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LAX JOB OPP - TV publicist.

JOB OPENING: PUBLICIST /Telepictures Prods/LA: Publicist for TV project.
News bkgd & exp on assign desk a must. Pitch/secure stories/content.
Write/distrib releases. Fast paced enviro. 5-8yrs exp Res:

jueves, julio 9

A complaint letter to Petco for cutting 1/3 of my puppy's nipple off during a simple "groom"

Dear Pasadena Petco,

RE: Complaint - Falkor (Groomed 07/09/09)

I went into your Petco today, the same one where I adopted/rescued my puppy Falkor. I called in a couple of times and spoke to one of your groomers Paula, who told me of this special deal you give puppies during their first groom at Petco. I was given instructions to bring my vaccination certificate, rabies certificate, and my Petco P.A.L.S. card. It would only cost $22 for the groom with an additional $11 for a haircut.

Falkor was an abandoned puppy that we rescued two and a half weeks ago. She was spayed eleven days ago. The vet told us that she would be fine for a bath and grooming 7-10 days after her spay, so today was the day we were going to get her groomed. We were excited to take her in for her first fresh haircut and groom.

My friend and I dropped her off at your store around 1 P.M. to Paula. She told me that she had a lot of dogs ahead of Falkor and that it would take awhile. I asked if it would be around 3:00, the time she was supposed to be done with work for the day. She informed me that she was off of work at 3:30 but she wasn't going to be done by that time due to her work load. She said she would call me when the grooming was done. That was understandable. So I went off, and decided at 4 P.M. after not hearing from anyone to return to your store and just wait in the grooming salon while reading a magazine or something.

When we walked in, I noticed fur on the ground that looked like Falkor's. "Maybe she is finished!", I thought. Paula confirmed my observation, printed out the paper I had to take to the register to pay for the services. I stood there, waiting for my puppy - but when she continued to clean, I asked "Do I have to pay for this first before I get my dog?" She was obviously tired, having worked longer than her shift. She confirmed that that was indeed what I have to do. (How was I supposed to know this? Obviously I got "Puppy's first groom" you would think this was my first time.)

I went to the register and paid for the groom, and then I awaited the store manager, Jessica, at the time so that I could get change to tip Paula for grooming our puppy. Jessica informed me that she had no change for a $20 at this time and that the groomer likely had change. I went back into the grooming salon.

Paula had my puppy in her hands. I didn't notice at first, until she showed me that she nicked my puppy in the nipple. Falkor was bleeding. I was in shock. I didn't know what to do or think. Paula informed me that she didn't know Falkor's nipples went up so high, she said that my puppy was afraid of the clippers and that she squirmed. She said Falkor didn't act like she was cut, she was going to bring Falkor next door to Vetco so that they can make sure she's okay. I couldn't process the information as fast as it was being given to me. I just nodded and followed her.

My puppy disappeared into Vetco. Paula and Jessica explained to me that the veterinarian was going to take care of her, I felt so helpless and though I'm not the type to get emotional in public, I couldn't help but to cry. I took my puppy in for her first groom and now I'm in a waiting room while she gets medical treatment? A few minutes passed, and Jessica refunded me for the groom. (Which I appreciate, and I also appreciate Petco covering the Vet fees - thank you but I think these gestures go without saying.) She said that Paula was the head groomer, and that she's very good. I looked at her baffled, gestured towards "Vetco" and expressed my disagreement saying 'apparently not.' A few more minutes passed, and they told me she wasn't going to get stitches. A few more minutes passed and I was asked to sign a form for the vet. They asked me to come back in on Sunday so they could make sure everything is healing okay.

After half an hour my puppy came out bandaged, I was handed antibiotics and pain killers. The veterinarian told me that she lost 1/3 the nipple that was cut. I was instructed to give her half of a pain killer tablet every 12 hours for 5 days, and one antibiotic tablet every 12 hours for 5 days but not when to start. Tonight? Tomorrow? While she was at the vet, did they give her one of each? I was too distraught to think to ask at the time, and by the time I got home and called the vet, they were closed. I called your store, which is attached to the vet, and they couldn't give me any after-hours number and informed me that no one in the store had any numbers for any of the Vetco staff. Don't you think this would be helpful information to have?

