sábado, julio 15

aloha, bitches!

D) ORD Fr 07/14 07:03 P
A) LAX Fr 07/14 09:26 P ---> unexpected layover in L.A.
D) LAX Sa 07/15 08:55 A
A) OGG Sa 07/15 11:23 A

---> 53 Hawaiian hours, www.fourseasons.com/maui/

D) OGG Mo 07/17 04:30 P
A) ORD Tu 07/18 05:30 A ---> + direct flight / - 530a blows!

viernes, julio 14

please repost this freely!

That's right, free shoes, bags, shirts, and lots of love from Onitsuka Tiger™.
Now, don't you wanna pass that along?

jueves, julio 13

Brown Elephant - book shop'n

Books just purchased:
Funky Business - Jonas Ridderståle & Kjell Nordstrøm
Dogeaters - Jessica Hagedorn
Celeste Goes Dancing (Contemporary Argentine Stories)
Sex, Blood and Rock 'n' Roll (A Novel) by Kimberly Warner-Cohen (*Advance uncorrected proofs)
Man's Conquest of Space (*pub 1968, National Geographic)
England, The Rough Guide
Rock, The Rough Guide (*pub 1996 but I'm a sucker for reference books & have since sold my rough guides to Electronica & Rock)
Thailand (Lonely Planet)
Italy (Lonely Planet)
Chicago (Lonely Planet)
Hawaii - coffee table picture book by R. Wenkam (*pub 1982, Tradewinds)

Cost: $8.18

Color me: stoked.

miércoles, julio 12

for your ears only.

download this: mp3

martes, julio 11

The Cure's "Closedown"

Dude, if you can only own one cure album Disintegration is the yr meal ticket.
And oh, this song... sigh. It never lasts long enough.
We've all been there.

I'm running out of time
I'm out of step and closing down
And never sleep for wanting hours,
The empty hours of greed and uselessly.
Always the need to feel again,
The real belief of something more than mockery.
If only i could fill my heart with love

lunes, julio 10

no song today, but...

My flatmate dances like this.
Groove is in the heart.

domingo, julio 9


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