sábado, febrero 25

Jose Gonzalez' "Lovestain"

Argentinian born, Swedish bred Jose Gonzalez has been making quite a stir in the States and abroad. Perhaps it's that Sony Commercial that propelled him to buzz status, either way - the music is beautiful and totally deserves + lives up to the hype.

The bloke isn't coming to Chicago but he is playing SXSW in Austin, and I'm going to try to catch that guy there. He's also playing The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles (on Cahuenga, south of Hollywood Blvd), which I would normally dislike - but I think it would be the perfect place to catch Jose. Joe's Pub - you'd think is great for him, but I find it too sterile, the stage too high for intimacy & it's got those damed assigned seating. Bowery Ballroom? Too big. Hopefully he'll still be great and can transcend those stages.

US Tour dates
Mar 15 - SXSW Showcase @ Eternal - AUSTIN
Mar 17 - Emos Annex (SXSW) - AUSTIN
Mar 19 - Swedish-American Hall - SAN FRANCISCO
Mar 20 - The Hotel Cafe - LOS ANGELES
Mar 21 - Jensen RecCenter - LOS ANGELES
Mar 21 - Live on KCRW (radio) - LOS ANGELES
Mar 22 - Joe's Pub - NEW YORK
Mar 22 - Joe's Pub - NEW YORK
Mar 23 - Boston Arts Center (supporting The Books) - BOSTON
Mar 24 - Bowery Ballroom (supporting The Books) - NEW YORK
Mar 25 - International House (supporting The Books) - PHILADELPHIA

You can listen to some of his songs on his myspace page.

viernes, febrero 24

Deep Dish's "Dreams"

I've been listening to internet radio more than usual this week trying to hear a gem...
FYI: KXLU, KCRW, & Indie 103.1 are good stops that are available on yr itunes.

Deep Dish's "Dreams [featuring Stevie Nicks]" is fucking rad. You're familiar with this Fleetwood Mac favorite, I'm sure. Even if you don't think you are, you've probably heard it and by the chorus you'll be all "ohhhh yeaaah." Stevie even came in to the studio and recorded all new tracks for the Deep Dish dudes.
God bless the witchiest woman in rock n' roll.

Although it's a little tinny-sounding, You can hear it streaming here.

lunes, febrero 20

Black Mountain's "No Satisfaction"

Last Friday I hopped aboard India's new blue Volvo wagon that replaed her old yellow Volvo wagon.

"Have you heard Black Mountain?" she asked as their version of No Satisfaction played on her mix CD, "I don't know where they're from or what their story is, but I like them."

Here's a couple tracks you can download on MySpace. And you should do it if you have a minute, they're totally rad.
Listed on their influences is "outer space" and they're on Jagjaguwar.

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