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Bookkeeping/Account Position - Music Industry Experience Needed

Account Position Open- Music Industry Experience Needed

We are looking for a strong Bookkeeper/Accountant with experience in a
business management firm within the music industry. Candidate must have
experience doing full cycle accounting through the financial statements.
Must be able to multitask and have excellent communication skills.
Candidate must have a high level of professionalism and able to pass a
thorough background check.

Send resumes to: ldlee123@yahoo.com

CHI JOB OPP - Web/Video Manager & Art/Writing Editor for Magazine

WANTED: Web/Video Manager & Art/Writing Editor for New Magazine in Chicago!

I am a college student who is starting up a magazine in Chicago and is interested in finding motivated young people like myself for my staff. My publication, Upsurge, will be an art magazine that encompasses music, fashion, poetry, and culture. I hope to use my magazine to help young artists further connect with the world of art through career-enhancing opportunities.

Tech/Video Manager: I would like assistance in creating a website for the magazine and need an individual current on the latest trends in technology. This person should be proficient in Adobe Dreamweaver, a video editing software, and in the use of GoDaddy.com and have access to the resources. Also, this person should have knowledge using a digital video camera. If you have your own equipment, even better! This manager is responsible for maintaining the site, uploading media, editing media, and filming interviews or events.

Art & Writing Editor: This editor is responsible for the entire content of both the art section and writing section of the magazine. This position involves managing art and writing submissions as well as content topics. This editor will assign articles for the section and should be a person with a deep passion for art and an appreciation for new artists.

All individuals should be able to easily take direction and carry out assignments and responsibilities independently, with frequent contact with myself and possibly other staff members. All individuals must have constant access to phone and email. Please email me if you are seriously interested in being involved in this creative and rare venture! alicia.plomin@loop.colum.edu


So sleazy!


From Thrillist:

"Just launched this week in LA after much success in NYC, OMGICU is a SMS/Twitter/Facebook-based celeb stalking service, which, using member-provided info, notifies users whenever a star's spotted in their neighborhood -- or, if someone wants to waste a text message, even when it's just Rodney Bingenheimer at Canter's. Usage is simple: sign up, and choose whether you'd rather receive updates on your cell or directly via Twitter; then, choose how you'd like the service to update you, with options including tracking the celebrity of your dreams, or via location, so choose "Beverly Hills" if you want people to think you yourself are glamourous and not just obsessed with looking for that indefatigable girl scout troop. Each spotting's accompanied by user-generated commentary (From NY: "Billy Joel walking his dog and looking old on 6th and Bleeker"), and is also listed online, where users can vote as to whether they care, which then contributes to the celeb's rank on "The Pecking Order," which is a popularity contest, not a Far East Dan Brown novel before getting proofread."


How does this hand made middle-earth type jewelry come from Miami of all places?


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Tele - vision

I've been working 15-16 hour days lately, and on the rare occasion that I take a break by moving my laptop to the couch to work with the tv flickering in my peripheral view... I've made some observations:

HD TV is not made for reality tv's bad lighting.

Rachel Zoe - you are always impeccable, but I disagree with you about the silver Galliano dress. On the other hand, I understand and feel the same way about seeing Karl Lagerfeld, however I don't think his Chanel collection is "perfect." Shrug.

My feelings on True Blood: Emilie prodded me to watch it some more, after I tired of it in the first season mainly because *I don't give a shit about the Bill and Sookie storyline.* Bore me bore me bore me! I still remain that the Bill and Sookie story line is terrible. I don't mind them separately as characters, but their character couple relationship is unbelievable - which is stupid, because in "real life" the actors - they're engaged!! The maenad summoning the horned god was a good part of this season... But it took the whole season to wrap up that little problem. Buffy/Supernatural/Charmed solved that shit in an hour. Actually less, because they had commercials and it took them like 15-20 minutes to figure it out! A whole town under a spell? No problem for Buffy/Supernatural/Charmed... give me half an hour. Godrick was intriguing. I wish they elaborated on him more, but no they killed him in like 2 episodes. Way to go writers. You've left me at Zzzz. At least they keep Lafayette interesting.

When Summer and Karin were over, they found "fang banger" to be just a funny a term as I found it to be. It's nice to have close friends with similar tastes in disapproving of shows.