I understand that this was an accident and that small cuts might happen from time to time and that animal owners often act like over-protective parents. I don't disagree that this is unlike how I acted today. However, I don't appreciate that no one apologized to me. As one of the leading pet stores, I expect your employees to be sympathetic with all pet owners. Especially when something like this happens to first time puppy owners like me. You have to understand that if this is a occurrence that you see regularly, that doesn't mean it is one that I experience often, or in this case - ever before.

Since you offer "first time grooms" for puppies, I also expect your "head groomer" to have better experience in handling puppies who are frightened by the sound of clippers. Since she was working overtime, perhaps she was tired and not taking as much care by the time she groomed my puppy? I would have understood if the day was booked up and would have found another time to come in. Secondly, If your employees felt I was overreacting, perhaps they should be trained to try to comfort customers instead of trying to stifle their slight giggles in front of me. A little bit of sympathy and understanding would have gone a long way for me today.

My puppy was a rescue, who just had surgery eleven days ago. I don't know what she went through before we adopted her, but the last thing I want (and I imagine any pet owner feels the same) is my puppy to endure any more pain. I feel that since all this happened at the end of everyone's work day, no one really had the capacity to care about what my puppy or I was going through. And at the very least, I expect more customer service from a company that I've supported for years. (I've had a cat for a few years before adopting my puppy.)

Lastly, after all this, my puppy's haircut is vastly uneven.

You can say that I am thoroughly disappointed and that I will do my best to avoid supporting your company, and your store in particular.




Addendum: My puppy seems to be exhausted, but all in all she's okay. I realize that a corporate store might night care much, but as a pet owner - I can't just let this slide. Before this, I was a fan of Petco - but this is a deal-breaker for sure. This is the sort of thing I'd want to read on when considering taking my pet somewhere. And, if anything - I hope that this will leave Petco, at the very least *that* Petco, a little more sensitive to their customers, and their groomers more cautious when handling pets.

*We took better pictures of the puppy to accompany the letter.

miércoles, julio 8

Gay and Lesbian Musicians Needed

Gay and Lesbian Musicians Needed
Name: Andrea Kleinheksel
Category: Lifestyle
Email: _andreakleinheksel[at]gmail[dot]com
Title: Assistant Producer
Media Outlet: SistersTallk Radio - Lesbian & Gay Online Radio
Specific Geographic Region: N
Deadline: 12:07pm CENTRAL - 10 July

We're looking for established gay and lesbian musicians (all genres) who
want to discuss their career and the various struggles associated with
being an openly gay/lesbian musician. We're looking for artists who are
NOT signed with a major record label, but we would be interested in talking
to those who are newly signed to a major label.
Please visit to learn more about our show. If you
think you or someone you know would be a great fit, please send us the
1. Your name 2. Your genre of music 3. A link to your
web site (so we can check out your music) 4. Email address 5. Contact
phone number

NYC JOB OPP - Sony/ATV Music Publishing is seeking an Executive Assistant

Apply online at Good luck!
Sony/ATV Music Publishing is seeking an exceptional, highly motivated, and
detail-oriented Executive Assistant to support the Co-President in our Los
Angeles office.
We are seeking a career-minded assistant. The successful candidate must be
able to work well in a fast paced environment, have the ability to
multi-task and be detail-oriented on behalf of an extremely busy executive.
Job Responsibilities
• Schedule internal and external meetings
• Screen telephone calls and incoming mail, publications and other
• Compose letters, memorandums, presentation materials, etc from verbal
direction or from knowledge of organization policy and procedures in an
accurate and efficient fashion
• Maintains Co-President's daily calendar and contact list
• Make travel and lodging arrangements (business and personal)
• Completes expense reports
• Create/edit PowerPoint presentations
• Set up and maintain files that may contain confidential information
• Burn audio CDs as needed/requested
• Manage music files (digital and physical), including organization of
• Prepare reports as requested
• Assist in projects as needed
• Must be available to handle and respond to all personal requests from the
• Performs other related duties as assigned
• Standard hours are 9:30am to 6:30pm with overtime as needed.
• Must love music!
• College degree preferred
• Minimum of 5 years executive administrative experience
• Exceptionally organized, meticulous, and detail-oriented
• Team player with ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously
• Ability to handle high volume of transactions and interact with various
• Ability to consistently work under pressure in a professional manor;
excellent problem solver
• Ability to use analytical thought process to make fast paced decisions
• Ability to effectively interact and communicate with all levels of
employees including Sr. Management and Artists/Writers
• Must have experience with music files and libraries (itunes, mp3 files,
• Must stay up to date with current music industry trends
• Proficient in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
-Andrea Matos

