miércoles, noviembre 19

On a Stuyvesant Town couch

I went on a long beautiful bus ride and took my emails down from 800, to 500, to 300, to currently 186. It was completely, completely freezing in Boston last night. So cold in fact, that I have smoked maybe 44% of one cigarette in over 24 hours.

There were many things at the Burberry store I salivated over. I didn't buy anything for me.

It's dark and cold outside & we're chilling out right now. Eating a Filipino noodle dish I haven't found an equal to in Los Angeles yet - or the rest of the world for that matter, so every time I come to NY I eat it for days. The woman who picks up the phone and the man who delivers know me by my voice.

Come 945pm, I'll be headed over to a party my friend Alex does called Girls & Boys @ Bar 13. I used to go there when I was 25/26 when I lived in NY and dance til 4am. My friends will likely arrive around 1030pm & Daisy spins from 11-midnight, and then we go to Santo's Party House, which Andrew WK owns with a couple of his friends. Liquid Liquid is playing there tonight with some DFA dudes. I'll meet up with more friends and hug the daylights out of Saidah & Yalan. It's going to be a family affair. The downside? I will probably watch the sun come up. Vampires don't like that.

For now, for right now... I am being boring.

PS - Apparently Simple Minds' “Home” is a great song. Will someone send it to me? I wanna hear it now.

martes, noviembre 18

Courtney Love bites Triobelisk.

Shelby gave me a shout out for finding Courtney Love ripping him off.

Read the scoop on Buddyhead.

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