By the way, Supernatural is losing its charm.

What else?

Oh! I haven't really been paying close attention but on 90210... why the fuck does the Naomi character keep wearing coral colored clothes? It looks terrible on her fake tan and blonde hair. And the Annie character... she's always in a long-sleeved gauzy skin tight shirt. And it makes her look like a mummy. Adriana was much better as a junkie, and I have no complaints about Silver.

Gossip Girl has a Celeste as a minion for Jenny Humphrey? Harumph!

I find that Heroes is pretty good when I'm watching it, and then when the hypnosis is over... I'm like... so, what's going on? How does it all tie in?

Project Runway is unbearable even if you fast-forward through the geared-towards "women" Lifetime commercials. Bad move.

Dexter! Californication! Fuck Yes!

CP seems to really like "Bored To Death" - that new show on HBO. It kind of leaves me, I dunno... bored to death?

Oh and also on HBO - Curb Your Enthusiasm is always funny, but I don't care to continuously watch it. I'm not hooked... It's the sort of comedy that you can visit semi-regularly and not feel any guilt for missing a week or four. Or a whole season.

Grey's Anatomy isn't fun anymore. It's just a load of tear-jerking hodge podge. It's not the Grey's I love with the snarky jokes and quirky friendships. The last scene of last week's episode of everyone coupled up and playing baseball. Gross!

Fast Forward is intriguing. Skins is still better than any American teen show (by far!) but I miss the old cast. I don't watch Melrose Place, One Tree Hill, or Degrassi.

I mean, yeah - I'm not really *watching* per se. I'm working with my laptop on my lap, on my couch focused on the computer screen as the tv screen sits slightly right of me past the computer screen in a blurry periphery. Sometimes I look up, mostly to fast forward through the commercials.

Maybe all the hubub on the web saying that with Netflix streaming to our video game consoles, and connecting our computers to our tvs... Do we need cable? A short time ago I've slowly and steadily started watching my favorite show - Law & Order SVU from Season 1 on Netflix's web streaming "watch instantly" function and I. Love. It.

Speaking of SVU - it hasn't disappointed me. Thank goodness I can still count on that.

MN JOB OPP - Newscaster – Fill-in - MPR News (St Paul, MN)

FLSA Status: Part-time 60% with benefits, Non-exempt
This position is 24 hours per week. The Newscaster will provide
continuity breaks and newscasts for weekend programming and other
shifts as assigned. The Newscaster will run a combo broadcast board
and run programs from a variety of sources. He/She will write
newscast copy; present news, weather reports, station identification
along with station promotional and public service announcements. The
Newscaster will fill in on an on-call basis. This position has
regularly scheduled weekend hours.

Position Responsibility:
• Air programs and operate broadcast equipment
• Write, edit copy, edit audio and deliver newscasts.
• Prepare news content for use throughout the schedule.
• Prepare and deliver traffic reports, weather and other continuity.
• Serve as backup for newscast shifts throughout the week.
• Other duties as assigned.

Required Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience is required.
• Minimum of three years experience in radio news announcing,
anchoring and/or reporting.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

• Natural, friendly, conversational, confident on-air style.
• Ability to operate mixing consoles and other broadcast equipment
• Ability to comfortably deal with a wide range of content.
• Good news judgment and a keen knowledge of current events, along
with the ability to relate those events to the audience.
• Demonstrated ability to write clear, concise and conversational
news copy.
• Knowledge of digital editing and production.
• Ability to work with minimal supervision

Preferred Skills and Experience:
• Major market on-air radio experience in a news setting is
• A familiarity with public radio programs and the NPR audience

Reporting To This Position: N/A

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
• Must be able to perform the essential duties of the position with
or without reasonable accommodation
• Physical Demands:
o Required to move about in an office environment and sit for
extended periods of time
o Frequent use of hands for data entry/keystrokes and simple
• Working Conditions:
o Moderate noise level
o Occasional exposure to prevalent weather conditions.

To apply, email a resume and cover letter to careers@americanpublicmedia.org
Indicate position #129-10, Newscaster, Fill-in.

