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Chunklet blogs Nation of Ulysses' demos

I don't normally do this, but Henry from Chunklet just posted four Nation of Ulysses demos on the Chunklet blog. He also has a great story/memories to go along with it... catch it and leave him a comment, will ya?

Click here: Henry from Chunklet blogs Nation of Ulysses demos like this one:

[mp3] Nation Of Ulysses - Mockingbird, Yeah (demo) [/mp3]

Go there now! x

viernes, mayo 25

loves XLR8R.com's online content

The back page of their latest issue (starring Matthew Dear) boasts:

"XLR8R Videos:
Crisper than YouTube,
Cooler than hell"

Totally true.
You can certainly scan through YouTube for the right videos to hit, or you can go straight to XLR8R.com to catch the cream of the crop. They post 5 free mp3s every week, a weekly podcast with DJ mixes, ringtones, wallpapers, not to mention all the things you love about XLR8R - the music features + reviews, fashion, art, and tech stuffs. And let's not over look those event listings and contests. Yeowza.

Here's just one of the mp3s on their downloads page:
[mp3] New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (Van She remix) [/mp3]


Thanks XLR8R, you're the best. x

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Entrance @ 1269 Space

Click for the rest of the set:

Taken in downtown L.A. @ 1269 Space on 05/22/07

[mp3] Entrance - Pretty Baby [/mp3]

Starlite Desperation @ Spaceland

Click for the rest of the set:

From Starlite Desperation's show @ Spaceland on 5/10/07.
Sorry it took me two weeks to get these pics on the interweb. Mew.

[m4a] The Starlite Desperation - Notes From The Drag [/m4a]

martes, mayo 22

lag lag

Just a tiny note to say - YES I am aware that I haven't updated the actual "site" lately. I put up the LA Times article(s) that featured Adam "Hollywood" Hobbs & myself. (They -it was a two-parter - came out in April right before that little festival called Coachella.)

I plan to update the site with new pictures + flyers + etc soon, as well as take down some stale ones. Out with the old, in with the new - like they say.

In other news I've created a digital zip mp3 mix. Oh digitalism. I miss the warmth of cassettes, but love the immediacy of the future.

Going to go see Entrance tonight... reporting on it later.

Besos con amor!

"Control" making a splash @ Cannes

Dutchie director/newbie director Anton Corbijn's film about Joy Division named "Control" is getting applause at Cannes. This gives me hope, because let's face it - with the news of Elijah Wood playing Iggy Pop - we're just set up to be disappointed regarding music-based film stories. The praise surrounding this, the excitement surrounding this, leads me to be excited about the film's US release.

Closer on Wikipedia
"Control" official movie site

As reported by the BBC:
A British film about the life and death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, starring a first-time actor, has earned a rapturous reception in Cannes. Unknown Sam Riley said he was "working in a warehouse in Leeds folding shirts" when he was cast to star in Control. Debut film director Anton Corbijn said the newcomer had brought "an innocence and freshness that I was hoping for but never thought I would find". The surviving members of Joy Division, who became New Order, have seen the finished film, Corbijn said. "They hardly ever agree on anything together, but they have agreed that they all love the film." The movie opened the 60th Cannes Film Festival's Director's Fortnight.
More here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/6667197.stm

The Black Crowes' "Seeing Things" + then some...

What's up with The Black Crowes show at the Fonda (June 16th, y'all!) being advertised in an oh-so-minimal fashion? I only found it because I was cruising Upcoming.org.
Either way, I'm stoked.

The Black Crowes - Seeing Things

The Black Crowes - Sometimes Salvation (live)

The Black Crowes - Cursed Diamond (live)

*photo stolen from calijbrown on flickr
√ From their Sho' Nuff box set

compilacion mayo cero siete

compilacion mayo cero siete
Originally uploaded by Celestronica
Mix Tape for May 2007 includes:

Use Your Mouth Your Breath To Breath // Panther 2:48
Mouth Full Of Gold And A Mouth On A Ho // Video Ape And Hot Tub Gary 3:54
This Life Cumulative // Joan Of Arc 3:41
Osama Princess // 3:16
White Sugar Hyper // The Pity Party 7:56
Beach // Need New Body 1:56
San Diego Lazer Tag // Mike Finch 2:34
Chromatically Declining Me // 12 Rods 3:55
Mix Him With Me // Oly and Yarlen 3:16
Just Like Heaven // TRS-80 3:42
Semi-Alert // Euphone 2:21
"Git" // Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys 2:52
Barely In Love // Q-Tip 4:03
Crowley Framework // Lichens 5:37
Do It (Single Edit) // Pink Fairies 3:04
Smells Like Teen Spirit // The Bad Plus 5:57

lunes, mayo 21

EMI Accepts $4.7 Billion Bid From Terra Firma

EMI Accepts $4.7 Billion Bid From Terra Firma

The EMI Group, the British music giant that has drawn heavy takeover interest in the last year, said Monday it had agreed to be bought by Terra Firma, the private equity firm led by the financier Guy Hands. EMI, whose recent talks with another buyout firm, Permira, ended without a deal, said it was recommending Terra Firma's offer to its shareholders. The bid values EMI at 2.4 billion pounds ($4.7 billion).

