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jueves, septiembre 14

The Beatles' "Revolution"; "The US vs John Lennon"

Just got back from a screening of THE US VS. JOHN LENNON. It's too early to tell how exactly I feel about the movie itself. I haven't had the chance to wrap my head around all these thoughts I have swirling about in my brain. Some of the visuals were mediocre, some effects were effective - especially since in the medium of a movie (especially one touching on politics, or one with a message) I feel that it is important to embrace all audiences (trying to avoid the lowest common denominator statement here) and not isolate any one person. The way the movie is titled, you would think that it would have concentrated on some kind of conspiracy the US had against John Lennon - and it did touch upon it... Perhaps I'm of a different persuasion because I didn't walk away thinking much about how Lennon was getting dicked around by the gov't. Instead I was overwhelmed with how individuals have the choice to act and changes can be made. How defeatist we are.

I couldn't help but compare the era and social climate around this movie to what we are experiencing today. I am disturbed and disappointed. Why is it that it seemed as if there were loads more people being active in what they believed back in those days. I understand that it was a different time, and many in the world were just learning to use their voices... Perhaps we feel that we just don't know enough about a subject to get behind it and speak out? I know that I've opened my big mouth in the past and in turn been "schooled" on the real facts - but am I letting that stop me from speaking out more? Are you letting it stop you? Perhaps large protests are just being overlooked because we as viewers or the media is over it. "Been there, done that" sort of thing. But I feel as if we have more reason now than ever to raise our voices/fists for what we believe. Am I just being nostalgic?

I am just wondering why I haven't done more. Why does it seem as if people today (not just my "generation" or my "community") are fearful or apathetic towards fighting for what they think is right? I don't want to preach or be dramatic here - I'm not telling you to view things my/their/our/its/his/her way. I'm just saying, I can't imagine that we've gone through life without seeing some sort of injustice - there has to be something you've seen that you think is wrong... why not say something about it? Is being charitable enough anymore? Awareness is key. Why is there this silence amongst us? Yes I am aware that protests have been staged and marches have been organized - and that is rad. But people/animals/trees/etc are dying/being attacked/starving/etc every day. So why aren't we doing something every day? Once a week? A month? A year? Anything???

Perhaps we're waiting for someone more famous, bigger, stronger, better to pop up into the front of the line. Is that it? Are we all waiting for someone to follow? Can't we all just walk hand-in-hand instead of in a follow-the-leader line we did in grade school so that the authority figures could control us? I'm not much of a leader, or a follower - but I want to at least put a little effort out there to do something. Why can't I incorporate some kind of awareness into what I do for work? Does it have to be huge?

Brain storm: Music festival over two days with not just musical acts but speeches and information from our peers who are more knowledgeable on certain subjects. But that would be just be a weekend... and then as some one tonight pointed out - people would be distracted again by some Bears football game or the next winner of American Next Top Runway Idol. How about a string of monthly shows with a different subject every time? In this day an age of immediacy and ADD we need reminders... And in turn get other cities in on the mix. Same night, every month, one cause - happening in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami... even in Tokyo, Osaka, Montreal, Paris, London, Manchester, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Bologna... hopefully friends in those cities will be willing to put a little effort in. (You know who you are, expect an email from me soon.)

It's possible.

Love your friendly neighborhood resident of Nutopia,

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