viernes, abril 14

so noTORIous

Yeah, so I like this show. Whatever man, it's funny! Finally, Tori spelling is prepared to admit that she really is as lame as we all knew she was since we were still anxiously awaiting Donna to get killed off of 90210 or David to open his eyes while having sex with Donna and run off and commit suicide, or you know... whatever. Bring Brenda back!

It's on Sundays on VH1... And though I'm not always home, I'm acutally thankful for my On Demand cable service because then I can laugh at Tori with her any time I please!

the show's home page
the show's myspace page - which has more to offer than the series' home page on vh1.

jueves, abril 13

The After Party's "Sorry Satan"

Halleluiah, I like a new(ish) band! They're from San Diego, no less! How did this happen? Well, as you may or may not know, I have been traveling quite a bit - so I haven't had a chance to go through my inbox and listen to demos and CDs. Having a break at home in the longest period of time in 2006 yet... I finally got to it in the past couple days.
From track one ("Black Boots") on this disc on Rowboat Records (Disc is called "Dead Dance Ball"), I was like - 'humph, this is interesting...' and by this track "Sorry Satan" (it's #6) I was pretty happy with what I was hearing. By the end of the record (track 13, called "So Much Left To Do") I was sold. I even called their label person today, who didn't get back to me yet, to ask about the band. Anyway, if you're in San Diego, please see them and tell me how their live show is.
I'm afraid with their "top 8" on myspace and listed influences on the same page they're not exactly thinking they sound like the pAper chAse, or a bit like Television - but more like Bloc Party and those other dance punk bands...
Regardless, I'm stoked on them.

martes, abril 11

Are you my Matthew Barney?

Uhm... No, no you're not.
For now, I can just watch the o.g.m.b. as an example of true love and artistic collaboration. I was super into (most of) Cremaster 3... and I'm fully stoked to see this film, "Drawing Restraint 9," and to hear the soundtrack. (Will Oldham -aka Bonnie Prince Billy- provides vocals for the opening song!)

From the Drawing Restraint 9 page on Bjork's site: "In a harrowing liebestod which is the climax and centerpiece of the film, the Guests, locked in an embrace and breathing through blowhole-like orifices on the back of their necks, take out flensing knives and cut away each other's feet and thighs. The remains of their lower body are revealed to contain traces of whale tails at an early stage of development, suggesting rebirth, physical transformation, and the possibility of new forms.'

True love is cutting your legs off and finding out you're bits of whale? Maybe it is! In any case, it's better than when Angelina and Billy Boob carried viles of each other's blood around their necks as a symbol of their love and devotion. *shrug* Well, at least the Angie-Bob-crazies has the good mind to move into Slash's old home in L.A. Since then Angie's been on the straight and narrow with Braddie and the babies, what a total let down. Don't worry romantic-unstables, we still have Bjork & Barney to look to. Yes, that we do...
Spring has its influence on me after all?

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