LAX JOB OPP - LA Metro is Looking for a Blogger

LA Metro is Looking for a Blogger
No like the subway, the Metro. The Metro is looking for a blogger and if
you think we are going to make a _texting_
( crack...shame on you. You're horrible.
Publication or Company L.A. Metro
Industry Internet/Online/New Media, Public Relations
Job Duration Freelance/Project Basis
Job Location Los Angeles, CA USA
Job Requirements Requests for Proposals: Transportation Blogger
The Customer Communications department at the Los Angeles County
Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is seeking the services of a web
savvy, experienced transportation reporter on a project basis to develop and
maintain a Metro blog on our website, metro,net. The selected candidate will
report, research, write, edit and post an ongoing blog about transportation
Scope of Work:
The ideal candidate will be an experienced web reporter and/or blogger,
and will have expertise and in-depth knowledge of transportation issues,
particularly as related to Los Angeles County and Measure R. The selected
candidate will produce news-driven, informative and engaging daily blog entries,
stories and commentaries in an engaging, conversational tone. The intended
audience includes Metros customers and potential customers, LA county
taxpayers and stakeholders, and the online community. Content from the blog may
be further developed and extended to other sections of the website.
Submittal Requirements:
Please provide the following information:
1. Statement of interest and qualifications
2. Web samples and work references
3. Proposed compensation structure
The top candidates will be invited for an interview with the hiring
More information is _here_
( .

LAX JOB OPP - JOB: Online Marketing for Rhino

Senior Director, Online Marketing
Location: Burbank CA
Date Posted: 7/7/2009 1:39:36 PM
Details: Job Summary:
The Senior Director of Online Marketing brings excellent brand and product marketing skills, as well as strong leadership and team management skills, to a diverse and dynamic team. Focused on delivering incredible consumer promotions and profit, the Sr. Director of Online Marketing will lead successful marketing initiatives and unique online consumer experiences for both and all of our artists' sites (Grateful Dead, Frank Sinatra, BeeGees, Monkees, etc.). This role requires a deep understanding of online music, video and related purchase behaviors; brand building, product and site marketing techniques; technology, online merchandising, analytics and online media techniques.

Purpose of Position:
Through exceptional consumer experiences and offers, increase revenue and margin while simultaneously increasing core brand metrics.

Primary Responsibilities:
 Be a hands-on marketer (you are expected to craft, execute and measure your campaigns)
 Build the Rhino and band brands via the online channel
 Assist in growing Rhino's direct to consumer business
 Create and execute online marketing plans and campaigns (full mix for acquisition and loyalty ˆ promotions, SEO, SEM, display ads, syndication, affiliate program, subscription programs, etc.)
 Ensure marketing integration with product managers/offline marketing where appropriate
 Provide teams with strategic business and marketing direction
 Assist in setting department/direct-to-consumer strategies, goals and measures of success
 Own the financial success of all online marketing and campaigns - steering forecasts, budgets, and investments
 Develop people within the team and across our organization by coaching, identifying areas for growth, celebrating successes and keeping an open dialogue with all teams
 Establish and achieve measures of success and methods of measurement

Experience Guidelines
 8+ years of leading teams and executing online marketing campaigns including:
o 2+ years of interactive agency experience highly desirable
o 3+ years of client-side brand and product marketing (music marketing experience desirable but not essential)
o 3+ years of leading online marketing teams

Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience required

Focus Areas as a Percentage Effort (across all sites)
 Brand Marketing 25%
 Site Marketing 60%
 Product Specific Marketing (PM Support) 5%
 Reporting 5%
 Innovation 5%

LAX JOB OPP - LA PHILHARMONIC/HOLLYWOOD BOWL - marketing mgr & classical publicist

Publicist, Classical Music

Tue., May. 26, 2009

Department: Public Relations

Salary Grade: Exempt

Reports to: Director of Public Relations

Direct Reports: None

Interacts With:

* All members of Public Relations Department
* All Media
* All LAPA Departments
* Musicians, Guest Artists

Statement of the job:

* Working collaboratively within the Public Relations department, secure maximum coverage for the classical music events and liaison between the LAPA and the media in order to strategically promote assigned classical music and other programming activities and initiatives of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. These include the LAPA Winter Season at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, special Series, run outs, tours and internal initiatives such as educational programs, as needed.
* Essential Functions:
* Plan, pitch and place stories in local and national print, broadcast and electronic media outlets (and international where appropriate). To pro-actively seek editorial coverage to raise the profile of the LAPA brand.
* Work year round on press exposure for the LAPA departmental projects and initiatives; act as liaison between assigned LAPA departments and PR staff; and facilitate other department’s informational needs.
* To establish, develop and maintain productive relations with a very wide range of national and specialist media, and with colleagues within the music industry.
* Work collaboratively with external public relations, producers, and promoters, record companies and broadcasters.
* Coordinate/facilitate interviews, including transportation of artists when needed.
* Write and edit press releases, media alerts, biographical information and other written materials, as assigned.
* Arrange and coordinate photo and video shoots for all LAPA venues including requests from outside parties.
* Work with LAPA musicians and guest artists’ representatives on assigned concert dates and special projects to maximize press exposure.
* Attend assigned concerts and handle media relations duty for all LAPA venues, as assigned.
* Work with PR staff on special events including galas, press conferences, press receptions, WDCH events and miscellaneous events as assigned.
* Other duties as assigned.


* Good classical music knowledge and interest required. The ideal candidate will have a desire to work with musicians and will also have knowledge of general music repertoire and artists including pop, world and theatre.
* 3+ years of progressive public relations experience with emphasis in classical music organizations
* Proven ability to work effectively with musicians and guest artists and to handle projects with minimal supervision.
* Strong classical music repertoire knowledge is required.
* Creative, innovative thinker with an excellent sense of the local and national media plus some international knowledge.
* Impeccable writing and communication skills
* Strong collaboration and interpersonal skills in conjunction with excellent formal and informal presentation skills.
* Good critical thinking skills and ability to deliver and sustain high quality productivity in a fast paced event driven environment.
* Diplomacy.
* Undergraduate degree in music, arts marketing, or journalism preferred or equivalent experience.

To apply for this position, please submit your resumé and cover letter as a Microsoft Word (DOC) or Acrobat (PDF) document only to: Human Resources, email: applicant[at]laphil[dot]org.

An Equal Opportunity Employer: It is the policy of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association to provide all persons with equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap, age, or Vietnam Veteran status.

Please note: The Association does thorough background checks on all applicants using Kroll Background America, Inc.


Marketing Manager

Mon., Jun. 22, 2009

Department: Marketing & Communications

Classification: Exempt

Summary of the Job:

Manage group that tracks sales statistics for all LA Philharmonic presentations at Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl. Conduct analyses, identify trends and prepare reports including recommendations for use in long term strategic planning. Oversee direct mail and telesales campaigns. Support group sales. Oversee approval of marketing expense invoices.

