martes, julio 5 talking to my favorite boy.

-laughs like a slower Pee Wee Herman. In a very distinct staccato tone, literally like: "Ha. Ha. Ha."
-mentions people with descriptions, in case you don't remember them or don't know who they are.
-snickers at himself in-between sentences in the aforementioned way.
-stutters when he is trying to be really descriptive. It makes you feel like he's really thinking about giving an honest, unrehearsed answer.
-generally talks as if he's aloof. Even though you know he's telling you the most important thing in the world right now, his voice has a tinge of melody to it which gives it that non-chalant manner.

All of which endears me even more to him in a sickly sweet way. It's an addiction, my musical love affair with his musical love affairs. He writes lyrics about love. All the different types: falling in, falling out, bitter, unrequited, young, innocent, new, re-love, unhealthy love, and my favorite - tragic love... He's non-discriminatory about the classifications of l'amour. And oh the music! He can hold notes from a low G to a high C, and probably places unnoticed in-between. He writes these arrangements that are trying so hard to be in that pop-formula yet you know the songs are yearning to lean more towards the opera/classical end of the music spectrum. I take it back. Not just about the lyrcial content being utterly romantic... the musicality of the songs are as well... the swooning and swaying of the pianos and guitars, timpany and bass - the sonic layers making love to one another only to conceive of a musical baby. Little musical babies (known as songs) that I've adopted into my home, into my everyday - much to the annoyance of my neighbors, I'm sure.

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