viernes, mayo 29

iPhone for sale!

**please forward to any friends that are interested**

I'm selling mine for $160. I used it for about a year until I decided to go blackberry.
It's first generation 8g. You can also use it as an ipod touch if you're not interested in the phone portion. Even without phone activation, it still works off of wifi. There's minimal cosmetic wear, still holds a charge and works well. No cracks, no major damage. Also - It's not unlocked, it's an AT&T phone.

Here are specs:

An ipod touch is selling on amazon for the same price (basically iphone, but without the phone):

It comes in the box with all the manuals and everything it came with, except for the headphones.

Touch touch touch touch

miércoles, mayo 27

Nobody likes a poopy face.

Try putting a smile on your friends' faces instead of whining & making everyone uncomfortable.

Suck it up/See if you're still poopy tomorrow.

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