Essential Functions:

* Utilize historical results and trends to develop first draft of the division’s annual income budget and long range financial projections. Update forecast quarterly.
* Partner with the Director to develop pricing and revenue scenarios that support projections for all orchestra concerts and presentations.
* Perform in-depth analysis of current sales, historical sales and market trends to support Director in development of strategic market planning. Ensure that data is updated daily.
* Produce weekly reports on sales trends.
* Directly supervise, manage, coach and appraise support staff to ensure maximum accuracy, efficiency and service.
* Monitor marketing expenses for each concert/presentation.
* Ensure list management and direct mail efforts are appropriately targeted and directly support established sales goals.
* Develop and implement annual comprehensive direct mail marketing campaign to provide best opportunity to achieve revenue goals.
* Oversee telesales team by creating and developing well-targeted campaign. Determine lead groupings to be used and develop scripts for sales calls. Monitor progress and adjust efforts as needed, including repackaging of season.
* Support Groups Manager in developing effective and successful volume sales campaigns. Keeps Box Office Treasurers updated as needed.
* Ensure timely and accurate delivery of daily and weekly sales reports.
* Ensure department expense invoices are processed correctly and in a timely manner.
* Other duties as may be assigned


* Reports To: Director of Sales and Customer Service
* Interacts With:
o Marketing staff
o Development Staff
o Finance & IT staff
o Artistic Planning & Presentations staff
o Sales staff
o Marketing Analyst
o Marketing Coordinator


* BS degree in Marketing or related field. A combination of education and experience may be considered as a substitute for the degree requirement.
* Minimum of 5 years experience in marketing or marketing/sales.
* Minimum of 3 years experience in market research and analysis.
* Minimum of one year experience in the ticketed events field.
* Minimum of 3 years experience in supervision.
* Available to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends as needed.
* Ability to remain seated at computer for extended periods.

To apply for this position, please submit your resumé and cover letter as a Microsoft Word (DOC) or Acrobat (PDF) document only to: Human Resources, email: applicant[at]laphil[dot]org.

An Equal Opportunity Employer: It is the policy of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association to provide all persons with equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap, age, or Vietnam Veteran status.

Please note: The Association does thorough background checks on all applicants using Kroll Background America, Inc.

LAX JOB OPP - MOCA (2 jobs)

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for managing the museum's human resources function to ensure legally sound and effective personnel management practices. Responsible for the development and implementation of personnel programs to include employee recruitment and staffing, employee relations, benefits and salary administration, and training programs for approximately 100 employees. In addition, the Human Resources Manager is responsible for keeping the museum up-to-date on all employer-employee related laws, and assisting in the development of policies, systems and procedures.

A minimum of 5 years' general management and human resources management experience emphasizing labor laws and practices, employee relations, benefits administration, and professional development training. Must have excellent organizational and communication skills, and proven ability to work effectively with the staff and the public. Museum or art-related experience, and BA in liberal arts, communications, business or related field preferred.

Essential Functions

* Provide guidance to management and employees involving employee-relations issues. Provide recommendations to executive management involving employment legal matters and with Deputy Director consult with outside counsel as needed.
* Monitors changes in federal and state labor laws, including but not limited to EEO, COBRA, exempt/non-exempt, OSHA, and immigration, and submits recommendations to executive management regarding compliance as the changes impact personnel.
* Oversees museum health insurance, workers' compensation and disability insurance, recommending and implementing modifications when appropriate. Represents the museum in claims or disputes that may arise. Function as Plan Administrator for MOCA’s 401(k) Plan, including serving as a member of the Retirement Committee, liaising with outside providers, and “point of contact” for the annual audit.
* Manage recruiting and selection process for all staff positions and internships throughout the museum. Practice management strategies that promote collegiality, teamwork and collaborative decision making among staff.
* Supervise the overall maintenance of personnel records, including payroll, health insurance, vacation, holidays and sick leave. Interfaces with Finance staff to ensure accurate recording of all such activities. Keep up-to-date records of all employees’ salary and job performance history.
* Ensures proper orientation, general training and de-briefing procedures for all staff.
* Responsible for the fiscal management of the staff salary and benefit budget.
* Oversees performance management review process that includes thorough and timely introductory and annual staff performance reviews. Ensures that the Employee Handbook is updated as necessary to keep it current from a legal and institutional standpoint.