MN JOB OPP - Editor, Minnesota Today- Managing Director of News (St Paul, MN)

The Editor job is one of two editing positions assigned to a new
project at MPR News – Minnesota Today, the aggregation and
distribution of state news. This Editor will lead the MPR News
distribution activity, which is intended to assist media organizations
statewide in providing news for their communities. The focus of this
job will be primarily story editing and partnership development.

Position Responsibility:
• Develop content-sharing partnerships with Minnesota media
organizations, initially newspapers.
• Explore and create various levels of partnerships with Minnesota
media organizations.
• Create a distribution system.
• Rewrite radio stories for print.
• Distribute MPR News stories to partners.
• Ensure shared stories are accompanied by visuals.
• Develop and produce unique Web-only content.
• Create ways to use MPR News’ Public Insight Network.
• Create and write a state news blog with the other editor.
• Teach and coach radio journalists to write for the web.
• Provide clear guidance, feedback to radio reporters about how
their stories are being repurposed.
• Attend news meetings and work closely with editors and producers.
• Work closely with online editors as radio stories are being
planned for the web.
• Assist in development and implementation of editorial policies to
achieve consistent, reliable quality and depth.
• Work collaboratively to support MPR News across all platforms.
• Participate in breaking news coverage when needed.
• Work closely with other members of MPR News editing team to
provide strong, consistent leadership of the department.
• Represent newsroom internally and externally.
• Collaborates with other departments – i.e. MPR Digital – to
create content and build systems for all online channels.
• Other duties as assigned

Required Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in journalism or related field is required.
• Five years’ print reporting experience, seven years print editing
experience at a daily newspaper, wire service or news web site.
• Experience bringing projects from concept to completion in
• Experience in maintaining high journalistic standards under
deadline pressure, including standards of objectivity, balance and
• Experience in a start-up news venture or project.
• Experience providing work direction or supervisory experience.
• Experience assigning stories and editing copy.
• Experience with Internet news production and presentation.
• Experience working with visual journalists.
• Experience creating partnerships with news organizations,

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
• Strong writing, re-writing and editing skills.
• Proven editorial judgment with a commitment to accuracy, fairness
and balance.
• Understanding of and adherence to the core values of public radio.
• Ability to develop complex story ideas that provide analysis and
add context
• Ability to see opportunities for tapping audience expertise and
other news resources
• Strong copy editing skills.
• Knowledge and understanding of public radio’s style and
• Knowledge of web trends and widely used news-gathering
• Ability to make quick decisions with minimal input from
supervisors or colleagues.
• Ability to effectively execute multiple assignments under
deadline with minimal guidance
• Ability to consistently work well with others and to inspire the
• Ability to work collegially and creatively with staff and
colleagues at all levels of experience.
• Passion for news and knowledge of current events from following
the news daily.
• Able to work well and productively in an environment where news
is constantly changing and being updated and have the temperament to
enjoy the process.
• Ability to prioritize work and make resource decisions in a fast
paced news environment.
• Ability to work across a range of skills and in a flexible
manner, carrying out responsibilities in accordance with APM’s
mission, values and professional standards

Preferred Skills and Experience:
• Fluency in Spanish, Hmong or east African languages
Reporting To This Position: None, though this person will have
assignment authority

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
• Must be able to perform the essential duties of the position with
or without reasonable accommodation
• Physical Demands:
o Required to move about in an office environment and sit for
extended periods of time
o Required to move about in the community
o Frequent use of hands for data entry/keystrokes and simple
• Working Conditions:
o Moderate noise level
o Occasional exposure to prevalent weather conditions.
To apply, email a resume and cover letter to careers@americanpublicmedia.org
Indicate position #128-10, Editor, Minnesota Today.

Manager of Marketing/Communications- Harwood Institute (Bethesda, Maryland)

The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation is looking for a proven
marketing/communications manager who is motivated by the opportunity
to be part of a growing organization. The mission of this position is
to expand the reach of one of the nation's most respected and
innovative organizations dedicated to helping people find new pathways
to imagine and act for the public good.

For nearly two decades, the Institute has worked to discover how
individuals, organizations, and communities can create change and
authentic hope in the face of negative conditions. Just two years ago
the Institute began its shift from a project-based operation focused
on innovating to an organization focused on packaging and spreading
its ideas and tools to enable people across the nation to tap their
own potential to make a difference while joining with others to forge
a common future.

