domingo, enero 27

cloverfield (yeah, me too)

I just got back from watching Cloverfield at Paramount (thanks to Summer!) and while I expected not to like it - the chaos, fright, tragedy, and comedy - had me coming out of the theater with near-real shock, worry and panic (gotta make an appointment with shrink this week as a result) applauding: BRAVA! MORE! MORE!

No seriously, I think it's the best escapist/scary/sci-fi/terror-filled movie I've seen in quite a long long while.



  • The motion-sickness thing seems to be really played up. I was more affected by the panic.
  • I completely understand how people were upset, affected and reminded of real-life events that have occurred in lower Manhattan.
  • Summer and I both think that in the subway-running-into-room scene we heard the little thing say "NOM NOM NOM"
  • And then... in the stairwell... while the little thing got axed, I swear it said "DO NOT WANT"

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