miércoles, octubre 7

Tele - vision

I've been working 15-16 hour days lately, and on the rare occasion that I take a break by moving my laptop to the couch to work with the tv flickering in my peripheral view... I've made some observations:

HD TV is not made for reality tv's bad lighting.

Rachel Zoe - you are always impeccable, but I disagree with you about the silver Galliano dress. On the other hand, I understand and feel the same way about seeing Karl Lagerfeld, however I don't think his Chanel collection is "perfect." Shrug.

My feelings on True Blood: Emilie prodded me to watch it some more, after I tired of it in the first season mainly because *I don't give a shit about the Bill and Sookie storyline.* Bore me bore me bore me! I still remain that the Bill and Sookie story line is terrible. I don't mind them separately as characters, but their character couple relationship is unbelievable - which is stupid, because in "real life" the actors - they're engaged!! The maenad summoning the horned god was a good part of this season... But it took the whole season to wrap up that little problem. Buffy/Supernatural/Charmed solved that shit in an hour. Actually less, because they had commercials and it took them like 15-20 minutes to figure it out! A whole town under a spell? No problem for Buffy/Supernatural/Charmed... give me half an hour. Godrick was intriguing. I wish they elaborated on him more, but no they killed him in like 2 episodes. Way to go writers. You've left me at Zzzz. At least they keep Lafayette interesting.

When Summer and Karin were over, they found "fang banger" to be just a funny a term as I found it to be. It's nice to have close friends with similar tastes in disapproving of shows.

By the way, Supernatural is losing its charm.

What else?

Oh! I haven't really been paying close attention but on 90210... why the fuck does the Naomi character keep wearing coral colored clothes? It looks terrible on her fake tan and blonde hair. And the Annie character... she's always in a long-sleeved gauzy skin tight shirt. And it makes her look like a mummy. Adriana was much better as a junkie, and I have no complaints about Silver.

Gossip Girl has a Celeste as a minion for Jenny Humphrey? Harumph!

I find that Heroes is pretty good when I'm watching it, and then when the hypnosis is over... I'm like... so, what's going on? How does it all tie in?

Project Runway is unbearable even if you fast-forward through the geared-towards "women" Lifetime commercials. Bad move.

Dexter! Californication! Fuck Yes!

CP seems to really like "Bored To Death" - that new show on HBO. It kind of leaves me, I dunno... bored to death?

Oh and also on HBO - Curb Your Enthusiasm is always funny, but I don't care to continuously watch it. I'm not hooked... It's the sort of comedy that you can visit semi-regularly and not feel any guilt for missing a week or four. Or a whole season.

Grey's Anatomy isn't fun anymore. It's just a load of tear-jerking hodge podge. It's not the Grey's I love with the snarky jokes and quirky friendships. The last scene of last week's episode of everyone coupled up and playing baseball. Gross!

Fast Forward is intriguing. Skins is still better than any American teen show (by far!) but I miss the old cast. I don't watch Melrose Place, One Tree Hill, or Degrassi.

I mean, yeah - I'm not really *watching* per se. I'm working with my laptop on my lap, on my couch focused on the computer screen as the tv screen sits slightly right of me past the computer screen in a blurry periphery. Sometimes I look up, mostly to fast forward through the commercials.

Maybe all the hubub on the web saying that with Netflix streaming to our video game consoles, and connecting our computers to our tvs... Do we need cable? A short time ago I've slowly and steadily started watching my favorite show - Law & Order SVU from Season 1 on Netflix's web streaming "watch instantly" function and I. Love. It.

Speaking of SVU - it hasn't disappointed me. Thank goodness I can still count on that.

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