viernes, mayo 11

Sugarcubes' "Birthday" + remixes

Yesss! I finally turned thirty yesterday... had a show at Spaceland (my fave LA venue) with Starlite Desperation (an 857 band, also my flatmate's band), Up The Empire (857 band from NYC), and Pistols Will Air (from SF). DJ Kid Lightning, Big Blackhawk, and Jasepi were DJing as well... it was terrific. I also asked for zero presents this year, and asked everyone to donate to charities like APLA, Create Now, and my friend's team for the Revlon Walk (Team MissFitz) & though that was my request I still recieved a bunch of packages from cookies to office supplies. Talk about feeling loved!

I decided to break out my polaroid camera that I've had since 8th grade. Actually I had to have it flown out from Chicago since my friend John had it since before I moved from there... Barbara who runs our Chicago office UPS'd it next day for me, so she really saved the day. Anyway the plan was to take 30 polaroids to commemorate my 30th. This is what turned up:

[mp3] Sugarcubes - Birthday [/mp3]
[mp3] Sugarcubes - Birthday (Justin Robertson 12" Mix) [/mp3]
[mp3] Sugarcubes - Birthday (Tommy D Mix) [/mp3]

jueves, mayo 10


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