jueves, junio 11


Though I probably would not recognize him if he isn't in uniform or his mouth isn't open... He's gotta be my favorite Laker. Gasol can't shoot/can only dunk, but I like when he roars & I like the bioflick about his first days in the US called "Encino Man"

The Work-Out-Really-Hard-For-30-Minutes Mix

It's summer time! More and more of us are working out more and more. Nothing gets you motivated to do 10 more reps than a hard-hitting up tempo song... and what's better to give you a perfect 30 minutes time frame than a good workout mix?! That good ol' Daisy O'Dell always has our best interests in mind, and created such a mix! (A LIVE MIX, AT THAT!) So, download this and pump it up! Feel the burn! Kick summer time in its finely toned arse!

The Work-Out-Really-Hard-For-30-Minutes Mix by Daisy O'Dell
Let's get physical - Goldfrapp
Body Work - Hot Streak
DO IT LIIIIVE!!! (DiscoTech Mix) - Bill O'Reilly
Boot it Again (Mowgli Mix) - Chemical Brothers
Workout Plan - Kanye West
Dangerous (Night Facilities Remix) - Busta Rhymes
I'm The Ish - DJ Class
I'll House You (Reebok Classic '09) - Kid Sister
Clap That Ass (Tomboy Remix) - Larry Tee
Titts' Diner (Tom's Diner Remix) - Suzanne Vega
Just Fine (Degree's handleitjusfine Remix) - Mary J Blige
Work Is Never Over - Diplo
Get Low (Wax Motif n Hugga Thugg Remix) - Lil Jon
Shake It to the Ground (Air Jared Remix) - Blaqstarr & Rye Rye
Get Up - Technotronic
Ooh La La - The Wiseguys
Leader of the Pack (DJ Kue Remix) - The Shangri-Las
Poison - Tittsworth
An Open Letter To NYC (Chew Fu Refix) - Beastie Boys
I Love NY - Drop The Lime
Say Whoa - A-Trak
B.O.O.T.A.Y. (Krames Edit) - Bangers & Cash
Shuv It (Disco D Blend) - Santogold

Download the mix here: The Work-Out-Really-Hard-For-30-Minutes Mix By Daisy O'Dell

miércoles, junio 10

A Wednesday in June 2009.

There is nothing that can make one feel more insignificant than witnessing the birth of a child. It's kind of like the first time you gaze at the stars, like really look at the stars and realize how small you are. No no no, wipe that look of shock off your face. I still remain on my firm stance of no offspring thank you very much. (The band and having children.)

Today in a North Austin (TX) hospital my cousin Shannon & her husband Bruce had their third child. I know Shannon and I are about "the same age" but I'm pretty sure I'm a year older, at least. Having a child (much less three) is among the bravest things a human can do. That little life is in your hands. You are molding who they are, how they love, how they work, what they become... It all stems from you. Their morals, ethics, beliefs, obsessions, talents, and affinities. That is some heavy shit.

In looking at that, friends with kids, I admire you. But it isn't for me... I'm quite happy being happy for you. It fills my heart with joy seeing you and your babies. I just know it isn't for me and I've always known. Kinda like how I've never partook a triathlon... I don't have to do it to know that I'm not cut out for it. But I know that those that do are fucking superheroes. But you parents, you are like gods.

Other than this toast to Shannon & Bruce (congrats again!), it's another Wednesday night here in L.A. I've written/returned as many emails as I could muster today, all the while being on the phone for most of the work day. (65 emails remain.) Though I took time out for dinner, I basically worked 'til about 10pm. I'm still getting used to the new gorgeous, 'adult' furniture set CP and I got this weekend that is holding down our bedroom. I've always wanted a good sturdy and handsome wardrobe, that I chose (not a little one with flowers that my mother picked out when I was 8). And now there it sits. It's the first thing you see when you walk in to the b'room.

The Beer-Be-Que was fun. Sorry if you missed it, we'll have another one - I think we're going to make it 70's themed so that Summer can wear this disco outfit that she picked up two nights ago. Karin now has one too, incidentally. Sohrab's BBQ skills are unmatched.

The super DJ that I manage Daisy O'Dell is going to be in Europe for about a month starting mid-July, coming back to spin @ my Lollapalooza parties w/ URB & Asics in Chicago. (We're getting a yacht! I can't wait to do my parody of this song.) She's even playing Lovebox, which should be an awesome time! Oh, and did you see her Roxy video? She's their "first official DJ" - ohlala! We got her fiancee Rob & his company to film it and it came out pretty darn cool!

On the misc stuff, Triobelisk and I have started brain waves about collaborating on another remix. Maybe we'll do one annually! I've got some Dragonette and Free Energy web pages to update, and a Menew one to create. It is *really* hard to code in the middle of the work day with phone calls and emails coming in. And, I've been trying to help these guys get music for their internet series. And, we'll probably have a new neighbor soon. And, organizing digital files on various designated hard drives (music, documents, photos/graphics) is a time consuming task.

CP is doing well and is working a lot of shows this month, I think he's watching Cape Fear with Wubbe right now. We made a dinner of a green bean casserole, dinner rolls, and garlic mashed potatoes tonight w/ cafe con leche for dessert. BTW - I might be the only person on this hemisphere who can screw up making instant mashed potatoes. Anyway, even though I have this foodie blog, I forgot to take pictures of it to post. Bad, bad blog moderator! Bad!

Alex sent me links for the movie HOME today, I want to give it a proper watch, but I think we all should see it. You should pass it along to your people too. By the way, have you noticed how damn interesting everyone is? It's mind numbing, no one is actually *really* boring. I'm discovering that those boring people are just super slick and hide their magic really well. Fascinating. On the other hand, for the most part Twitter is beginning to really bore me. Except Ice T's updates. He's OG.

There's some other things I wanted to tell you and jot down, but I can't seem to think anymore today tonight. I am sooo tired.

Til next time mi amigos, xx,

lunes, junio 8

Things that don't suck: Phoenix's "1901"

I know this feeds to facebook and it won't show the embedded video so you can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIdQfYzOsdQ

This remix of "1901" doesn't suck either:
Phoenix - 1901 // Customised by DLID [mp3]

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