and the ability to develop dynamic marketing campaigns are necessary. A minimum of two years of sales management and five years of online sales experience; four year college degree, and a pre-employment drug screening are required. All candidates must apply online at EOE M/F. All Capitol Broadcasting Company properties are tobacco free.

SFO - job opp - senior sales exec

San Francisco, CA and seek Senior Sales Executive to drive online sales revenue. Creative thinking, strong presentation skills, with agency contacts, and ability to manage and win $50K+ deals a must. Competitive salary, commission, and benefits. Lots of upside.

Send your resume to: staffing[at]eb[dot]com.
Reference Job ASE-SF in subject line.

Job Opp - Eventful seeking people in LA, NY, Chi

LA, NYC, Chicago

Eventful, the world's leading events Website, is currently seeking a Sponsorship Sales Director. We seek a candidate who can both sell existing sponsorship packages and new ones. Existing brand and agency relationships critical. Excellent compensation includes base, commission, and equity. Email ASCII, HTML or PDF resume and cover letter with 'Sponsorship Sales Director' as the subject, to jobs[at]eventful[dot]com

LAX - job opp Ad Planner

Los Angeles, CA

Ripe Digital Entertainment is looking for media sales planner proficient in MediaVisor, Atlas, work CPM magic. Send resume and two recent media plans in Excel to lourdes[at]ripedigital[dot]com

COU - job opp - Editor (Advertising)

Columbia, MO

CREATE THE FUTURE OF STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION MISSOURI SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM & DONALD W. REYNOLDS JOURNALISM INSTITUTE Use your outstanding skills to help invent the future.   Using the latest technology, work with students, faculty, and professionals to develop and test communication innovations. The optimal candidate has a background in advertising and promotion with expertise in digital and online promotion. Salary: $45-$60K. For more information, contact Mike McKean, 573.882.3434, mckeanml[at]missouri[dot]edu

or go to

The official job description can be found at

Apply online today at


Culver City, CA
Responsible for creating original art assets, source files,
deliverable elements to support mobile & online dist. partners.
Requirements: 5+ yrs exp, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After
Effects, Flash. To be considered under
req ID: #5000

Culver City, CA
Coordinate content intake efforts, working w/ internal & external
business stakeholders, to achieve timely collection of digital video
assets. Required: 3+ yrs relevant exp. To be considered
visit www.sonypicturesjobs.comunder req ID: #5000

Culver City, CA
Coordinate delivery of video content across a diverse range of
broadband and online partners, businesses, consumer initiatives.
Requirements: 4+ yrs relevant exp. To be considered
under req ID: #5000

SFO - job opp - marketing manager

San Francsico, CA
VP of Marketing for LeadClick Media Inc. We are seeking an experienced
VP of Marketing with solid display advertising, portal placement, and
email marketing experience who will drive LeadClickÂ's ongoing efforts
in these areas. The successful candidate will be responsible for
online media planning and to identify, negotiate, and manage the
purchase of display advertising and portal placement campaigns (CPM,
CPA, CPC). The VP of Marketing will handle all aspects of Online
Marketing, Advertising, and PR. -Contact htischler[at]cmsinc[dot]com


New York City, NY
Looking for creative mktg pro to develop promotions aimed at ad/media
community in support of category-leading web sites like Citysearch,
Evite, and Match. ReqÂ'd: BachelorÂ's degree, 3+ yrs mktg exp., some
knowl. of media sales. Email: vkloecker[at]ask[dot]com

Arlington VA - job opp

Arlington, VA
Conservation International seeks mid-level candidate to join
communications and marketing team to support the management of PR
efforts with top corporate partners. Apply through's
careers page.

