jueves, julio 20

Peaches show review up on Tripwire!

If you've ever met my record collection, your best guess would not place me at a Peaches show. But there I was outside of The Vic (located in the lovely Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago), standing in the box office line in the sweltering heat.


miércoles, julio 19

Comet Gain's "The Punk Got Fucked"

It's got that tinny, almost annoying screechy tone of Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Incense & Peppermints" - but played by the two year old cousin that you got guilted into babysiting, and rapping a la that dude from The Streets.
Somehow, at 527a... when you can't sleep and your sleep aids ain't aiding in doing a damn thing for you, and you have 20,982,738 things to do but are too fucking tired to even blink right now... this song makes complete and total sense and for four minutes and twenty-two seconds you feel understood by the universe. Whole. Cradled, coddled and yet free...
You're also wondering why when in the days that you experimented with mdma the staying up was part of the fun?! Seriously, where is my sleep?
Can you even get jet lag from being gone a matter of hours?
My eyes are burning.

This isn't the song I'm talking about though it is on the same record ("City Fallen Leaves"), but KRS offers this song for freebee:
Just One More Summer Before I Go
Not on this album:
Why I Try To Look So Bad
Skinny Wolves
Comet Gain's Kill Rock Stars Fact Sheet

martes, julio 18

The Three O'Clock's "When We Can"

"I've been here for too long, I've been here for to lo-o-ong."

Carrie transferred me the reissue back in January while we were on an exchanging and uploading music binge. (Thanks CES!) Some of it is ho-hum, but I'm still stoked on these songs living on my hard drive. It breaks my heart to break the album up, so I just leave them all together - and well, it paid off because I *really* listened to this song for the first time tonight as I'm nodding off - barely awake - from a full day of hellish (literal) heat, and moving 25 boxes containing 10+ pairs of shoes each, 10 boxes of 50-108 shirts, 30 boxes of 10 bags and 240 water bottles... oh and a tiny box of lip balm. (Yep, I'm gonna hurt tomorrow!) Then hopping to a show with Hope (who I'm DJing the hard rock with on August 10th @ Subterranean when Wires On Fire are playing) to see Eagles of Death Metal and Peaches. Then heading home, doing work, checking t-shirt designs, and unpacking/checking/counting/moving the boxes agai...


"A long-overdue reissue of the Three O'Clock's two mid-'80s albums for IRS Records (and the first appearance of 1985's Arrive Without Traveling on CD), this is a boon for fans of the neo-psychedelic paisley underground scene. Thing is, these are the albums on which the Los Angeles-based quartet begin to move away from the '60s-obsessed psych-pop of their earlier albums. Arrive Without Traveling updates the sound by a decade or so, adding a slightly glam crunch and an AM radio gloss to tunes that recall the glory days of the Sweet and Wings. The powerhouse "Her Head's Revolving" and the swooning "Underwater" are the highlights, but the whole album has the same sort of gleefully unfashionable pop/rock charm as singer-bassist Michael Quercio's buddies Redd Kross. 1986's Ever After is a bit of a stumble, with the band losing guitarist Louis Gutierrez, and with him a lot of their punch. Ian Broudie was an inspired choice for producer -- as his later group, the Lightning Seeds, would occupy a similar musical niche -- but the overall sound is oddly dated in retrospect. Quercio's songwriting is notably weaker this time around; the melodies are less sparkling and the lyrics lack his usual playfulness. For every winner, like the touching closer "Songs and Gentle Words" and the delightful "The Penny Girls," there's an over-long filler track like "Follow Him Around," making Ever After a frustratingly uneven follow-up to a terrific, underappreciated album." ~ Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

lunes, julio 17

Leonard Cohen's "Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye"

Have you been in a long distance relationship (LDR)? Have you been in an LDR, then one of you moved and it was awesome? Have you been in an LDR, then one of you moved and it was awesome for a milisecond? Have you been in an LDR, then one of you moved and it was awesome for a milisecond, and then you wanted to break the other person's bones? Have you been in an LDR, then one of you moved, and it was awesome for a milisecond, then you wanted to break the other person's bones, and you swore LDRs off for good?

If it were not for this Leonard Cohen song, I would have made good with my promise to swear of LDRs but he just makes it so damn romantic and not at all what it really can be like - terribly näive, confusing, and lonely.
What the song says to me: "This isn't scary or sad. People have done this before us. Let's give this a shot. So don't be all emo and give me a proper goodbye."
Favorite lyrics from song: "But let's not talk of love or chains and things we can't untie."
For the sentiment - also see: "You Got Me" by The Roots (featuring Erykah Badu).

(DONT SPAZ: Hey, not to say anything is bad or that Mr. Current doesn't rule. I'm just saying "it" -in general- ain't easy. This is the longest I've had to go without seeing Mr. C since last year Sept-Dec but we weren't "official" then, so pressure off. But 2006 travel has been kind and we've seen each other uber-frequent-like. And aside from what I listed above, LDRs are also a testiment of devotion, loyalty, and proof of your affinity towards the other half of the LDR. And possibly proof of boredom and lunacy. Psyche! Don't spaz!)


Also read up on this dude, Farhad Mehrad who covers "Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye". There's a pretty good story behind this cover. Farhad was an Iranian rock/folk musician who was a political prisoner during the 70s due to the the social-justice themes to his songs. Dude was forbidden from recording anything for ten years because the Islamic Republic censors weren't down with that 'rock and roll musics.' So, this recording is important because it is the first non-traditional recording that was legally produced & marketed in Iran after the revolution. Farhad made it possible for other musicians in his country to make their own music w/o being scared of being fucked by the man.

domingo, julio 16

CT in November 06's GLAMOUR

hey celeste,

remember that survey for glamour you filled out a few weeks back? the editors over there are using your answers, but the photo I sent them (which i think i stole from your myspace) isnt' hi-rez enough. can you send *******_******@condenast.com) a new one that meets these criteria?

"the photos should ideally be a good (smiling) head and shoulders shot--no hats, sunglasses, etc.--but we can crop it ourselves as long as the quality is high. If you're scanning the picture yourself, make sure it is set to at least 300 dpi and 4x6. Photos taken with a digital camera should also meet these specifications (if you're taking it yourself, make sure your digital camera is on its best setting)."




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