Send resume with cover letter and salary history/requirements to:

Attn: HR Dept (HRM)
250 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

or E-mail HR[at]moca[dot]org

If sending attachment via e-mail please use pdf format.


part-time Educator for CAS and For Families

This part-time position entails working for two distinct programs within MOCA’s Education Department: Contemporary Art Start (CAS), a year-long school program that includes professional development workshops for teachers and multiple visits for their students; and First Sundays are For Families (FF), a monthly drop-in program for families that includes gallery tours and studio projects.

Working under the supervision of the Manager of School and Teacher Programs for CAS, the Educator will be part of a collaborative team that develops inquiry-based student tours for 3rd–12th grade students. The Educator will also lead student tours for the fall and spring touring seasons and assist with mid-year workshops and the 4-day Summer Institute for teachers. As an Educator for FF, the Gallery Educator will conduct brief tours for families with children ages 5 and up, and assist with the art project component of this program from the conception of project ideas, to the completion of projects with the families.

Standard CAS shifts are 3 hours per day, 2–4 days per week for approximately 3½ months in the fall and 3½ months in the spring; approximately 2 weeks in the summer; and occasional additional hours for non-CAS student tours, meetings and special projects scheduled throughout the year. Standard FF shifts are 5–6 hours on the first Sunday of each month, with occasional prep time as assigned.


* Previous gallery and hands-on teaching experience with children and possession of a bachelor’s degree in art history, art education, studio art or closely related field required.
* Must have strong knowledge of contemporary art, art education, and excellent teamwork, collaboration, verbal and written communication skills; experience working with children required.
* Fluency in Spanish is desired.

Essential Functions

* Conduct interactive gallery tours involving discussion and hands-on activities for Contemporary Art Start student participants.
* Assist with professional development workshops for teachers enrolled in the Contemporary Art Start program.
* Attend ongoing departmental training sessions and conduct guided exhibition research in preparation for trainings and tours.
* Conduct brief “spotlight” tours for families with children ages 5 and up, assist with setup and cleanup of hands-on project component; develop hands-on project ideas, and assist families in completing these projects.
* Perform other related duties as assigned.

Send resume with cover letter to:

Attn: HR Dept (CAS)
250 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

or E-mail HR[at]moca[dot]org

If sending attachment via e-mail please use pdf format.

LAX JOB OPP - LACMA (a few job opps listed)

Digital Archive Manager
Photographic Services Department (TFT)

LACMA is seeking a qualified candidate to fill the Digital Archive Manager position on a full-time, temporary basis with an assignment end date of 02/14/2010.

Reporting to the Supervising Photographer of the Photographic Services/Imaging department, the Digital Archive Manager maintains and manages image servers and various databases in both a Mac and Windows environment, and provides technical support and expertise as needed.

Some duties include: edit digital files (i.e. color correct/balance, mask, clean, crop); convert analog assets to digital media using various scanning devices; manage heavy workflow of images; create derivative files for multiple use and link files to their data records; import data from separate data systems and export images for use in outside databases; supervise employees responsible for editing, scanning and creation of derivative files; generate system reports; improve functionality and design of online database as needed.

The qualified candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in art history or graphic design and two to four years of experience in managing a digital image database and performing high-end image editing. Expert knowledge of Photoshop and Bridge is required, as well as proficiency with Lightroom, Excel, a museum CMS system (preferably Multi-Mimsy) and digital asset management software. The ability to work as part of a team, troubleshoot, and meet projected goals and deadlines is essential, and an eye for color correction and matching is a necessity. A background in photography is preferred. - this link to apply


Facilities Assistant
Facility Services Department (RFT)

Reporting to the Facilities Supervisor, the Facilities Assistant is responsible for the set up of small- to medium-sized events and will interact with various museum departments and employees at all levels. The Facilities Assistant will also have contact with the public, donors, and trustees and must provide a high level of customer service while working in a demanding and deadline driven environment.

Some duties include: transportation and maintenance of museum-owned equipment; assistance with the organization, movement, and storage of museum’s non-art warehouse; implementation of work orders and plans for special event set-ups; assistance with staff office moves, furniture delivery, file moves and other office related requests.