SJC - Job Opp / Skype

San Jose, CA
Skype uses Internet Marketing, including affiliate marketing, banner
advertising, email marketing and search engine marketing (SEM) for
continued growth and expansion. The Internet Marketing Sr. Manager
will be responsible for driving relevant and profitable traffic to as well as helping define and execute strategies that
increase activation and monetization of our existing install base.
Specifically, the Sr. Manager will:

 - Develop and coordinate internet marketing strategies for high-
impact changes that positively affect the success of North America
objectives. Implement measured, prioritized testing and accurately
evaluate all results, using key learnings as fodder for additional
strategic planning and future testing. Primary responsibilities
 o Building new user acquisition strategies into regional and global
marketing campaigns.
 o Owning the direct marketing (email) relationship with Skype NA
install base, using email communication to activate, retain and
monetize our users.
 o Designing strategies for SEM campaigns based on business goals,
making sure to incorporate key NA business developments (e.g. new
retail partnerships, unique product offering).
 - Understand the value propositions and functionality of SkypeÂ's
products; use that understanding to create compelling marketing text
that conveys a strong, appropriate value proposition and call-to-
action to key audience segments through different internet marketing
channels and media.
 o Drive for consumer insights through qualitative and quantitative
research efforts. Provide deep insight into consumer segments and use
this insight to drive profitability.
 -Demonstrate a strategic and thorough understanding of key channel
success metrics and how best to prioritize, measure, test and evaluate
methods for optimizing results.
 -Provide valuable thought leadership, strategic thinking and insight
used to help develop new marketing opportunities as well as new
solutions to any existing marketing infrastructure, reporting and
analysis issues.
 -Act as primary North America contact with global Business Analytics
team, helping define, refine and communicate marketing reporting, data
and infrastructure requirements.
 -Provide reporting, forecasting and analysis for North America
marketing campaigns and programs, as well as ad hoc regional requests.
 o Demonstrate a solid, thorough understanding of primary reporting
and analytic tools available. Use these tools to develop regular,
ongoing reports, analysis and insight that help us implement &
evaluate email, online, search engine and website ROI.
 -Collaborate with global colleagues on global initiatives, agreeing
to global strategies and budgets, sharing results and coordinating on
core projects.
 -Manage relationship with global IM team and represent North America
interests with 3rd Parties (agencies & vendors) who manage our email,
SEM and internet marketing programs.
 -Establish strong relationships with product and marketing partners
to build winning consumer campaigns. Partner with Product and Business
leads to influence new product development and enhancements to
existing products.

SEA - Seattle job opp for rockstars only please

Seattle, WA
Rock stars only please!

COS - Colorado Springs job opp

Colorado Springs / Denver, CO
Vladimir Jones, an agency of exciting minds, needs a Media Planner to
join our team. Are you curious, focused, eclectic, soulful and
fearless; then you may be who we are looking for. If you have 3+ years
of experience and have a passion for media send your resume to
ajimeson[at]vladimirjones[dot]com. For more information visit our website at

BMI - Bloomington IN job opp

Bloomington, IN
A seasoned media pro, you have 3-5 years experience. You know how to
use analytics to optimize search engines.       YouÂ've organized
affiliate marketing campaigns. Tools of the trade are important,
including the use of syndicated research to directionally guide
planning. Ownership of clientsÂ' customers and their media future as
well as progressive thinking and the ability to communicate it with
internal and external audiences is key. Finelight, a brand direct
agency, seeks the right candidate for Bloomington, Indiana
headquarters. Visit and click on "careers" to
apply. EOE.

AUS - Austin Job Opp/Media Buyer

Austin, TX
OCD? We need you. Successful, progressive Austin, TX automotive
advertising firm has an immediate opening for an experienced Media
Buyer with a proven track record of accuracy and creativity. With your
expertise, weÂ'll make history!        Send your resume to
Eileen[at]ideality[dot]com with subject line as: Resume.

SAT - San Antonio job opp

San Antonio, TX
Media Buyer - 3 years experience - all mediums. Send resume/salary
requirements: proberson[at]taylorwest[dot]com.

