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Cafe Bleu 10-year reunion and final Bleu.

Carrie and Gia

Carrie and me

Jeff terrorizes the dance floor.

Sean and Carrie.

Carrie dancing

In case you didn't see...

Dancing machines!

Taken from the Cafe Bleu myspace page: The History of Cafe Bleu.
Taken from the liner notes of the Cafe Bleu CD Compilation they put out in 1999.
Born: April 16th, 1996.
Where: Tempest on Santa Monica Blvd.
Cafe Bleu became a reality as soon as Piper and Shalyce moved to Los Angeles. There weren't any clubs playing the music they loved. Finding a location, DJ's and a name came effortlessly, but getting people to actually attend, was the difficult part. In the beginning about 50 people a week danced to Brit Pop and Mod hits, but in order for the club to stay alive something had to change. When the club was just a few months old, Piper and Shalyce, weighed down with hundreds of Cafe Bleu flyers, went to see Lush, Sheer and Mojave 3 at The Palace in Hollywood. No one left without a flyer. The next week brought over 250 people. Early on, they started booking live bands each week. Having live bands made the club more than just a place to dance. It became a collective musical family. Over time Cafe Bleu evolved by keeping up with the times and never forgetting the reason they started the club. For the music, the people, the bands, the philosophy and the scene. Keep it alive!

jueves, noviembre 30

Lauren Hoffman's "Broken"

Maybe I was wrong all those times when I prefaced an opinion with, "you know I really don't generally like chick singers." But I feel like I proclaim/type/blog that a lot... and if I'm doing it frequently enough for it to bum me out (more than twice a year it seems) - maybe I like female vocals after all!
Nah, my so-called fondness for a girly voice is still few and far between. (Just check my last.fm if you dont' believe me - I joined that on 8/31/04 and even though i reset it on 06/09/05 - it's pretty accurate.)

Anyway, I just wanted to call myself out on it before you did. Beat you to the punch, et al. This one I uploaded in April from a Magnet Magazine sampler I don't remember ripping. And after hours of listening to Neil Diamond on my iTunes - I decided to put it on shuffle. This cute little song popped up. "Broken's" melody makes me visualize a masochistic female with dark eye-make up and either really really light blonde hair or insanely dark hair rocking back and forth singing an ode to her beautifully dysfunctional ex-lover. (Does this mean Fiona Apple has ruined me forever?) Gee, it's a wonder I can relate to this. I checked out the mp3 the website features from the same album this song is on (called "Choreography") - and it's just not as good. In fact it's disappointing. Is it fair to state that the artwork on Hoffman's other two albums scare me into not seeking out the music on those records? Doesn't matter if it's fair to state because it's true. One more rant: Don't link to CD baby to feature the other two albums when your latest album's little pop up window is so attractive! Either take them down and don't feature those two at all or make it all uniform. Jeez. Sorry, Lauren Hoffman - I'm bringing you up just to put you down it seems - but I do like this "Broken" song. So thanks for that.

Person, Personal, Personalize: Yes! "Broken" reminds me of that one dude, and yes I couldn't have written the lyrics better myself. ("What's wrong with me is that I like you even if you're totally damaged.") Sometimes I feel like the 'crazy' element in a relationship can be exciting and it can bring you back into feeling again... And sometimes 'crazy' is just exhausting and confusing and people end up using words like "tolerative." (So yes, I think of you - but only when I hear self-mutilating songs like this and I have a laugh at how silly human behavior and patterns are. But thank goodness for those recollections because this song/video are cute and had I not known how it feels to be like this, then I couldn't appreciate/relate to the song the way I do today.)

And because I know you're now curious:
Lyrics to broken:
You're a little bit damaged, I'm a sucker for that
Wanna take you in my hands, wanna bring you back
You're a little bit damaged, I'm a sucker for that
Wanna fill up the spaces, and be everything you lack
You're a little bit jaded, and you're closing the door
And all that you felt then, you don't feel it anymore
I'm the picture that's faded, I'm the love you don't trust
Take the girl out from under glass and she'll always want too much
I know… you're just broken
I know… you're just broken, you're just broken
You're a little bit damaged , I'm a sucker for that
So in the moment I lost you, I wanted you back
But that's a feeling that's fading, and I'm closing the door
And all that I felt then, I don't feel it anymore
I know… you're just broken

miércoles, noviembre 29

CP: the front yard

Autumn exists! Leaves do turn colors in California...

domingo, noviembre 26

Novelty liscense plate mission: Fin!

I've been looking for one of these that features my not-so common name ever since I first saw them at Newport Beach's Balboa Peninsula. I must have been 9 or 10 then.

While Tasha and I were at the car wash by her house, in the little waiting room - we were cruising the novelty items: cards, stupid shit for your car, stupid shit for your mobile phone, toys for kids, and these liscense plates. I don't even bother looking through them anymore because - what are the chances they're going to have a name I've searched 20 years for? Then T exclaims, "Whoa! They have YOUR name!" As soon as I finally understood what she was saying I practically pushed her out of the way, pawed my way through taking the mini liscense plate off the rack and happily paying for it.

But now that this mission is completed, what other unsolved missions will I tackle?
(Dun dun duuuun)

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