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1 of the reasons to heart Miranda July...

her MySpace bulletins

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
Miranda July
Date: 22 Nov 2007, 00:06


for those of you who are american, you now have a holiday. there may be times during this holiday where you feel a) not as happy as you had planned on feeling, b) like ripping someone's head off, or c) fat.

this is because it is a holiday celebrating genocide.

there may also be some moments where you feel pretty ok. this is because you don't have to go to work or school. also: the familial bond, it just won't quit.

and then there may be some times when you don't feel anything at all. try to stay with this feeling as long as possible. don't be afraid. and then, when you can't stand it any more, do a Learning To Love You More asssignment. there are three new ones up, no one has done them yet:

Assignment 67
Repair something.

Assignment 66
Make a field guide to your yard.

Assignment 64
Teach us an exercise.

all my best,


martes, noviembre 20

mix tape early, mix tape late - comme ce, comme ca

Nov's mix tape is actually 2 days early. Can you believe it?! And as a bonus, here's October's mix tape! Only 2 days short of being a month late, but still fresh! Holler at me if you're interested in hearing them. Remember, these mixes are only good for the first 20 people to ask me ask me ask me!



+ bonus:

lunes, noviembre 19

Softlightes residency at Spaceland; Los Angeles

One of my favorite venues in Los Angeles is Spaceland (or as Josh in our NYC office affectionately and mistakingly calls it, Sugarland.) and every Monday night in the month of November, our very own lovies THE SOFTLIGHTES have a residency here! They go on at 11p sharp, and opening up for them will be a fresh crop (different each Monday) of Southern California's best up-and-coming new acts go to the Spaceland site for details. Oh! And Mondays are FREE!!

Tucked in the windy roads of L.A.'s Silverlake neighborhood, The Softlightes are an apt act to set the scene for the holidays and California's version of "winter"...
Especially with their holiday single coming out soon... (Keep a look out for that one, we'll post details soon!)

Softlightes on MySpace

PS) If you're thinking about dinner before the show - Leela Thai - just 3 or 4 buildings north or Spaceland on the same block has some rad veggie eggrolls & green tea ice cream. I just had some delivered tonight - yum!

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