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Yo dudes - If you're in the greater Los Angeles area tomorrow, I'm DJing @ Beauty Bar in Hollywood Sunday night with my fabulous business partner Adam and pal Jason... please stop by! =)

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Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy's "Love Is Love" (Lungfish Cover)

Okay if we have to talk "love" (and sometimes we do!) I will bring up this song. It's my favorite Lungfish song, and I actually like - and moreover respect - this Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy cover. Next to Depeche Mode's "Somebody" - it's a really good perspective not only to romantic love but to love in general...

When I lived in Chicago (god that's so weird to talk about that in a past-tense now) I frequented a place two neighborhood blocks away from my house called Rainbo, a bar located directly next to (or attached, even) SOMA recording studios - where "The Brave And The Bold" was being recorded. So, a few locals knew that Tortoise were collaborating with Will Oldham (aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) on a record. Was it a covers record? A few of us speculated... It was definitely a buzz for a minute or two in the neighborhood and I was excited about its outcome. When one of the engineers told me that they were covering "Love Is Love" I had mixed feelings. I did! Like I said - fave Lungfish song... and one should be scared of someone covering one of their favorite songs. Even though said engineer said it was really good - I didn't really accept or realize how great the cover was until I listened to it the third time. Anyway, it's fabulous. I've posted the cover and the original for you below:

The cover:
[mp3] Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy - Love Is Love [/mp3]
Buy "The Brave & The Bold" here: Amp Camp

The original:
[mp3] Lungfish - Love Is Love [/mp3]
Buy "Love Is Love" here: Amazon

*downloads available for first 100 peeps!

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Happy VD / Unhappy VD - circle yes or no.

Here's a valentine I made for my company's (Adam's too) greetings...

A couple anti-valentines tracks for your portable mp3 player:

[mp3] Biz Markie - Alone Again [/mp3]

[mp3] Rufus Wainwright - April Fools [/mp3]

lunes, febrero 12

Video: Klaxons' "Atlantis to Interzone"

Happy Klaxons video Mondays!

Valentine's Day miracle?

MIRACLE: Teen's heart, stopped for 4 days, beats again
Story Highlights
• Boy, 17, collapses after jogging in gym class
• Teen found to have hehttp://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifart defect
• Heart stops as boy waits for transplant on bypass machine
• Heart begins beating again on its own; "it's a miracle," doctor says

[mp3] Angelo Badalmenti - Haunting & Heartbreaking (Lost Highway) [/mp3]

[mp3] Paul Westerberg - Dyslexic Heart [/mp3]
*why does Dyslexic have such a complex spelling? seriously, is that supposed to be funny?

[mp3] Xiu Xiu - Crank Heart [/mp3]

Andre's show in SaMo, CA this weekend!

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: andrae
Date: Feb 12, 2007 9:04 AM

If you are in LA this weekend, come see the dance show that Jamie and I are producing, called "Bathroom Follies" at Highways Performance Space, 8:30pm. Not only is Jamie "the Shit" for choreographing the whole thing, but he actually dances the role, in one of the pieces. I'm doing the costumes. Here's a little more info about it and a link to buy the tickets:

8:30 PM


For Immediate Release

DANCE, FASHION, SPECIAL EVENTS leogarcia@highwaysperformance.org


Santa Monica, CA - Highways Performance Space presents the premiere of "Bathroom Follies", a dance work conceived by Choreographer Jamie Benson and Project Runway's Andrae Gonzalo. Benson garnered critical attention originating the role of "Eldon" in LATC's Ovation award winning production of "Shag with a Twist" in 2005. Los Angeles Fashion Designer Andrae Gonzalo gained acclaim as the emotionally bald designer of Project Runway's 2nd season, and for his conviction that good fashion is "clothing that tells a story". In these pieces, Benson and Gonzalo appropriate the inherent relationship of dance with fashion to explore the dynamics of public vulnerability. Early notions for "Bathroom Follies" arose from their shared experiences, serving LA's cultural elite in the Founders Room of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, as well as the aftermath of Gonzalo's Emmy-nominated breakdown on Project Runway.

Highways performance Space is located at 1651 18th Street, in Santa Monica, CA, ½ block north of Olympic Blvd. Tickets are available for either night at $20/general and $15/students (students must present ID at door). Buy your tickets on-line @ www.highwaysperformance.org . Call 310-315-1459 for show information.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

For this dance work, Benson and Gonzalo collectively investigated scenarios which dramatized the common human realities confronted within "the facilities". Inspired by this goal, the fashion/costumes for the piece are intended to be clothes which tell a more experiential story than those in an ordinary fashion show. Benson's choreography incorporates jazz, modern dance, and ballet, in order to access the varied spectrum of human dynamics found in this unorthodox setting. The final result is a series of six dance sequences which dissect the social and psychological dimensions of human activities in front of the bathroom sink, or within toilet stalls.

Each of these pieces focus on the public performances which occur the moment we expose our human intimacies to the florescent gaze of "the john". Whether transformed by the anxiety of pending urine test results, the vexing pretense of female social politics, or even the simple pleasures of an illicit blowjob, the bathroom still remains the quintessential "room of rest", and the repository of those experiences which unite us all as human beings.

Highways Performance Space is in its 18th year as Southern California''s boldest center for new performance, promoting the development of contemporary, socially involved artists and art forms from diverse local, national and international communities. Artistic Director Leo Garcia continues to affirm Highways mission of developing and presenting innovative performance. For more information, photos or interviews, please contact Leo Garcia, Artistic Director @ 310 453-1755

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