viernes, octubre 24

Vote - Truth is where you find it...

The Smiths: How soon is Coachella?

The Smiths outside the Salford Lads Club
1985 Stephen Wright,

First I got a link that said candidly
"The Smiths to reform for Coachella 2009? Reports say band are close to reunion deal"

Then Mahmood sent me a link that said otherwise:
"The Smiths definitely not reuniting for Coachella 2009
Sources close to band members say there's no chance of reunion"

Please please pleas let me get what I want - but did anyone else catch that the last 2 #s of the url are mysteriously inverted? As if NME published these stories to get a buzz going, and then publish a story that states the perfect opposite of the original's reporting?

Don't play with me NME! That joke isn't funny anymore!

jueves, octubre 23

Gobble Gobble Give

From: Gobble Gobble Give
Date: Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 12:46 PM
Subject: It's that time again! Help us feed the homeless on Thanksgiving

Hello Friends,

Gobble Gobble Give has officially kicked
off for the 2008 Thanksgiving season! Please join us in an effort to
feed hundreds of people living on the streets in LA on Thanksgiving

Click the link above to find details on GGG and to learn more about
how you and your friends can participate as volunteers. Every helping
hand and smiling face counts! At this point, we are truly in need of
volunteer coordinators who can step up and help move our generosities

If you are interested in donating your time in any capacity, please
email us by Friday, Oct. 24th:

We look forward to sharing another wonderful year of being with
friends and giving to our communities.

Please forward to those who would like to help.

miércoles, octubre 22

alessandro and emilie can relate

oh my god i love love LOVE love LOVE this shirt.

thanks kristy for sending this to me

domingo, octubre 19

dressescanfly's booby trap photos 10-15-08

check out kristy benj's booby trap photos from last wednesday!


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