sábado, noviembre 1

Shudder To Think

Tonight Summer and I saw Shudder To Think. It was Heaven. Jubilee played their first LA show opening up, lots a hair shakes and guitar dancing. In attendance - Lt. Jim Dangle aka Tom Lennon, with his cute wife whose birthday i think it was. Joe Lo Truglio was also there standing behind Summer and me, Craig dedicated a song to him and another to Kerri Kenney, who I did not see there. Might be small bananas to you, but I was a huge fan of The State and have been mourning the show's cancellation ever since. Yeah yeah Josh Homme was there too, supporting his QOTSA band mate, Mikey Shoes (also in Jubilee). Oh and thanks to Amateur Chemist for this picture. It is a piece of heaven!

Before and after the Shudder To Think show, I was on the other side of Hollywood - at the Yelle show at the Fonda, where Daisy was killin' it. This was taken earlier in the night while concert-goers were piling into the venue, as I had to run to the El Rey. If you were there during Yelle you know there was no where to walk, that she loves to jump, and the show was packed:

lunes, octubre 27

i liked the heather that ate

shannen doherty wins again

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