miércoles, julio 29

Onitsuka Tiger/SPIN event w THE SOUNDS @ Key Club

Hi friends! If any of you want to go to this, I can put you on +1 but you have to tell me before 3pm today.


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martes, julio 28

Rock the Vote - artists and designers needed for health care and environmental campaign

Rock the Vote is looking for artists and designers who would like to design a shirt, tote or button around our Health Care and Environmental campaigns. We need the health care designs asap. The designs will be donated but we will give the artist credit on our site.
There are stats and info that can be used in the concept on our issues page:
Let me know if you can think of anyone and have them contact me.
Kelly Fogel
Rock the Vote
Director, Music & Artist Relations


I just joined this site - it's in its beta stage (though I'm called an "alpha user"). It looks pretty cool and seems like it would work well, but I need to add people to see its full effect. I'm allowed to invite 10 friends. If you're someone who is interested in this site, please let me know! (Obvs I'm gonna need to test this with people in my area, but other cities - please let me know if you want an invite code - perhaps they'll let me have more than 10 for other cities. I can see this working especially well in BK!


What is NeighborGoods?

Need a ladder? Borrow it from your neighbor. Have a bike collecting dust in your closet? Rent it out for some extra cash! Sign up now to begin sharing.

If you join NeighborGoods now, you will be one of our first members during our alpha testing period. For a limited time only, Alpha members will receive a free Pro account for one year! This means you can earn money on NeighborGoods by renting and selling your stuff without paying a fee to us. Consider it our way to thank you for helping us get off the ground.

Thanks in advance for joining. See you around the neighborhood!

Sign up now to receive your free Pro account and to start sharing with Micki K!

love, NeighborGoods


This is the message I got:

I'm so excited to invite you to test out our new project, NeighborGoods! I've been working on the idea for a little over a year now and we've been in steady development since March. We're really proud of the site and we're anxious to hear your feedback. Thanks for signing up to help us test our alpha! Because we're in alpha, you might notice a few bugs or typos here and there. We've got lots of ways for you to share bugs and ideas with us. Just hit the big FEEDBACK button or use the contact form on the site. Of course, you can always email me directly at micki@neighborgoods.net.

We've invited a limited number of people to get started but you will notice that you can invite your own friends. Be sure to add some people who live close by you so you can share stuff with each other and see how the site really works. BTW, we're asking people not to post any reviews just yet since we're just testing this puppy out.

See you around the neighborhood

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