LAX - 2 Job Opps Media Planner & Media Supervisor

West Los Angeles, CA
Mendelsohn Zien seeks an Interactive Media Planner with 1 + years
experience. Duties: developing & executing online media campaigns,
generating reports & analyzing data.         Proficient in Microsoft
Suite & online tools Atlas & Nielsen. E-mail resumes to

West Los Angeles, CA
Mendelsohn Zien seeks a Media Sup. with 5+ years experience. Duties:
planning, buying, trafficking, reporting & analysis. Expert in Excel,
Word, Powerpoint, Atlas and Nielsen Net Ratings. E-mail resumes to

SBA - Job Opp Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA
Est. 4A's ad agency looking for a Broadcast Media Buyer w/3+ yrs exp
to buy in the top 40 nat'l spot mkts + learn media planning. Strong
negotiator, spot TV/Radio buying exp (retail a +)& team player. Send
resume & salary req to sandrews[at]ehy[dot]com. Full-time; no tele-commuting.

BNA - Nashville Job Opp

Nashville, TN
Paramore|Redd Online Marketing ( creates online
media campaigns that are simple, clear and focused on results. WeÂ're
an interactive agency, though we donÂ't like the word agency very
much. Got fun clients in a broad range of industries and they all need
us to be really good at what we do, which is where YOU come in. Two
openings ˆ a media buyer for display ads and an email marketing
genius. Do you understand online media and the important ways it
differs from traditional? Do you know MediaPlex or DART for
Advertisers? Are you detailed & strategic at the same time? Able to
focus but not be too geeky? I wanna talk to you. Great work environ
and a full benefits. Sense of humor required.

BOS - job opp

Boston, MA
Premiere national brand, exciting, fast-paced food & bev client.
Manage team of 2, focus on trad. media, local and nat. Plan strategy,
present recommendations. Min 4 yrs planning, w/1-2 yrs supervisory.
F&B or retail exper preferred. susan.gattozzi[at]hhcc[dot]com

OC - Job Opp - Bates Lee

Costa Mesa, CA
Strategic Media Planner wanted - Print and Online hr[at]bates-lee[dot]com

LV - Job Opp - R&R Partners; broadcast buyer


The 'What happens here, stays here' ad agency, R&R Partners, is
seeking a broadcast buyer whose primary function is to negotiate
airtime (i.e. television, cable and radio) on behalf of agency
clients. Minimum 3-5 years experience planning/buying with a college
degree or equivalent experience with an understanding of rating
research and research tools and systems including SmartPlus, IMS, etc.
For a complete job description and/or to submit a resume, email

NYC JOB OPP: System Recordings / Double Blind Music

Company: System Recordings / Double Blind Music
Job Title: Promotions Manager
Description: Promotions Manager

Independent Music Company is seeking a Promotions Manager. The ideal candidate will have a strong knowledge of Electronic and Alternative music, culture and lifestyle. The Individual should be capable of working in a fast paced environment and must be energetic, outgoing, tenacious and highly organized. Proficiency in MS Word and Excel is a must.

Responsibilities include

* Commercial & Alt Specialty Radio.
* Satellite, Cable and Background Music outlets.
* Club, VIP & Pool DJ Servicing.
* BillBoard and CMJ Panels When called for.
* Video Promotions

Salary and Benefits commensurate with experience.

Candidates should forward resume with cover letter to:

Eric Silver
System Recordings / Double Blind Music
Email: eric[at]systemrecordings[dot]com

PDX - Job Opp - Entercom Communications

Portland, OR
Entercom Communications, a leading radio broadcaster, seeks a Director
of Digital Operations to oversee the operations, day to day
functioning, internal. Ideal candidate has a background in project/
people management,analytical foundation & concrete exp. managing teams
in the digital space.Min.5 yrs exp digital mgmt. Expertise with
MSOffice tools, especially XL, PPT, word. MBA a plus. EOE.Please send
resume to:Digitalpositions[at]entercom[dot]com

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