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The story of Falkor

Chad I adopted/rescued a 6 month old caramel colored lady dachshund & cocker spaniel mix puppy from Downtown Dog Rescue. We've named her Falkor! This is her story...

Chad and I went to one of the two Petco stores we local for some Wubbe food. Lately, we have been going to the one in La Cañada, which is a straight shot up the 2 Fwy from where we live. Today, since we went to Chinatown to go to Cheap Monday we took the 110 Fwy north to Pasadena's Petco. We first stopped by the cat adoptions, which had Chad cooing at an adorable blue-eyed siamese kitten. After peeling away from those cuties, we took about 5 steps and ran into the Downtown Dog Rescue dogs. That's where this beautiful little puppy they temporarily called "Rusty" was in a crate with her sister "Gigi" - they were dumped last night in Compton. (Ain't nuthin but a "G" thang, baby... - that's right she's from the 'hood.) "Someone just left them on a blanket on a piece of grass," said the woman who found them named Rosalie. She's known for taking in dogs, so that's why they left them at her house.

This is the first photo of Falkor. Taken at Pasadena Petco where the Downtown Dog Rescue were hanging out showcasing some pups.

I inquired about the adoption process, answered that we had a big yard and lots of room for a small dog when they asked about our living situation and where we lived. I let them know that Chad and I have been looking for a small dog and have been looking at adoption centers online and have even gone to visit the pound in Pasadena. (Now, that place needs some donations, all the dogs looked dirty, though I'm sure they weren't - a little mangy, and they needed proper grooming for sure.) I also said was important for me to adopt a dog from a pet rescue/pound rather than purchase one.

Rosalie handed me the Downtown Dog Rescue calendar that had more info on their organization. Rosalie is featured in the October flap with her dogs Kiwi and Paxton. It says, "Rosalie is our #1 volunteer in Compton. She has rescued too many dogs to remember over the years and helps us get the word out about the free spay/neuter clinics we offer to all dog owners living in Compton..."

I started filling out the paperwork when another woman (who, by the way she spoke, seemed to be the organizer of this Downtown Dog Rescue adoption showcase at Petco) came up to me. She said since Rosalie found these two puppies last night, they're not even in the system yet and we can do this as a private adoption. Her main motivating factor was because they have no room for little dogs at the moment. They don't know where she'll go. I suppose they could tell that we would take good care of her. Almost immediately, Chad and I agreed to take her and take care of her. They asked for no money and said I could donate if I wanted to. Of course I want to! Many of my friends know that I donate either money, product, or time to pet (and other) charities when I can. Everyone was in agreement that this was a good choice: the five women volunteering for Downtown Dog Rescue, the Petco worker, and Chad and myself.

I took down Rosalie's phone number, got some coupons from a Petco worker, got a card from a dog trainer who offered us a discount. The head-lady also gave me the url of the place they go to spay and neuter their animals for $60. So, we took turns with the puppy, me first as Chad went through the store and got a leash, harness, and collar. I went through the store with a shit-eating-grin and got puppy food, a brush, and cat food. (The reason why we were there to begin with!) I forgot to get her puppy treats, but that's okay since we have to go back tomorrow and get her doggie tag, now that we've found out what name is.

Incidentally, Falkor comes from the "luckdragon" in The Neverending Story film which comes from the German book. Falkor (Fuchur in German) actually does look like the creature in the movie, although no she's not pink and from what I've seen can't fly and doesn't have scales, and even sleeps like him. Not only is it already from a childhood favorite, but it also sounds cool right? Like you could name your Death Metal band Falkor. Plus, Dachshunds are German originally, right? So it's kinda fitting.

On the way down the 110S, Falkor sat on my lap and curiously looked out onto the freeway ahead. By the time we were halfway home she got a little freaked and hopped in the back seat where she paced and drooled over most of everything. When she whined, she sounded like a chicken clucking. Chad assured me she'd be okay, and we laughed at her cute little chicken sounds.

Immediately after getting out of the car, Falkor met downstairs neighbor Marcus, who looked to have been fixing up a bike in the empty spot in the carport (his hobby? part time job?) - if anyone needs a bike fixed, let me know and I'll forward him the info. He seemed to be taken by her as well.

this is a video! click on it to play!

Falkor went straight to the bedroom. Wubbe looked but didn't act like "oh shit other animal." I sent a text a few friends telling them of our latest household member addition. I took some pictures (partially because of some friends' request, partially because duh!). Chad thought it'd be okay to introduce Falkor to Wubbe straight away. I said they have to get used to each other first. Wubbe wasn't howling at the door, so later on I thought, maybe Chad's right and they'll be cool... So we took Falkor out to the living room. As soon as Chad put Falkor down on the floor, Wubbe went for her standing on his hind legs and batting Falkor on the nose with his non-clawed front paws. Apparently, it isn't time yet.

She's got her blanket, she's got a toy/pillow. Feeding time is at 11:30am and 6:30pm. So far, she's really well-behaved. She doesn't jump and the only time she barks is if we're both out of the room (yes yes, I know she'll have to get used to it). I am a little weary of potty training without a crate. The rescuers belived her to be mistreated/neglected and she was obviously abandoned, so I don't really want to potty train her in jail. Chad is already spoiling her rotten. She's not allowed on the bed, and I came back in the room to find her on Chad's chest, on the bed. "What?" he said, "She's not *on* the bed!" Oh dear...

Tomorrow she'll meet some friends (sorry my darling Wubbe, that means you kinda have to live in the room like you do when we have BBQs or garden parties) while we have foods and watch Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus (starring Debbie Gibson & Lorenzo Llamas, thankyouverymuch) followed by Step Brothers.

I know many of you have dogs, and have adopted dogs from shelters/rescue organizations/pounds. If you have any tips for us of any kind - please let me know. I'm going to spend the evening reading about Falkor's specific breeds. I've already spent some time reading about adopting dogs and how they acclimate to new environments. I'm not going to get her any designer outfits, though she might be awfully cute in a scarf - and I'm completely tempted to put little bows on her fur like pigtails... but I will resist.

The Downtown Dog Rescue was originally founded as a program, within the non-profit Friends for Animals, to assist the homeless community of dog owners. It is the only program in California, and possibly the United States, specifically founded to assist homeless dog owners spay/neuter, vaccinate, license their dogs, as well as offering a variety of services including crisis care, for the life of the dog. Read more here: http://www.downtowndogrescue.org/about.htm

Falkor has a sister, who is a bit smaller than her and is black in color. They are calling her "Gigi" for the time being and she is looking for a home! We're hoping that one of our friends is looking to adopt a puppy, so that they can have play dates... Even if that can't happen - we're hoping that "Gigi" can find a good home. If you can help us place her or knows someone who is looking for a small dog, please let me know!

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