martes, octubre 16

Silently Screaming: watching special features on DVDs

Perhaps you have made this observation already, but I'm not one to re-watch movies. I have gone from owning a healthy collection of DVDs, to selling just about EVERYTHING in the collection (that time right before Xmas -or "mass ex"- in 2004 when I felt my material possessions were suffocating me) and currently I only have 25 titles on the shelf.

Tonight I had to do a bunch of photo prints to submit into a potential Spring photo show, which relegates me to sit in my home office for hours - so I decided to watch the special features on The Doors & American Psycho DVDs that I've had for awhile. I completely forgot that Kyle McLaughlan played Ray Manzarek in The Doors. What I couldn't believe is that the production cast said that they weren't sold about Val Kilmer playing the lizard king because he didn't look like him. I was a freshman in high when this movie came out, went to go see it at the mall - and though some of it was dramatized - the understanding of my mother's crazy dresses, smelly incense, one-with-the-earthness and her piano-improvisations of "Love Street" was a little more lucid for me. After that my friends and I became slight fans of the counter-culture of Los Angeles in the 1960s. (Though I feared anyone actually think my mother was cool.) Anyway, I'm straying from my original thought...

What was my original thought?

...Since my last attempt at finishing this entry, I loaned someone American Psycho before exhausting the special features disc. Funny all the worry a publisher went through in dropping the book in the early 90s only to have it be made into a major motion picture not even 10 years after it was published. Also funny how Gloria Steinem was an avid protester protestress against the novel, and her stepson Christian Bale, played the protagonist in the movie adaptation.

Currently: My face feels numb and I'm watching Six Feet Under on HBO On Demand. I was supposed to be in New York tonight, but switched my flight to depart on Thursday.

And for a second I thought...
What a grieving disappointment I was to the other airline passengers. My apologies to whomever wanted to take that flight but settled for another or who paid a higher fare because I added to that % that pushes the price up to the next level. Then I thought about how many grieving disappointments a few people have been to me this week and said FUCK IT.

domingo, octubre 14

i made these for the panther tour

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