sábado, junio 16

Adopted shuffle

Sound Of Nature..!!
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Mr. Alessandro (aka - Dr. Dro, Phallusandro, Alessandroid, etc) is playing nicey and gave me his old iPod Shuffle, which is obviously extremely sweet! So, in looking for a "thank you picture" I found this one and just had to blog it because it is darling!!

ps) I ended up picking out one that is made out of chocolate for Dr. Dro.

Mp3s to come soon... x

lunes, junio 11

Boys will be...

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Thunderbirds Are Now vs The Narrator

Starlite, starbright, the first star I see tonight

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The last Starlite Desperation show before the hiatus.
[At the Echo]

domingo, junio 10

061007 901p

A day in the life

There's a Yankees + TuPac fan in my driver.

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I told my driver that I needed to take a picture of his shirt because I got it for my dearest Brian and he said he needed to include his tattoo in it because he's a huge Yankees fan. "Okay," I said.

Rufus Wainwright's "Between My Legs"

We all know I love the Trent blog "Pink is the new blog" and my ex-roommate + current fabulous Montrealler, Brian, was elated and sent me an email titled "I saw you in Pink, girlfriend" saying "I mean, what other Celeste would send in a pic of Rufus+Jake? (and you didn't photoshop me in?!?)"

Check it foos! trent.blogspot.com/

It's the part on Saturday, June 09, 2007 regarding Rufus Wainwright and Jake Gyllenhaal. natch!

Trent has a little something to say about it, so visit the pink babes!

This is the song that Jake "guested" on:

[mp3] Rufus Wainwright - Between My Legs [/mp3]


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Drew and Nico are just darling.

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