The ideal candidate will have a high school education and two years of related experience or training; an equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted. Scheduling flexibility is critical: must be able to work evenings and weekends. May drive automotive vehicles and operate other equipment including fork lifts, scissors lifts, pallet jacks, and carts in performance of duties. The ideal candidate must be able to exercise sound judgment and decision-making skills, and handle confidential and sensitive information effectively, with minimal supervision. Previous experience providing work direction is preferred. - this link to apply


Curatorial Administrator
Modern Art Department (RFT)

Reporting to the Senior Curator/Curator of Modern Art, the Curatorial Administrator provides administrative and general office support to the department, which covers modern European art.

Some duties include: providing assistance in preparation of special exhibitions and installations of the permanent collection; assisting with exhibition programs; maintaining and updating collection files; scheduling and maintaining appointment calendars; answering incoming calls and facilitating the requests of museum patrons; making travel arrangements; handling and tracking curators’ correspondence and paperwork as well as departmental paperwork; reconciling departmental expenses and tracking the departmental budget. Leading candidates will be team players, well versed in office protocol, and possess excellent written and verbal skills. The successful applicant must be comfortable monitoring and tracking budgets, able to maintain utmost discretion when dealing with highly confidential material, and capable of interacting appropriately and effectively with a range of donors, colleagues, and the public. The department of modern art is especially active, and the ability to multitask and work calmly under pressure is essential.

The qualified candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in art history, museum studies, or a related field, and at least one year of administrative experience in a professional environment. The candidate must be highly energetic with strong interpersonal skills. The successful candidate will be professional, detail-oriented, a team player, and have the ability to handle multiple tasks. Candidate must be able to exercise sound judgment and must possess exceptional decision-making skills, in addition to handling confidential and sensitive information. Excellent computer skills—including the ability to scan and resize images, operate Microsoft Office and Power Point—are essential, as well as a general aptitude for learning to use new software. - this link if you wanna apply


Coordinator, Teacher Programs
Education Department (RFT)

Reporting to the Manager of School and Teacher programs, the Education Coordinator develops, schedules, and coordinates programs for teachers related to the permanent collection and special exhibitions.

Some duties include: works with staff to write curriculum materials and schedule programs at the museum and at school sites for LACMA’s teacher audience; hires artists, instructors, gallery teachers, and assistants; maintains budgets and statistics; creates reports; prepares contracts and work requests; prepares written information and promotional materials for publications; develops and conducts ongoing evaluation to assess program effectiveness; and participates in meetings with other museum departments concerning the development of educational programs.

The qualified candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in art history, art education, or related field. Demonstrated ability to organize and establish work priorities, strong written and verbal communication skills, experience coordinating programs, and experience with MS Office are required. The successful candidate will have relationship-building and presentation skills, and be a team player who is self-motivated and results-oriented. Experience working with teachers or in schools is preferred.

Interested candidates should mail a cover letter, resume, and three writing samples (at least one of which is a lesson plan or component of curriculum materials) to:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Human Resources Department
5905 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Or send via e-mail to jobs[at]lacma[dot]org


Content Specialist
Education Department (RFT)

The Education Department at LACMA seeks a qualified, dynamic Content Specialist. Reporting to the Director of Education and the Manager of Adult Programs, the Content Specialist will serve as part of a multi-departmental team, working also with the curatorial staff.

The Content Specialist plans, develops, implements, and evaluates museum education programs for adults, children, and special constituencies, including working with curators to conceptualize interpretive components; conducts research and writes brochures and permanent collection and exhibition materials; hires scholars and artists and meets with community, university, and school leaders to develop joint programs.

The qualified candidate will have a master’s degree in art history or art education and three years of experience in an art museum. Expertise in modern and contemporary art is preferred. The successful candidate must be highly organized, have demonstrated writing skills, and be an effective oral communicator. The ability to work occasional weekends and flexible hours is required.

Interested candidates should mail a letter of interest, resume, and three writing samples to:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Human Resources Department
5905 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Or send via e-mail to jobs[at]lacma[dot]org

martes, julio 7

Gimme hope.

I'm sure a lot of us have differing opinions on the subject of MJ hype.

