viernes, mayo 18

Princess' "Osama"

This band (ahem) disbanded a couple of years ago when Michael moved to NYC, and Alexis moved to LA.
Since then, Alexis has split again - and now I'm like "Alexis, where is he? Alexis, where is he?"
Anyway the video is rad, and a few years after its conception - the song's sentiment still holds true.

[mp3] Princess - Osama [/mp3]

RIP Princess!

jueves, mayo 17

Bumblebeez - Dr. Love

Lovin' the new Bumblebeez hot trax...

martes, mayo 15

Ooh, burn!

I was freshly on the receiving end of a very screwed up and sad situation/person, to which I have little to say that aren't already within they lyrics of these two songs:

[m4a] Mellowdrone - And Repeat [/m4a]

[mp3] Queens of the Stone Age - Everybody Knows That You Are Insane [/mp3]

lunes, mayo 14

Lavender Diamond's "Open Your Heart"

Totally "aww" video. Never really liked the Polyphonic Spree aspect of some of LD's songs. Glad the egg didn't die in the end. Cute!

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