The song isn't necessarily over, however: EMI's shares rose Monday to 271 pence, above the 265 pence per share that Terra Firma has offered. That suggests investors hope another bidder will step up or that the takeover price will be raised.

"The EMI board received a number of proposals from several different parties," EMI's chairman, John Gildersleeve, said in a news release Monday. "Terra Firma's offer is the most attractive proposal received and delivers cash now, without regulatory uncertainty and with the minimum of operational risk to the company."

EMI and its New York-based rival, the Warner Music Group, lobbed takeover bids at each other last year, but talks about a possible merger between the two were halted after a court decision in Europe raised questions about whether the transaction could win antitrust approval. Warner Music made a fresh approach to EMI, whose roster of artists includes the Beatles and Coldplay, in Janaury.

domingo, mayo 20

Metal Hearts' "Socialize"

For those of you not into MySpace because it is too casual of a networking site, let me direct your attention to LinkedIn.com - I'm currently into this site because it is more of an interactive resume. You can (ahem) link in with people who are colleagues of yours, or those who are in your field at the very least, and people can recommend your work! Unlike MySpace where your friends comment on your latest inside joke or now infamous drunken night at the Roosevelt, the recommendations you get here have to tie in with a position you've held! I love purpose...

Socializing nowadays is just as important online (virtual) as it is in your everyday.

This song, aptly named "Socialize" by Baltimore's Metal Hearts (thanks to Suicide Squeeze for putting this gem out) sounds very Pinback. Hope you dig:

[mp3] Metal Hearts - Socialize [/mp3]

Holy Hail's "Born Of A Star"

My dear friend Michal is the hott bass player in this band. She currently has walking pneumonia, and is about to embark on a UK tour... goodness! We talked on the telephone for nearly an hour after she posted this (see below), I just had to call her:

Date: May 18, 2007 3:24 PM
Subject masterpiece sickness theater and the trials of not smoking.
Body: so as many of you already know i am sick. as in, walking pneumonia doctor telling me if i dont slow down i'll soon have a bed pan at the hospital with my name on it, sick. as you also probably know i leave on tour for a long ass time next week, so, hospital? not so much. i dropped out of life for three whole days (three days! nothing but sleeping eating and watching vids! insanity) and am feeling marginally better.

i have not had a cigarette since monday.

this is making me mental.

this is making me want to make LISTS. so here ya go, these are the movies i have enjoyed in the past few days amidst my fever dreams-

a boy tried to ruin this movie for me by breaking up with me while it was playing in the background but not even that could taint this gem. it has been a staple in my movie watching diet since i was a small lass , in particular when i am sick, or on a bad trip. just like in the movie! incidentally maybe the root for my proclivity towards the fair haired british charmers.

classic. "do you see what happens larry, when you f*ck a stranger in the ass? do you SEE what happens larry?" oooooh. show me. i love it. i slept through most of this one but i know it by heart and caught all my favorite moments.

(BBC miniseries version, in its entirety. none of this short keira knightly crap.)
sometimes i need to be reminded that not all english people are shirtless sunburnt football hooligans in the airport, but that one of them is colin firth and he makes everything okay. sigh.


slow start but it was a TEAR-JERKER. and dang. natassja kinski is crazy beautiful, so insanely gorgeous. wow.

eh. best thing sophia coppola will ever do in her miserable life. what does she do anyway? sip sophia minis and bathe in chocolate every day and get hot stone massages from golden faeries while a french dude sings to her and kisses her eyelids? woah lifes tough, isnt it. the only reason why any one liked Lost in Translation is cause boring scenesters are obsessed with Tokyo, Scarlett Johannson, Bill Murray and being bored. it is not a good movie. Virgin Suicides was better. but there are way better movies than Virgin Suicides.

ooooh leaving it on SUCH a bitter note.

perhaps thats the nic-fit talking.

well off to nap and delve into the stack again. (ps. thanks jason boggs for the bag-o-movies)


Darling, isn't she? Anyway, look for them on MySpace and send Michally get well soon wishes. x

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