lunes, febrero 4

¡Si, Se Puede! / Yes We Can!

American Football

It's pretty safe to say that I don't care much for American football, but yesterday had me going to my friend Paula's Superbowl party, and watching the Giants come back in the fourth quarter in The Living Room's little bar television. The best was whizzing by on quiet streets with the radio announcer screaming about how many minutes left were on the board... and the Giants winning - then watching people jump up and down in the middle of the street. Felt foreign but cool being inside that kind of sports history in the winning city against The Patriots, whose only game they lost this season happened to be the big one. (Way to blow it dudes.) I kind of understand sports fever now, after witnessing it first hand. Anyway, my travel mates & band I manage, Mellowdrone, have the pleasure of going to the losing city the day after the Super Bowl, playing Great Scott in Boston, MA tonight. I, however, am staying put in Brooklyn to have a work day while they rock and roll it.

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