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Cut Copy's Hearts On Fire (Triobelisk/Celestronica remix)

"Starting with a sample originating from Triobelisk's former band Frodus' song entitled "The Earth Isn't Humming" where he played a little guitar-homage to MBV* in the final 13 seconds of the outro way back in 1999. From there it was layered with analog synthesizers, an old sampled drum machine and a hearty helping of reverb and effects processing. Created in Ableton Live with an array of outboard analog signal processors located in copper pyramids deep in the complex of Triobelisk's secret lair with Celestronica's hologram image being transmitted inside of a perfect orb. Celestronica conducted and assisted in sample direction and controlled the mind of Triobelisk while he half-consciously adjusted nuances with the voice of Celestronica taking up half of his brain, as fragments of "Interview With The Vampire" & "American Psycho" filled her affinity."

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Triobelisk/Celestronica remix)

Listen to original song here: Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (original)
Video by Nagi Noda

* = My Bloody Valentine

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