viernes, octubre 20

CP: Mormons at the Airliner

This is the back stage (not to be confused with backstage) of the Airliner in East L.A. Some band called the Mormons that Tasha likes was playing, they had some good videos - if only I could have watched them on mute.

miércoles, octubre 18

Jeremy Scherer will you join the blog?

"You are too hilarious...

And as far as that place that you were looking for some to do a quick job that I won't ask about I would say look up Pink Cheeks. I believe it is in the valley and all the bunnies go there. I'm not kidding, I don't know how I know about it, and I don't know if I'm really comfortable talking about it.

You even should be the rock which I cast myself upon (though I'm not drinking at the moment, or partaking in just about everything on your list. Fuck you Mr. South beach douche bag saying what I can and can't have!)."

No, Mr. Scherer - YOU are hilarious. I am almost going to boycott blogging until you join...

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