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The Tough Alliance

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Led Zep = !

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Cut Copy's "So Haunted"

From their blog: "Having endured infinite numbers of emails and myspace requests, we have some good news to share with our loyal fans and supporters. Finally... we're excited to announce that the new Cut Copy album will be released in Australia in February 2008. Having been in recording and mixing for the majority of this year, the long awaited sophmore record, featuring the production talents of Cut Copy and DFA's Tim Goldsworthy has been scheduled a release.
The album will comprise 16 tracks in total, including a re-recorded album version of the club hit 'hearts on fire'. Originally an australian release was planned this year, but it will be now be a fully simultaneous international release. Stay tuned for more details."

[mp3] Cut Copy - So Haunted [/mp3]

Hopefully we'll see more of these:

domingo, diciembre 9

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Got back last night from San Francisco where the band I manage, Mellowdrone, played my friend Cyrus' Club Loaded at the Rickshaw Stop. We left Friday morning eeearly, were on the road by 9a, and made it to Misha Vladimirsky's studio at 3:40p. Record time really. Here's a behind the scenes shot from the shoot:

Later that night the boys played a fantastic set sprinkled with new and unreleased songs, the crowd danced and cheered... we hung out for a bit and then retreated to the hotel. The following day, we headed over to Golden Gate Park and I took some shots of the band since the day was so beautiful (albeit muddy from the rain the day before). By the time we hit The Grapevine, it was about 630p and it was snowing - truly beautiful.

Here's a remix of "Beautiful Day" (as heard on the ads for CBS' "Cane") by done by our friend, Triobelisk:

  • It is available on YouSendIt.com for 14 days or 200 downloads.

    I can't believe it's already almost 4p. I just got finished watching Election on Showtime... I've probably seen this movie three times already, and it never fails to impress. The story is great, as are the performances by Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick. This time around I also noticed that the soundtrack is quite impressive.

    While we're at this tv tubing channel surfing topic - let me say with confidence that adding Showtime to my cable plan was the best domestic purchase I've made all year. Their new ads unravel as follows: [HIT SHOW CLIP], [HIT SHOW CLIP], [HIT SHOW CLIP], then the words "It's not HBO..." & well... I haven't even turned to HBO since I ordered Showtime. Not that I have a lot of time to watch television when I'm at home, but when I do - it's total DVR time, usually pointed towards Showtime. Especially when Dexter has two more episodes until this season's conclusion! [INSERT TEENAGE GIRL SQUEAL HERE]

    It is currently almost freezing in my house. Wubbe has been sitting beside me for hours. (For warmth I assume.) Currently waiting for Dexter at 10p, and catching up with the shows recorded during the week. This week - Tuesday in fact, Softlightes' "Last Christmas On Earth" charity single will be available on iTunes and other digital retailers - with all proceeds going to Earth Hour, an eco-based charity. You can read more about this at RCRD LBL: http://rcrdlbl.com/genre/SoftLightes

    If you have a couple of bucks to spend, please buy the song for yourself or for a friend.

    Warm fuzzies...

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