Communications is a core part of our work, and this is a critical
position responsible for collaborating in the creation of the
organization's strategy and vision around marketing and
communications. A successful candidate must demonstrate both in-depth
knowledge and successful employment of current marketing techniques,
including print and electronic media campaigns, Web-based promotional
techniques (including analysis and adaptive response to available Web
metrics), employment of electronic media to target and attract
specific audiences, and a working knowledge of audio/video/social
networking techniques, including podcasts, streaming media,
interactive media techniques, and live audience engagement using
current media options, such as texting.

We are looking for a strong commitment and demonstrated success.

The person selected will:
Coordinate internal and external communications
Write, edit, coordinate, and provide quality control check for the
production of communications and publications
In coordination with development staff, create marketing
communications templates to be used with prospective corporate and
foundation prospects
Collaborate in prospecting for potential funders and assist with grant
writing and reporting
Help plan annual fundraising and cultivation events
Manage Web site content including updates, Web ads, mailing campaigns
and e-blasts
Coordinate systems for regular networking site updates and changes
Research optimal internet partners to help grow Harwood's presence
Evaluate and make recommendations on future internet marketing efforts
Manage media relationships
Identify and promote accomplishments through press releases, press
events, and articles in professional publications
Ensure positive media coverage
Coordinate publicity efforts including coordinating photo shoots and
other publicity events
Other duties as assigned

Minimum 3-5 years' public relations experience with a national nonprofit
Able to identify and cultivate key media contacts
Demonstrated experience in interactive marketing and/or media
Knowledge of social networking sites and protocols and blog
development tools
Able to quickly produce clear, persuasive, well-organized and fact-
checked information, including rewriting the work of others
Superior writing, listening, and verbal communication skills,
including exceptionally strong proofreading and editing abilities
Strong ability to set goals proactively, identify intermediate
objectives, recognize resources necessary to achieve those goals and
objectives, and a willingness to find those resources
Able to handle multiple projects and priorities simultaneously, and to
consistently meet deadlines
Ability to take initiative, work effectively independently, as a
member of a team, cross-functional, and work under pressure
Demonstrated organizational skills, attention to detail and research,
analytical and strategic thinking skills
Excellent interpersonal communications skills and sense of humor
Knowledge of appropriate software
Ability to manage database maintenance
Experience working with diverse populations
Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience, and includes
excellent benefits.

Start Date: Immediate
We are an equal opportunity employer. Diverse candidates are
encouraged to apply.
To Apply: No phone calls, please. Submit resume, cover letter with
salary history, and writing sample relevant to this position's
responsibilities (attachments as MS Word documents for e-mail
responses) to:
Harwood Institute
HR/Marketing Communications
4915 St. Elmo Avenue, #402
Bethesda, MD 20814
Fax: (301) 656-0533
E-mail: ahayward@theharwoodinstitute.org

Associate Producer; WB Games Inc., Snowblind Studios

Snowblind Studios, a division of WB Games Inc. seeks an Associate
Producer to be responsible for overseeing specific aspects of
development on a single project as determined by the Producer. This
project will most likely be a game that will ship on multiple
platforms. The Associate Producer will handle aspects of both hands-on
development as well as small-team management such as Strike Team Lead.
This will be wholly dependent upon the AP's skill set. The AP will
help with workflow processes, task schedules, outsource tasking and
licensing approvals as defined by the Producer. Position will make
sure that Strike Team goals are being met. Make sure that game goals
and features agreed determined by the Producer are being met. Help
identify process and pipelines needed between the various disciplines
of the strike teams. Manage strike team schedules. Provide regularly
scheduled communications with the strike tea team members. Provide
clear, concise communication to the Producer as well as all team
members. Manage strike team members as necessary. Help write yearly
reviews for individuals that they may have managed. Organize reference
material needed for outsourcing. Gather and track all assets needing
approval from licensors. Ability to travel between buildings on short
notice required. Passport eligibility preferred. Minimum 1-3 years of
experience working in the videogame industry. Experience managing
other team members. Shipped at least 1 title. Multi-language
localization experience preferred. Multiplatform Cert experience
preferred. Strong writing, communication, interpersonal, and
organizational skills. Excellent communication skills and an
understanding of team dynamics. Ability to work well under pressure
and deadlines. Strong interest in games. Good technical understanding
of 3D games and technology. An understanding of both console and PC
development. Knowledge of current PC hardware and setup. The ability
to complete multiple concurrent tasks in a fast paced environment with
minimal supervision under tight deadlines. Ability to adjust
management style to the needs of each employee. Team player, positive
attitude and ability to remain cool under pressure. Willing to assist
in areas outside of department to help the project. Capable of
nurturing conflict resolutions.

