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Call for artists - CTA Arts in Transit Program

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Hey folks,

You may know that part of my day gig is to coordinate the CTA's Art Program. In the next year or so, we will be commissioning major works of public art for 26 newly rehabilitated rail stations in our system, including 18 stations on the Brown Line and 7 on the southern portion of the Red Line. This program is federally funded through our capital program (i.e. is unrelated to operating budget/fare issues etc). Artists will be selected through a competitive, community based process and will represent a variety of media (including 2-dimensional work such as mosaic, sculptural works, and multi-media installations). We have just begun our call for artists, so if you know any qualified public artists (or are secretly one yourself), please spread the word. The projects are extremely high profile and well-paying, and although artists should have some public works on their resume, emerging artists with at least some gallery experience may qualify as well. Artists need not live or work in Chicago.

The application is available at www.cityofchicago.org/publicart (see "Public Art Program - Applications" link). If you'd like a pdf of the application instead, let me know - it's over 2MB. The first deadline to apply is January 20, 2006. The more the merrier, so get the word out (press inquiries back to me, please).

Amy Malick
Facilities Development Coordinator
Chicago Transit Authority

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The Little Knittery

Attn: knitters!!!
From my pal Julie!
(You go girl!)


For those of you who may not know, my knitting shop that I've been getting
ready for the last couple of months will be OPEN this Saturday, December
17th. I have a ton of yarns and even more advice for knitting, crochet, and
beyond. You can check out the website at http://www.thelittleknittery.com.

Hope you come by and visit!

Julie Edwards
The Little Knittery

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