I was just talking to Daisy (who I swear is the kind-hearted princess that Hans Christan Andersen wrote about) about this Michael Jackson memorial about how she thinks it's amazing and good that it's brought so many people together, and all over the world at that! And she's right... it is great proof that people can come together. She is very much a "glass-half-full" gal, and I am very much a "glass-half-empty and will someone get me a freaking refill like, now?!" kinda person. And dude - I like MJ albums, especially "Off The Wall." I've completely danced my ass off to "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough" and I looove "Rock With You." MJ's legacy is solid. That shit will live on forever.

But I ask you this:
You can fly across the world for someone you didn't know personally but you haven't given 5¢ to any charitable organization this year or ever, you say? You've never donated anything?! You pay $10,000+ for a scalped ticket for nosebleed seats for a memorial service? But you're with like minded people... who are also mourning as badly as you. Togetherness, eh? Where the fuck are these people on the day-to-day when the things that are going on around the world need their attention?! they just think "it's not their problem" right? but MJ's "untimely" death is their problem?


I'm not saying that *none* of you give to others and none of you are socially conscious. Obviously many do and many are. But, clearly not as many people as there were about this MJ thing. Not unified in this way... And that is what is disheartening.

I am sorry if you are one of the many that are moved and grieving over this, I hope you're okay and that feel better soon. Those of you not-grieving: Despite what you might think of him, and what he has been accused of... MJ was indeed a humanitarian giving to many charities throughout his fame. Fact. What I yearn for is for everyone: especially the media, celebrities, and those of big and little influence - all the people that came together for this, all the people who were emotionally/mentally absent for this to come together over other pressing and relevant things. Can we please redefine "relevant news"? Please?

help people:

  • UN's Humanitarian Affairs
  • learn about homelessness in LA
  • learn about homelessness in NYC
  • learn about homelessness in chicago

    help animals:

    after cruising bbc news in 10 minutes, i found these. did you know:
  • Indonesians are voting in the country's second direct presidential election since the overthrow of the Suharto regime in 1998.
  • The world's most powerful leaders are preparing to tackle some of its most urgent issues, as they gather for a G8 summit in an Italian earthquake zone.
  • Taliban infiltrate once-peaceful Afghan north
  • Obama urges shift in Russia ties
  • Gang violence is surging in Mexico where 40,000 soldiers have been deployed to root out drug cartels.
  • The level of people falling behind with consumer loans in the US hit a new high in the first three months of 2009, the American Bankers Association said.

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    lunes, julio 6

    Attn cat lovers: The Rancho Los Amigos Cats!

    Since the Rancho Los Amigos Cats have been generously given a temporary home, I have donated a cat tree to them! Thanks to Emilie who told me about it and Monica (who shown in the video below) who came to pick up the cat tree.


    This is the story of the Rancho Los Amigos Cats:

    L.A. County officials and Animal Control have been waging all-out war against a managed colony of stray and feral cats who have been living for years at Ranch Los Amigos. Their aim is to trap and kill the cats, prevent TNR groups from feeding them, and other inhumane measures. Fences have been built preventing cats from entering their previously safe haven, crawl spaces under buildings have been boarded up (sometimes trapping the cats inside, "no feeding cats" signs have been posted, and the cats are being trapped and killed, one-by-one. FailSafe4Cats, whose members manage the cats, have been negotiating with county authorities for over a year, with pleas to closed minds. View this YouTube video by whospuss, then contact the L.A. authorities to voice your support for the FailSafe4Cats efforts. Link:

    And the video on you tube:

    They are looking for more supplies, here's the original email:

    A very nice SCA supporter has let us use her home as a temporary holding place for the Rancho Los Amigos Cats. The space is very big and comfortable. The cats are going through a very difficult transition and we want to reduce the stress by giving them plenty of places to hide and escape from each other. If you can donate or lend us any of the following please let me know right away. Used or new!!

    Cat Trees
    Scratching posts
    Cat beds
    Cat Food
    Anything else you might think they will like!!

    Thank you,

    Monica Moreira

    If you have any donations, please send Monica an email. Tell her I sent you!

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