jueves, noviembre 13

Daisy spins Saturday @ The El Rey

If you want guest list, I have a few spots left... or
Buy tickets here!


ps - like the flyer? i made this!

martes, noviembre 11

Not to make it a Madonna-thon, but...

...since going to her concert last week, I've come up from my Jesus & Mary Chain/Replacements/Echo & The Bunnymen coma and revisited Like A Prayer, her first self-titled album Madonna, and Like A Virgin. I also realized I only have True Blue on vinyl. & Don't crucify me, but her latest album, Hard Candy, is meh. Confessions On The Dance Floor was far superior.

This song strikes a chord today. It's a collaboration between Madonna and Prince. It's widely regarded as a rarity, though it's not - because you can purchase it easily on iTunes (click on that for the song's URL) or physically on Like A Prayer. I think what people mean when they call it a rare song, is that it wasn't a single. Right? ¿Si o no?


Forgive the elementary style sentences. I've had three hours of sleep.

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