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What it means if you're born on this day

Independent and free-willed, you tend to be the alpha dog in most situations. Its your confidence which pulls you through the difficult times and take you ultimately to the time. You are not born to carry out life's mundane tasks, you are meant for the bigger things in life. You are creative. Sometimes people don't understand you, but you take that in your stride.

Sixteen (x2 -1) Candles

My auntie Cora demanded that I create a list of birthday demands:

1. Sephora gift card
2. MAC gift card
3. Apple gift card
4. Trader Joe's gift card
5. Petco gift card (for Wubbe)
6. GameStop gift card
7. Jet Blue gift card
8. Ikea gift card
9. MOCA membership
10. donation to the Echo Park historical society
11. Pho Siam gift card
12. Best Buy gift card
13. some kind of movie gift card
14. Target gift card
15. Goodwill gift certificate (do they make those??)
16. donation to "stop global warming"
17. vote
18. donation to "Miss Fitz"
19. gift card to Intelligentsia
20. gift card to AT&T Wireless
21. hotels.com gift card (do they make these?)
22. any Mario Wii game
23. donation to local pet shelter
24. buy art from Circus Gallery in Hollywood
25. gift card to Time Warner cable
26. gift card to Miu Miu
27. free trip to Greece, round trip, all expenses paid
28. free trip to Montreal, round trip, all expenses paid
29. use of the cabin in Big Bear for 2 weeks next winter
30. "I'm Not There" DVD
31. good old fashioned cash money

domingo, mayo 4

Radiohead: In Rainbows (From The Basement)

Holy shit. I haven't liked Radiohead like I loved Radiohead circa OK Computer until In Rainbows came out and restored my devotion. So when I saw the commercials for the premiere of Radiohead playing live on VH1 at midnight I decided to record it out of curiosity. So here I am, sitting on my couch and watching the VH1 "In Rainbows - From The Basement" and am very impressed, double-surprised. Maybe a little blown away. I can't say that I am a believer of the "live DVD" - I haven't enjoyed even those of my favorite artists like Bjørk. Personally, I've always just felt like watching an entire live performance on the small screen is so far removed from being there at the show (and that it might even be detrimental to the actual live show opinion/experience) so what's the point? Just listen to the album and see the show when you can, right? But this - it's like watching a rehearsal of your friends band... Thom Yorke has a little beardo happening and that's always welcomed. Johnny Greenwood, successfully faceless for most of it. I even love what each one of them is wearing.

One might liken this performance/taping/show to Rolling Stones' "Sympathy For The Devil" and Fugazi's "Instrument" - cinematically speaking. The lightning is beautiful and each of the songs sound immaculate. I've still got this on the good ol' DVR so if you want to see it, you can come over whenever I am back home.

The bummer: the stupid VH1 commercials. At least I can fast forward through them but there's nothing as jarring as hearing about "The Femme-C's doing Shakespeare on the next Miss Rap Supreme."


Siiiiiiiimon says...

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can i have another magical mixtape soon??!!?

IM dying for my ears to bleed to the beat of something next level.



Back Of The Van - Ladyhawke 3:41
Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush) - Chromatics 6:07
Blind - Hercules & Love Affair 6:18
Boyz (Diplo Remix featuring Battles & Akon) - M.I.A. 3:25
I Heart Fags - MC Frontalot 3:52
Bust A Move - Young MC 4:26
Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mochipet Remix) - Jamie Lidell 3:34
Got To Let You Know - James T. Cotton 6:56
D.A.N.C.E. (Justice cover) - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly 3:57
This Heart is a Stone - Acid House Kings 3:05
Unfair (live in Germany) - Pavement 2:43
Violent Sensation Descends - Violens 2:16
Decay As A Lifestyle - Subtractiveland 4:26
Glasperlenspiel - Marihiko Hara 3:24
Wait For The Wintertime - Yeasayer 4:52
Strong Animal - Castanets 3:06
Apple Orchard - Beach House 4:31
Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Yes Cover) - Grizzly Bear 3:11
Punkdrömmar - Ingenting 3:11
Stress (Justice cover) - Fucked Up 5:18
South Paw 04.30.2008 - Gang Gang Dance 35:05

leave a comment if you want the zip file containing all the tracks. x

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