jueves, junio 15

Mobile # being released to telemarketing

JUST A REMINDER....5 days from today, ALL MOBILE PHONE numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS! To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone:


This is the # for the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time and it blocks your number for five (5) years.


miércoles, junio 14

Halloween, Alaska's "I Can't Live Without My Radio"
(*LL Cool J cover)

Minneapolis, MN's HALLOWEEN, ALASKA released a second album, entitled "Too Tall to Hide," continues in the same moody, spellbinding vein, occasionally pushing its mix of organic and electronic elements to more restless extremes.

Among the new tracks is a heartfelt quasi-cover of "I Can't Live Without My Radio," LL Cool J's classic ode to the almighty boombox. Says the band of the cover:
"There are numerous pop covers of hip-hop tracks out there, many of which are meant to be ironic or clever or funny. Our version of 'I Can't Live Without My Radio' is intended as a sincere tribute. We love iPods and small, ultra-personalized gadgetry as much as the next band, but we lament the slow drift of the huge-as-f**k boombox into retro obscurity. There is no better tool for real-time file-sharing in the public sphere. If you have one, use it."

(For the record, I love my boom box! My roommate just got me a new one for my birthday. I really can't live without it.)

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lunes, junio 12

CP: Sunset in the air

Almost landing in NYC, watching the sunset in the west.

domingo, junio 11

Manual Dexterity?

According to subtitlespub's blog, Swimmer's Ear Magazine:

"Manual Dexterity is an independent music zine done by Adam. Each issue features bands that Adam is really into at the time and is usually thought up pretty spontaneously.

Issue 3 features interviews with Bob Nanna from The City on Film, Chicago's Bound Stems, and Andrew Kenny from the American Analog Set. It also contains an article about Lovitt Records 10 year anniversary and mini interviews with folks from the PR world, David Lewis from Riot Act Media, Celeste Tabora from Solid PR, Kate Cafaro from Big Hassle, Steve Martin from Nasty Little Man, Brendan Bourke from Tag Team Media, and Pam Nashel-Leto from Girlie Action. 44pgs in black ink. Available in print or as PDF."

Can anyone tell me where I can get this or download this? THANKS!

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