Records Management Coordinator; Warner Bros. Studio Facilities, Records Management

Req #114993BR
Warner Bros. Studio Facilities seeks a Records Management Coordinator
for the Records Management department. Records & Information
Management (R.I.M.) program administration and daily operations for
Warner Bros. Studios and its affiliates. Position will oversee Records
& Information Management daily operations and general program
administration. Oversee operational aspects of inactive record storage
with 3rd party vendors. Manage user login access and rights to
internal and vendor websites. Provide supervisor customer relations
and services to offsite storage user group. Coordinate box transfers,
logistics and shipments between various locations. Work with business
unit Project Leaders and Department Record Coordinators and assist
planning, scheduling and executing building clean-up projects.
Bachelors Degree in Business, Communication or other related field. 2
+ years experience with office management, administration and
operations. Records Management experience preferred. Excellent
computer and database skills. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel,
Access, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat Professional. Aptitude for Adobe
Dream Weaver (web). Good oral and written communication skills. Note
taking and memo drafting skills. Self motivation and the ability to
work independently. Ability to organize, prioritize tasks and meet
objectives. Professional with supervisor customer service skills.
Financial and invoice reconciliation skills preferred. Ability to lift
50 plus pounds. Apply online at: WWW.WARNERBROSCAREERS.COM

Publicist for Sports Publicity and Marketing Boutique Firm

EAG is a Sports Publicity and Marketing Boutique Firm. We are looking
for a HIGHLY qualified Publicist. Must have 2-4 years of PR Experience
in the Entertainment and or Sports Industry. Must come with own
contacts. EAG handles high profile celebrity NFL athletes. Sports
knowledge is a must. Must be proficient in Cision, Microsoft Office,
Photo Shop, In Design. MUST have GREAT communication skills and great
phone skills. Ability to multi-task on a daily basis and handle a high
stress environment. Please do not apply to this posting if you do not
have the required experience. For more information on Company, please
go to www.EAGSportManagement.com Pay: $50,000-$60,000 Depending on
Experience. Submit Resumes to this email address ONLY EAGSportsMgmt1@aol.com


Great choice JM!

To Celebrate Record Store Day's Vinyl Saturday Nov. 7 with Exclusive "Bye Bye Bayou" 12" Commercial Release To Follow on Nov. 24

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM will commemorate Record Store Day's Vinyl Saturday this November 7 with a vinyl 12" of its take on "Bye Bye Bayou" from Alan Vega's eponymous 1980 solo debut. The single will be released by DFA/Virgin Records and will be available at your favorite local Independent record store. The complete list of stores can be found at: http://www.recordstoreday.com/Venues

The single will receive a Nov. 24 worldwide commercial release through standard digital channels.

"Bye Bye Bayou" will NOT appear on the third LCD SOUNDSYSTEM album, which is currently being recorded and expected out sometime in the early months of 2010.

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This is a video & song by a band called HURTS from the UK.
It reminds me of Pet Shop Boys or Talk Talk. More recently they remind me of the Aluminum Group.
What the video looks like is two young brothers and their hot mom who has some nuevo dance moves.


Ladyhawke's new video

In case you didn't see it yet:


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OPP: queer artists for new non-profit label?

Begin forwarded message:

Hey, dudes! My co-worker, Nathan, has two friends in SF who are launching a non-profit label that focuses on queer artists, and the proceeds from album sales will be donated to fight the ban on gay marriage in CA and, hopefully, the entire nation. They're asking him for help finding folks who may be down to participate. Right now, they're looking for two artists/bands to donate two songs apiece for a 45....if you know anyone who might be interested, hit me


Fever Ray has everyone hot like fire


Last US dates:
Tonight: San Francisco
Tomorrow: Pomona
Wednesday: Los Angeles


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