martes, julio 7

Gimme hope.

I'm sure a lot of us have differing opinions on the subject of MJ hype.

I was just talking to Daisy (who I swear is the kind-hearted princess that Hans Christan Andersen wrote about) about this Michael Jackson memorial about how she thinks it's amazing and good that it's brought so many people together, and all over the world at that! And she's right... it is great proof that people can come together. She is very much a "glass-half-full" gal, and I am very much a "glass-half-empty and will someone get me a freaking refill like, now?!" kinda person. And dude - I like MJ albums, especially "Off The Wall." I've completely danced my ass off to "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough" and I looove "Rock With You." MJ's legacy is solid. That shit will live on forever.

But I ask you this:
You can fly across the world for someone you didn't know personally but you haven't given 5¢ to any charitable organization this year or ever, you say? You've never donated anything?! You pay $10,000+ for a scalped ticket for nosebleed seats for a memorial service? But you're with like minded people... who are also mourning as badly as you. Togetherness, eh? Where the fuck are these people on the day-to-day when the things that are going on around the world need their attention?! they just think "it's not their problem" right? but MJ's "untimely" death is their problem?


I'm not saying that *none* of you give to others and none of you are socially conscious. Obviously many do and many are. But, clearly not as many people as there were about this MJ thing. Not unified in this way... And that is what is disheartening.

I am sorry if you are one of the many that are moved and grieving over this, I hope you're okay and that feel better soon. Those of you not-grieving: Despite what you might think of him, and what he has been accused of... MJ was indeed a humanitarian giving to many charities throughout his fame. Fact. What I yearn for is for everyone: especially the media, celebrities, and those of big and little influence - all the people that came together for this, all the people who were emotionally/mentally absent for this to come together over other pressing and relevant things. Can we please redefine "relevant news"? Please?

help people:

  • UN's Humanitarian Affairs
  • learn about homelessness in LA
  • learn about homelessness in NYC
  • learn about homelessness in chicago

    help animals:

    after cruising bbc news in 10 minutes, i found these. did you know:
  • Indonesians are voting in the country's second direct presidential election since the overthrow of the Suharto regime in 1998.
  • The world's most powerful leaders are preparing to tackle some of its most urgent issues, as they gather for a G8 summit in an Italian earthquake zone.
  • Taliban infiltrate once-peaceful Afghan north
  • Obama urges shift in Russia ties
  • Gang violence is surging in Mexico where 40,000 soldiers have been deployed to root out drug cartels.
  • The level of people falling behind with consumer loans in the US hit a new high in the first three months of 2009, the American Bankers Association said.

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